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BBC Learning English - 6 Minute English. ReadListenLearn. Listening. Listening Lessons Dogs, Dogs, Dogs - Idioms and phrases using the word 'Dog'.


Get the phone! - A listening exercise. Listen to the phone conversation and then answer the questions. BBC Radio 4 - Book of the Week, How Not to Be a Boy, Episode 1. BBC Learning English - Dramas from BBC Learning English. The Methods of Rationality Podcast. S National Ocean Service Ocean Podcast. Home NOAA Ocean Podcast The NOAA Ocean Podcast Connect with ocean experts and explore topics from corals to coastal science with our audio podcast.

s National Ocean Service Ocean Podcast

Are you looking for our Making Waves, Diving Deeper, or Ocean Shorts podcasts? We combined all three of these podcasts into one. Listen to episodes of the new NOAA Ocean podcast here—and subscribe to us in your favorite podcatcher so you never miss an episode. Celebrating 100 Years of NOAA Corps 25 May 2017 Our latest podcast marks 100 years of service for the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps. You Must Remember This: the woman spilling Hollywood's long-held secrets. I’m having lunch with Karina Longworth in an old cinema in Notting Hill when a man taps her on the shoulder.

You Must Remember This: the woman spilling Hollywood's long-held secrets

“I’m sorry, but do you do You Must Remember This podcast?” He asks. She nods. “Oh my god, I love it!” He screams. It’s a strange kind of fame when your voice is recognisable enough for you to be stopped, half way through a hotdog, to discuss one of the 20th-century’s most notorious murderers. There are also men like B-movie actor-turned-president Ronald Reagan, who used the McCarthy communist witch-hunts to propel his own career, or Val Lewton, who wrote a string of now-cultish horror movies including I Walked With a Zombie and The Leopard Man after losing his job as a society reporter when it emerged that a story he wrote about a truckload of kosher chickens dying in a New York heatwave was a total fabrication.

Then there’s the Charles Manson mini-series. One of the topics that runs through the podcast is the idea of women as commodities. You Must Remember This. Stories & Poems. Listening materials. Breaking News English Lessons: Easy English News Materials. 10 Best Free Listening Websites with Quizzes to Practise for Listening Exams. So what do you do to practise listening for exams?

10 Best Free Listening Websites with Quizzes to Practise for Listening Exams

Growing up, I never had the opportunity to do any extra practice to improve my listening skills. We didn’t have the Internet and the thousand possibilities it offers to learners of any language nowadays. The teachers had an old tape player that sometimes stopped and started on its own and old tapes that ended up sounding distorted and most of the times unlistenable so if you wanted to get better at listening, you just listened to the radio and struggled to understand the lyrics and sing along. Not that I ever complained. That was the perfect excuse to listen to music while claiming to be working hard. So, exams are just around the corner and I know you’re beginning to freak out. These are, in my opinion, the best sites with quizzes to practise listening comprehension. Check also: BBC Learning English - Dramas from BBC Learning English. YouTube, as well as websites such as,, and, have an incredible assortment of guides on how to do almost anything, from cutting up onions to making paper airplanes.

In this article, I’m going to explain how to adapt a video tutorial into a listening lesson for your ESL/EFL classes. How-to videos contain a number of features which makes them perfect for exploitation in the ESL/EFL classroom: authentic English with natural pronunciation content that relates to everyday life a wide range of topics that can be used images and (in some cases) titles and subtitles which make the meaning clearer the pleasure of learning a useful skill and new English vocabulary at the same time. While these are crucial concepts, others are equally important.

What follows is an assortment of alternative ways to teach listening, some quite simple and others based on many years of research. In each case, I will explain each one briefly and give you a suggestion for using it in class. In addition, I have provided a list of resources about each item, for readers who want to learn more about a topic. Get the Entire BusyTeacher Library: Dramatically Improve the Way You Teach Learn more. Tattoo - Possibilities (higher level) English Voices: ESL/EFL Listening and Speaking Practice. Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - For English as a Second Language. Endless stream of movie clips of specific phrases ()

Some interesting resources for listening at basic levels. VOA news: News in easy American English, with transcripts.ESL Lab: An interesting site with a lot of listening exercises.YouTube SpeakOut videos, e.g.

Some interesting resources for listening at basic levels

The videos are useful and interesting, but don’t have transcripts or activities (though watching and trying to understand is an activity!). Search YouTube for “Pearson ELT Speakout Beginner” or “Pearson ELT Speakout Elementary” A different kind of listening where you try to get the words to songs by pop artists. Good fun.Podcasts In English. Quite complete with activities and transcripts. Enjoy them, and please tell me if I could add any to this list! Like this: Like Loading... Rants and Raves - Queuing. Podcasts to help English learners practise listening. Do your students want more listening practice?

Podcasts to help English learners practise listening

Aoife McLoughlin, blogger with and latest winner of the British Council's Teaching English blog award, recommends five podcasts to get them started. Do you spend enough time working on listening skills with your students? Is there ever enough time? In my experience, I would say no. Often, when we ask students what part of their English they most want to improve, they will say listening and speaking. But we often give less attention to the receptive skill of listening, perhaps in the belief that 'if you can do it alone, you can do it at home'.

Two Wonderful Sites to Practise Listening and other skills. Categories - Explore and Be Inspired. Material for Learning English. A food festival. Introduction When students are going to do a listening activity, it is useful to get them thinking about the topic of the listening beforehand.

A food festival

That way they can reactivate and extend their store of vocabulary. In this lesson, students first discuss the topic of food festivals, then they focus on their listening skills in preparation for part 2 of the FCE listening test. Talk About.