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Dropwords 2 (Free) SEE EVERY PLAYABLE WORD on a FULL Wordsmith GAME BOARD, as if through an expert's eyes.

Dropwords 2 (Free)

Use it after each turn to review your play and see how you might have done better. For a FREE, ZERO ADS, 14-DAY TRIAL that includes EVERY feature of this app (plus supports TEN ADDITIONAL GAMES), install our "Words Solver 4 Friends + Ten" app and then select Wordsmith from its "Select Game" dialog. After trying that app, you can choose to purchase it, or return to buy this one for half the price.

Black box cheat apps can crank out a few high-scoring words, but cheats don't provide any real insight into your game. By contrast, this helper finds and shows, on a full game board, EVERY WORD you could have played from your game's rack, best words first, and then LIGHTS UP the BEST spots "like the eyes of an expert"℠ with its color-coded "Heat Map" feature. Word Weasel. Classic Words est le meilleur jeu de lettres pour jouer en solitaire contre votre smartphone ou tablette Android, tout en vous cultivant grâce à l'affichage des définitions des mots.

Word Weasel

Le principe de jeu est le même que les jeux comme Scrabble, Wordfeud ou Angry Words. Mais avec Classic Words, vous n'avez pas à attendre les coups de votre adversaire : vous jouez contre l'ordinateur, qui est toujours dispo et ne triche jamais :) Que vous soyez débutant ou joueur de Scrabble confirmé, mesurez-vous au Droid dans des parties rapides et endiablées ! Choisissez le niveau de jeu de l'ordinateur (de débutant à expert), le dictionnaire utilisé (la liste utilisée en Français se base sur celle utilisée dans les compétitions de Scrabble, l'ODS), et usez de votre sens tactique et de votre vocabulaire pour tenter de vaincre le Droid.

Ce jeu devrait plaire aux aficionados de jeux de lettres, mots croisés et jeux de plateau de stratégie. *** Caractéristiques *** Shortyz Crosswords. Daily Newspaper Crossword Puzzles“What's A Nine Letter Word For A 'Type Of Word Puzzle Game?

Shortyz Crosswords

'” Like playing the Will Shortz New York Times Edition Crossword? USA Today Crossword? Washington Post Crossword? Or Los Angeles Times Crossword? Play all these crossword puzzles and many others on any Android Mobile Device. FACT: 2013 is the 100th anniversary of the crossword puzzle. . - 7 Daily and 13 Weekly Crossword Puzzle Sources! Current Available Crossword Puzzle Sources:- Wall Street Journal- Permier Crosswords- Philadelphia Inquirer- LAT Sunday Calendar- Chronicles Of Higher Education- Boston Globe- I Swear- People Magazine- The Onion- Jonesin' Crosswords- Ink Well- New York Times (NYTimes Subscription Required)- Washington Post- Newsday- Los Angeles Times- Universal Crossword- USA TodayALPHA Sources (Currently Being Tested And Developed)- Cru Puzzle Workshop (NY Times Cru Cryptic Fan Puzzles)- Kegler's Kryptics (Ron “Kegler” Sweet's Cryptic Archive)

Scramble With Friends Free. Scramble Touch. FUN, CHALLENGING, and EASY TO PLAY, Lexathon is the ultra-addictive 9 letter word game for you!

Scramble Touch

From a jumble of 9 letters, discover as many words as possible of 4 or more letters that contain the central letter. Test your lexical skills; there is always a 9 letter word to find amongst the scrambled letters. Be quick and cunning; every word you find gets you more time and increases your score! Previously known as "Jumblee Words", it has now been rebranded as "Lexathon". The faster you react and the more words you find from the English dictionary, the higher your score! Shake your phone to scramble the letters to discover as many words as possible. *With more than 100,000 word puzzles to solve, you could play Lexathon once a day and still have a fresh word game to play for the next 275 years!

So if you're into addictive puzzle games or anagrams, like word jumbles, want improve your English vocabulary and spelling or enhance your Boggle and Scrabble skills, then this is the game for you! Lexathon® word jumble. FUN, CHALLENGING, and EASY TO PLAY, Lexathon is the ultra-addictive 9 letter word game for you!

Lexathon® word jumble

From a jumble of 9 letters, discover as many words as possible of 4 or more letters that contain the central letter. Dropwords. Looking for a word game that goes beyond a simple Scrabble clone?


Then Word Drop is for you. Word Drop is a exciting new free word game with physics graphics. A word game for all ages, its the Best free word game on android market. Four types of game play modes make this highly addictive and unique and forward your word dictionary. ★NEW, MULTIPLAYER MODE★Added awesome MULTIPLAYER mode using Google Game Services. ★NEW, CANDY THEME★Added awesome Candy theme. ★ITS FREE★This word game is absolutely free. ★SIMPLE AND HIGHLY ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY★What’s the word?

Keep your mind healthy, test your word vocabulary and exercise your brain once a day. Random sequence of letter candy drop from the top like a avalanche and bounce around and your goal is to create words by pressing on individual candies and press on submit button to crush the letter candies. There are five modes in this game 1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. We have released a new theme of falling candies, exploding candies in update 49.