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Wall art - 20 ways to Mod Podge canvas. 20 INSPIRING CHILDREN'S BOOK QUOTES INFOGRAPHIC. Thumbprint Self-Portrait. Here’s a great idea I found on Pin­ter­est.… You can see lots of inspir­ing exam­ples here and here. I tried this les­son with my mid­dle school stu­dents and they really had fun with it! For more detailed instruc­tions with pho­tos, tips, writ­ing prompts, a stu­dent gallery, and fas­ci­nat­ing fin­ger­print facts, check out my pdf on Teach­ers Pay Teachers! Mate­ri­als: Black stamp padCopy paper Black (F) and (UF) SharpiesCol­ored pencilsExam­ples of the 3 types of fin­ger­prints: loop, whorl, and arch. Direc­tions: 1. Col­lect a thumbprint from each stu­dent. This was more chal­leng­ing than I expected!

(Another option for col­lect­ing fin­ger­prints is to rub a soft pen­cil on some paper, rub your fin­ger onto the pen­cil, and then press a piece of clear tape onto your fin­ger. 2. First, cut them out and write stu­dents’ names in pen­cil, then enlarge them one at a time. 3. Don’t worry if some lines start and stop, or run into each other. 4. 5. 6.

Cool Quotes on Canvas - Bright Bold and Beautiful Blog. Sweet Stamp Shop: Just Add Ink: A Little Art. Happy Monday! It's Tyra and I'm here to kick off a new series, Just Add Ink, where I explore creative stamping techniques. Today I am sharing two small scale art pieces. Here is the first: The first project is a framed art piece created using watercolor pencils and paper, water and a paint brush. Simply use watercolor pencils to create shaded sections and paint with water. Use a flat wide brush to create wide strokes. The Oscar Wilde quote served as the inspiration behind creating simple strokes of color. The second piece is mini mixed media art: The "shades of love" sentiment from the Color Wheel set is perfect for this mini art piece. Color the canvas with a gelato and blend.Place stencil on top of the canvas.

Stamp sets perfect for this technique include Admit One (create artwork for a child's room) and Zombies (create an art piece for a halloween candy table display) Which technique will you try first? Glue Canvas. Kids Art. Any time I see canvases in good value packs or discounted, I always grab a few so I have them on hand. There's something about painting on canvas that feels really special and it's a great way to make some instant art that's ready to hang as soon as it's dry.

We did this activity over 2 days which was a really nice process. The first day was all about designing with the glue and the second day was about creativity and experiment with the paint over the glue. So really, it's 2 activities for the price of 1. Bonus! Ages: 2+ Materials: Canvas, Craft Glue, Paint (we used acrylic paint but would love to try water-colour or quite thinned down paint next time. Squeezing the glue onto the canvas was really hard at first. She was really having to squeeze very hard to get it going.

But once she got a good flow going there was no stopping her We loved talking about the way the glue was flowing and the patterns she was making She asked me to do an M for her at the top Straight to painting her M Handy Tips. Inspirational Quote Cards For Any Occasion. We love to surround ourselves with objects that make us happy and you can’t beat a good inspirational quote to get you in the right frame of mind. Today we are sharing these gorgeous printable cards featuring our favorite inspirational quote from the eternally beautiful fashion designer Coco Chanel, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”- isn’t that just perfect? There are two designs in two colorways and the inside of the card is completely customizable message. You can use these cards for any occasion from birthdays, to Mother’s Day or simply to tell a friend that your think they are fab.

Download the PDF file below onto your desktop then open in Adobe Acrobat or Reader. If you click on the place holder text you can delete or alter the text as you see fit, from the sentiment to your sign off. If you love the font as much as we do and want to use that, you can download it here Museo Slab for free. You-Are-Lovely. Be-The-Change-Chalkboard-Printable-Wall-Art-PDF. Blog - Marjolaine Walker. Design Improvised: DIY Typography Art Tutorial. I am loving all the bold typography showing up in wall art these days. I made a version of DIY typography canvas art for my 1 year old's sunshine birthday party and I want to show you how easy it is to do. It is a quick project (under an hour) that takes zero artistic talent but you can claim you painted your own wall art!

The idea for this project came about as I was searching on Etsy while planning my daughter's party. I came across this You Are My Sunshine canvas that I almost thought of purchasing for the party decor before it occurred to me that I could pretty easily make a version myself. In fact, for the price of one 8x10 canvas, I was able to make 3 different 11x14 canvases - an inexpensive and easy project! Supplies for Canvas Typography Wall Art Canvas - lots of sizes to choose from (I bought a 3 pack of 11"x14" at JoAnn for $10 during a 50% off sale)Letter stencils (the bigger your canvas, the bigger the stencil you'll want. Steps for Making Typography Wall Art 1. 2. 3. 1. 2.

Love painting black and white inspirational by erinsmodernart. Just A Little Creativity: Reverse Stencil Scratch Art Effect {Painting with Kids} Call this a reverse stencil. Scratch art. Paint relief, anything. But, remember being in art class in school, and making scratch art with crayons? You colored with all your crayons in your box, covered the entire page with black, then used a stylus tool to "scratch" the black to make a design. This painting project is very similar. -First, using a wood board (I found mine at the Dollar Store) have your child paint the entire area with a variety of colors. -When it's dry, use stickers or vinyl to cover some of the colorful painted area. Next, have your child paint over the entire board, including the stickers, with black.

Think of the sticker as a reverse stencil. The areas that the stickers covered now pop out against the black. This is a simple project with a big result, that your youngster will be proud of creating, and you'll be proud to hang in your home. Remember to link your projects here every Thursday at the *Get Creative* party! You've seen this project featured here: