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Diverses ressources sur l'exercice de la traduction professionnelle.

Articles of Special Interest to New Translators. The blogosphere is teeming with advice for translators, both new and old alike.

Articles of Special Interest to New Translators

Naturally, the same subjects come round again and again as different bloggers give their particular slant on how we should be going about our business. But in this crowded space, with countless writers vying for attention, some posts stand out more than others. Perhaps because their advice is spot on, or the clever way they’ve been written, or both. They deserve to reach a wider audience rather than slip into obscurity after just a few weeks. That’s why I’ve collated this list of posts. They cover a range of topics, which I’ve divided into some broad categories, and you’ll find that some opinions contradict others. Where these categories overlap with ones I have on this blog, I’ve made the heading clickable so you can read more on the topic. This list was originally included in the Links & Tips for New Translators page, where you can find loads more links and recommendations. Art of Translating CAT Tools. Petit guide de l'acheteur de traductions. Guide du sous-titrage et du doublage.

The American Literary Translators Association. The ALTA Guides are brochures that address specific areas of interest for literary translators at all stages of their careers.

The American Literary Translators Association

Each guide provides practical information and professional advice from established translators, as well as lists of useful references and online resources. If you're new to the ALTA conference, the Guide For First-Time ALTA Conference Attendees (PDF) will help you prepare, and make the most of your conference experience. Enquête 2015 sur les pratiques des métiers de la traduction — Résultats preliminaires.


Traduction. So you want to be... (ou : quelques conseils à destination des auteurs débutant dans la traduction audiovisuelle) My Five Biggest Newbie Mistakes in Translation. In my soon-to-be 15 years in translation I haven’t done it all, but I have done a lot.

My Five Biggest Newbie Mistakes in Translation

I’ve worked in-house and freelance; I’ve won some and lost some; followed the rules, questioned them, and ultimately broke the ones that made no sense; exposed myself to harsh criticism for speaking my mind; stood my ground against bottom feeders and their knights; shared my views in two failed blogs prior to Translator’s Digest; started a business, left that business, started a new business… alas, a lot of trial and error, falling down and getting back up again. Translation can be quite a ride if you’re willing to leave your comfort zone; and though I haven’t been riding the crest of any record breaking waves, I can’t really complain about the surf either. So now I’m about to turn 37 and when I see all these younger people trying to start out as translators I’m reminded of my rookie years and the challenges I once faced. 1.

Letting clients dictate my fees. FAQ pour futurs traducteurs indépendants. Recevez les nouveaux articles par RSS !

FAQ pour futurs traducteurs indépendants

J’ai régulièrement l’occasion de parler avec des traducteurs qui envisagent de devenir indépendants et qui veulent en savoir plus sur cette profession. Nouveaux traducteurs : 10 conseils pour bien démarrer. Il y a quelques semaines, j'ai répondu avec plaisir à l'invitation d'une de mes professeurs de l'ÉSIT qui m'avait conviée à un de ses cours afin que je partage mon expérience avec les étudiants de la promotion 2016.

nouveaux traducteurs : 10 conseils pour bien démarrer

Six things every beginning translator needs to know - Thoughts On Translation. Last week’s ATA conference reminded me how very intimidating and scary one’s first few years as a freelancer can be.

Six things every beginning translator needs to know - Thoughts On Translation

What’s stressful? Basically everything. Everything you write or say to a client or a potential client; every translation you proofread and re-proof and re-proof, worrying that there’s a horrific error hiding in there somewhere; every marketing effort you make, worrying that it will fail, or that it will succeed and you’ll have too much work. So, as a small step toward decreasing that anxiety, here are six tips (based on past blog posts) for those starting out in our profession! Focus on: New Translators (Part 1) - Silver Tongue.

You know, the title of this blog post is a bit misleading (arrrgh!

Focus on: New Translators (Part 1) - Silver Tongue

I’m breaking my own rules!) I’ve aimed it at “new translators”, but really, these tips serve any translators, be they fresh as daisies or been-around-the-blockers, the only requirement is that they want to improve. (This is all of us, right?) 10 Core Principles to Build a Lasting Translation Career. Cinco preguntas frecuentes de traductores noveles, respondidas. Una de las actividades laborales que más gratificantes me resultan es interactuar con otros traductores y con estudiantes de traducción, ya sea en cursos, congresos, en las redes sociales, etc.

Cinco preguntas frecuentes de traductores noveles, respondidas

En estas charlas y discusiones, han surgido preguntas de todo tipo, y algunas son muy frecuentes, por lo que decidí abordarlas todas juntas en esta publicación. ¿Hay trabajo como traductor? Es una de las dudas más frecuentes. Me atrevería a decir que la gran mayoría nos la hemos planteado en algún momento, sobre todo porque no es un tema que, en general, se aborde en las universidades e instituciones donde se dicta la carrera.

Sí, hay y seguirá habiendo trabajo en nuestro rubro. También es común que surja el interrogante de si la traducción automática reemplazará por completo la labor humana. ¿Dónde puedo buscar clientes? Translators on… Making the transition - Capital Translations. Translators on… brings together a collection of industry professionals, each sharing their experience and advice on certain topics of their career, offering a wider, more authoritative range of opinions than a single source.

Translators on… Making the transition - Capital Translations

Want to know more about the series? Watch the launch video. Advice to Beginning Translators (4) - Translation Tests. Often when we contact a translation company (and sometimes when a translation company contacts us), we are asked to do a translation test, or sample translation, as a preliminary to possible collaboration with them.

Advice to Beginning Translators (4) - Translation Tests

Many translators object to doing translation tests for free, on various grounds, from the fact that other professionals do not do free tests (which is not exactly true, as many lawyers and other professionals do provide free consultations, after which you can decide whether to retain them or not), to the fact that translation tests are allegedly used by unscrupulous agencies to stitch together the translation of an entire book done for free (which I have always thought a translator's urban legend, as this is something people always hear but never actually see first hand, and also because any agency that would attempt a stunt like that would soon be out of business, as the resulting quality of such a patchwork would certainly be abysmal). Comment percer dans la traduction littéraire. N’ayant aucun avancement particulier à signaler concernant ma traduction du moment – cette semaine je boucle un projet d’écriture, avant de me lancer dans les nombreux mois que va me demander cette fameuse traduction -, je répondrai aujourd’hui à une question que de nombreux aspirants traducteurs m’ont déjà posée : comment percer ?

Et, hélas, je n’ai pas de réponse carrée à vous offrir, ni même prometteuse. La raison en est simple : le hasard y sera pour beaucoup et c’est votre propre facteur chance qui entrera surtout en jeu, en plus du minimum de talent requis, cela va sans dire. Cela étant dit, un facteur chance ça se travaille, ça se suscite, et ça s’entretient ! Avantage très net sera donné aux Parisiens, on ne peut le nier (j’y reviendrai), et/ou à ceux préparant un master ou tout autre diplôme spécialisé, essentiellement parce qu’aujourd’hui ils sont assortis d’un stage, incontournable sésame en vue de pénétrer le saint des saints.

The Sorrows of Young Financial Translator. At the beginning of a new year, we all start with brilliant ideas and good intentions. To go regularly to the gym or yoga classes, to use that software in order to be productive, to travel more, and so on. However, year-end resolutions often fail after a few weeks because they do not emerge from a firm belief of change and innovation. They are often driven by calendar, not by deep motivation. To find inspiration, I went through my collection of articles, videos and podcasts on financial translation that I am sharing with you in this post.

Why join a professional association for translators and interpreters? Image source: Unsplash Sergee Bee If you’re a professional translator or interpreter and keen on developing your career, it makes sense to join a professional association. You might even consider joining more than one. Here’s why I joined four (!) Professional associations for translators, and some pointers to help decide which ones might be right for you. What to ask your client before starting a translation. Every translation job is different – that goes without saying. Every client has their own set of requirements, and every job presents its own unique challenges.

What can translators do to ensure a project goes smoothly from start to finish? Well, one of the best and most straightforward things you can do is to ask the client some questions. MakingOfALiteraryTranslator. Specialization in Translation. Translators must specialize! Veryone in the translation industry seems to agree that translators these days must specialize. There are mainly two reasons why this need has become increasingly apparent in recent years. The first is the exponential expansion of knowledge: there is simply much more to know about any given subject and many new subjects to know. No translator can be expected to have the knowledge required to translate all types of documents well and within a reasonable amount of time. The Internet is the second and main reason why specialization is increasingly necessary. More and more translators and translation agencies are therefore feeling compelled to specialize in one or more specific areas.

How to choose a niche that's right for you - Freelance Parents. So, I hope my last post convinced you that specialising in your own freelance niche is a good idea, particularly if you haven’t yet found any clients. La spécialisation : trouver son hérisson - Les recettes du traducteur, tous les ingrédients pour faire bouillir la marmite. Développer une nouvelle spécialisation : 6 étapes pour réussir. October 5th, 2010 by Patricia Vous voulez vous spécialiser? How to find your translation niche? The more I look into the topic of experts, the more fascinated I become. Today, when preparing to write this article on translation niches, I came across the following explanation: “The power of the niche is the old “big fish in a little pond” theory.

Are You Offering a Commodity or a Unique Solution? As a self-employed professional, the last thing you want is for clients to perceive you as a commodity. Commodities are products or services that are considered to be basically the same no matter who provides them. When your target audience thinks of you as just another financial planner, graphic designer, life coach, personal trainer, or psychotherapist, you must work far too hard simply to get them to remember you until they need you.

Then when prospective clients consider working with you, they’ll be comparing you to your competitors based on whose price is lowest or whose location or hours are most convenient. Unless you want to offer the lowest prices or 24/7 service in multiple locations, there’s no guarantee that prospects you’ve tried hard to meet and connect with will ever hire you. Serve a specialized market — Clients think of themselves as special. “I have no idea what my niche is – help!”

I don’t have much experience freelancing and I’m confused how to sell my services – what makes me unique? I’m an illustrator, I started freelancing straight out of university, and I’ve only had a handful of jobs in roughly two years – I think this is because I spent a lot of time not knowing what I wanted to do or even how to do it but I’m starting to find a bit more focus now.

I’ve started pushing myself towards children’s illustration with the hopes of getting work in publishing, greetings cards, stationary – maybe even the games industry. My issue is this – I have no idea what my niche is. How to find YOUR niche market as a translator using the DIP technique. TradOnline enquete formation traducteurs France 2012. Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. 1. Tranix Translation & Proof-Editing Services. The aim of this page is to list MA translation courses available in Europe and link them to posts (most are guest posts on this blog) describing former students’ experiences of their master’s degrees. I hope this information will help future students choose whether an MA is the right path for them and which programme would suit them best. You might also find the following blog posts useful if you’re weighing up the pros and cons of further studies: Does an academic background really make a difference?

By Caroline Alberoni and The (un?) Formations qualifiantes - Faculté de traduction et d'interprétation. Accueil | Contacts | Plan du site | Portail UNIGE. Formation - Aprotrad. À la recherche d’un stage de traduction ? Stage : billet-bilan — Les piles intermédiaires. Stage.

Formation en traduction juridique

Critères FIFPL. Critères FIF PL 2017. Ma Voisine Millionnaire Post-it: se former chez soi. Traducteurs : 3 pistes pour se former sans se ruiner. How translators can increase their subject-matter expertise with free online courses. The Business School for Translators: five weeks of straightforward, practical business tips. How to Find Your First Translation Work. Finding your first translation clients: three ideas - Thoughts On Translation. La chasse est ouverte : comment trouver des « bons » clients ? - Trëma Translations - English to French translation. 11 tips for new freelance translators on the hunt for their first assignments. How I Built My Direct Client Base (without Using Translation Portals)

Ways to Find Your Ideal Translation Clients. 7 ways for a newbie freelancer to get clients - Freelance Parents. What is niche marketing and how can expert translators use it? Get More Work from Translation Agencies. “Agencies won’t pay my rates, and I can’t find direct clients”: what to do? Winning clients who already have a translator. A Tale of Two Book Fairs. When a client says,“Geez…that's really expensive!” Six steps to a bare minimum freelance brand - Freelance Parents. On recruiting freelance translators – L’offre de services: convaincre en un coup d’œil ! — Ma Voisine Millionnaire. Translation Ethics: Business tips for translators #1: CV vs Service offer. What does the perfect translator CV look like? How to Write a Job-winning Resume for Freelance Translator. How to protect your translator CV from scammers? — Wantwords 61.

How to create an effective translation portfolio - MTM Translations. What to put in a translator's portfolio? — WantWords TV 12. Branding Yourself: Create a Professional Portfolio — ATA Chronicles. Faire son site Internet : commencer par une bonne page d'accueil - Les recettes du traducteur, tous les ingrédients pour faire bouillir la marmiteLes recettes du traducteur, tous les ingrédients pour faire bouillir la marmite. Créer un site web pour votre société de traduction. How to Start Wordpress Website in 5 Minutes. A Translator's Guide to Building a Website. Build your personal brand with a good photo. Une photo pro. How to write cold emails to entice more clients from now on.

Warm e-mail marketing: a success story. Grow your Freelance Translation Business with Twitter tcm125 73175. Freelancers Guide to LinkedIn. How to find and approach your ideal clients through LinkedIn. Client Satisfaction Surveys for Freelance Translators. Reader question: how do I choose a translation memory tool? - Thoughts On Translation. How many CAT tools do you need - Pieter Beens. Les piles intermédiaires: Fièvre acheteuse. Les piles intermédiaires: Jamais sans mon Meertens (ode un brin lyrique et non sponsorisée) Learn from the Experts! 72 Professional Translators, 139 FREE* Tools to Help You Stay on Top of Your Game. Gestion de son entreprise.

La TVA du traducteur - Trëma Translations - English to French translation. Rédiger un devis de traduction efficace. (Not Just) Another Translator. How to write compelling translation quotes / PacTranz. Quoting a Large Translation Project. ATA Guide to Translation and Interpreting Services Agreement. Bien facturer pour être payé. (Not Just) Another Translator. Gérer votre trésorerie : faire de la prévention contre les retards de paiement — La Marmite. Keeping client statistics: how organised are you? Six Small Actions that Make a Big Difference with Direct Clients.

- Rétrocession d'honoraire en BNC, des réponses officielles. Getting paid in foreign currencies. Les différents modes d'exercice - Aprotrad.