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Tarifs de traduction

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Pricing for translators – PEEMPIP BLOG. By Dimitra Stafilia This article is based on a pricing workshop presented by Dimitra Stafilia as part of the SHAPING OUR COMMON FUTURE event held on 31/10/2014, at TECHNOPOLIS, MUNICIPALITY OF ATHENS Pricing is a controversial and complex subject, and one that all linguists need to think about very seriously.

Pricing for translators – PEEMPIP BLOG

Les mots au kilo ? Traducteurs, agences et outils de TAO. Translators on… Setting and sticking to rates - Capital Translations. Translators on… brings together a collection of industry professionals, each sharing their experience and advice on certain topics of their career, offering a wider, more authoritative range of opinions than a single source.

Translators on… Setting and sticking to rates - Capital Translations

Want to know more about the series? Watch the launch video. The previous Translators on… post was all about the big leap – how to make that transition to freelance translation without starving to death or going without sleep. It seems only fitting that we now talk about setting rates for the first time. Without any previous experience in or exposure to the translation industry, it can be nigh on impossible to know what to charge. Breaking with a purely academic focus, universities are increasingly incorporating the business aspects of freelance translation into their teaching and starting to educate translation students on rates.

Working in-house may provide some insights into what the ‘going’ rate is, if such a thing even exists. Translation, Interpreting & Copywriting. I remember when I first started my career as a freelancer.

Translation, Interpreting & Copywriting

I had just got my degree and (I thought) I was ready to start offer my services to every single client out there. I was so exciting for starting up, that I couldn’t think about anything else. Tarifs de traduction : à publier ou pas ? — Les recettes du traducteur. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.

Tarifs de traduction : à publier ou pas ? — Les recettes du traducteur

Thanks for visiting! The Value of Your Time: How Much Is an Hour Worth to You? What’s the value of your time?

The Value of Your Time: How Much Is an Hour Worth to You?

It’s a simple question, and the answer can help you with a variety of business decisions, from maximizing your productivity to deciding which tasks to delegate or outsource. But although the question is simple, it can be tough to come up with a good answer. Looking up how other people value their time won’t help you much, because it’s a very individual calculation. The result will vary widely depending on what kind of work you do, where in the world you live, how much you earn, how much you expect to earn in the future, and more. What is “the right rate” for your translation services? October 29, 2013 by Corinne McKay. WantWords TV 7: How much should I charge when starting out? Comment fixer ses tarifs et évaluer ses revenus d’indépendants ? — Ma Voisine Millionnaire. Recevez les nouveaux articles par RSS !

Comment fixer ses tarifs et évaluer ses revenus d’indépendants ? — Ma Voisine Millionnaire

Quand on est indépendant, en particulier quand on débute ou quand on propose une nouvelle prestation, la question du tarif peut être problématique. Les tarifs de la traduction. Combien ça gagne, un traducteur ?

Les tarifs de la traduction

Des clients à tous prix ! — Ma Voisine Millionnaire. Recevez les nouveaux articles par RSS !

Des clients à tous prix ! — Ma Voisine Millionnaire

5 règles d'or pour fixer ses tarifs de traduction — Trëma Translations - English to French translation. Un prix ne s'invente pas, il se calcule Commencez par calculer vos heures facturables, c'est-à-dire les heures que vous consacrerez à la traduction : Déterminez combien de jours vous souhaitez, ou vous pouvez, travailler chaque semaine.

5 règles d'or pour fixer ses tarifs de traduction — Trëma Translations - English to French translation

Multipliez-le par le nombre de semaines de travail effectif (52 - le nombre de semaines de vacances que vous souhaitez vous attribuer). Neuf facteurs à prendre en compte pour déterminer son tarif. 7 Simple Steps for Setting Your Translation Rate. How to work out your hourly rate - Freelance Parents. In today’s post, I’ll fill you in on why you should work out your hourly rate – the minimum you’re willing to work for – from day one.

How to work out your hourly rate - Freelance Parents

If you’ve been following along with the tasks in this series, you’ve hopefully now spent a few hours thinking about your ideal working life and the niche you’re going to target. Whilst the preparation I’m talking about here will make your venture run more smoothly, if an opportunity for freelance work crops up in the meantime, just grab it! Many freelancers find their first project by accident, stumble their way through it with some frantic googling and come out the other side a little wiser :-).

Before that opportunity crops up, however, you’d be wise to have done at least a little thinking about money. Chris Durban on translation pricing. Are you unsure about how to price your translation services? Chris Durban shared her valuable insights on this thorny topic in her presentation on ‘Pricing issues in translation: is this where you want to be?’ For the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters in January 2016. Here’s a round-up of the key points from her presentation. Chris began by explaining that she never makes recommendations on translation prices, but is happy to share examples of actual prices observed for specific translation projects.

In conversations with translators on pricing, she’s noticed that although many translators recommend aiming high, discussions often digress to issues of work-life balance and why money isn’t everything – and wind up with the reassurance that actually, it’s perfectly okay to aim low. In Chris’s view, higher prices are desirable because they allow you to take the time you need to produce excellent work.

Quels tarifs pratiquer pour un freelance ? Si vous êtes un habitué de listes de diffusion ou de forums pros de secteurs d’activité privilégiant le travail ou l’emploi en indépendant / Freelance ou en petite structure, vous avez déjà été confronté à cette question, peut-être vous l’êtes vous posé vous-même. Au travers de critères et d’exemples précis, nous allons essayer d’ébaucher une réponse à cette question.

Time management strategy: look at your rates. February 10, 2015 by Corinne McKay Here’s a time management strategy that, at first glance, doesn’t seem like a time management strategy. Make sure that you set your translation rates so that you have enough time for non-billable work. If you’re looking for the sound-bite version of this concept, you can stop reading! Otherwise: Traduction et tarifs : quelques réflexions — Les recettes du traducteur, tous les ingrédients pour faire bouillir la marmite. Cette semaine, quelques réflexions concernant la tarification, que ce soit au mot, à l’heure, au forfait ou autre ! Tout d’abord, nous avons déjà abordé la question des tarifs de traduction dans plusieurs billets. Tranix Translation & Proof-Editing Services. A recent argument with an agency about the word count for a job handed in weeks previously has driven home just how sordid this practice of counting words really is. Thankfully, this type of situation doesn’t rear its ugly head that often, and this particular client is not one of my main sources of income.

But when an agency forgets I charge by the source word because their arrangements with other translators differ, and they then send a series of short documents as they arrive from the end client with embedded text that the counter in Word doesn’t recognise, problems and tetchy emails can ensue. And I do so loathe any suspicion that I might be trying to pull a fast one by adding more words to the invoice than I am entitled to, especially when the difference we’re squabbling about is a laughably small amount. Translation, Interpreting & Copywriting. At this point, we all know how important communication is when we are talking to our clients our rates or when we want to inform of price increasings. However, I always find myself wondering why translators insist on having a per word rate. How bidding too low cost me the job. I’ve tried a few pricing strategies over the years.

When I first started freelancing, I was so eager to get the work that I priced myself cheaper than the competition. I had plenty of work, but hardly got paid for my long hours. I may even have been coming in under minimum wage! Slowly, I raised my rates based on the experience that I had in my portfolio, and eventually started making a fair wage. Les freelances qui facturent à l'heure : vous facturez au temps réel ou vous proposez un devis ferme ? Que faites-vous si vous dépassez ? Rates for translation. SFT Enquête Tarifs 2009. Enquête 2015 sur les pratiques des métiers de la traduction — Résultats preliminaires. Observatoire de la CNET 2015. The Magic Number is EUR 0.15: Translator Rate Survey Released in Germany. Germany’s Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators [Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer e.V.

(BDÜ)] published the fifth edition of its rate survey in January 2016. The survey is based on pricing information collected from almost 1,100 translators and interpreters and covers 35 language pairs. According to André Lindemann, association president, the survey is meant to provide guidance to new translators and inexperienced buyers in this “fragmented and often opaque market,” but should also be of value to many other market participants. The authors of the study stress, however, that the survey in no way represents any kind of official pricing guideline by the Association as this would be against Germany’s anti-trust laws.

Germany’s market for translation and interpretation services is still extremely fragmented, per the survey. Slator has reviewed the 60-plus-page German-language survey and highlights some of the key points. Enquête de Rémunération 2012. Enquête rémunération 2014. Freelance translator rates calculator. Instructions for using this calculator: a) Use any currency you want. Results will be in the currency you use. b) Enter business-related costs as a yearly total. This field should include hardware, software, Internet connection, office space, business insurance, memberships, taxes, training, seminars, etc. c) Enter your desired personal income expressed as a yearly amount. D) Enter the amount of hours per week you plan to dedicate to your translation business. Your Rate - A better way to calculate your freelance rate.

Services - Online translation rates conversion. Please fill the form below to convert your fees from one calculation method to another. You can use this form if your source and target languages are among EU official languages. Language conversion metrics were obtained from official EU multilingual documents. They may not be the most appropriate metrics for other kinds of texts.

Notes: Translator Earnings Calculator. Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator by Motiv. Freelance translator rates: knowing how much to charge.