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New Divide Chapter 01 of 16, a Harry Potter fanfic. Ok. I know I'm on my Easter holidays, and I know I promised to update, but it's about time I admitted to myself (and to you all) that I WILL NOT be able to update as frequently as I had hoped to. I have started the next chapter of Butterfly, but I'm getting nowhere fast with it. Sorry. I have A MONTH left before my exams, and that isn't including the THREE WEEKS OF exams that I have to look forward to. What I propose to do is this. BANNER in profile… Thank you very, very much to Star_Faerie and to Araea Swiftwind for their much appreciated beta'ing skills. Also, this story is dedicated to BOOMrobotdog, without whom I would never have gotten up off of my arse and actually started. That's enough about that. "New Divide" Disclaimer: Harry Potter, et all are property of JK Rowling, and Bloomsbury, and Warner Bros and all those other nifty people that make it so we can read and watch the Potterverse whenever we feel like it.

Summary: [LV/HP] Harry Potter was the Boy-Who-Lived. Words: 2,150. Mysterious Thing, Time Chapter 24: OO, a Harry Potter fanfic. Disclaimer: Really? We don't own this? Are you sure? Darn, must have been a dream then. Part 24: O.O Lord Voldemort, master of death, walked purposefully to Little Hangleton. Apparation was not allowed inside Riddle Manor, and Voldemort relished the anger burning more fiercely by the second as he walked.

He only wished some unsuspecting traveler would come upon him in his dark mood. However, if none of the slime would present themselves properly for torture, he would go to them. A bent old man was tending to the garden inside the fence. The man looked incredibly weak, but Voldemort knew from experience that these old types were made of the sternest stuff. "Harold! "I'm not deaf, yet, Maude! " He shot a red jet of light to the man's left, just inside his peripheral vision. "Is someone in the yard, Harold? " "Who are you? " "I am not surprised that you haven't heard my name," Voldemort began, savoring the look of fear and confusion on the man's face. "Wha- who-, gerroff my lawn! " "Harold!

" Mud Chapter 1: I have come back to you a swinging man, a Harry Potter fanfic. Mud DustFactory (1/25): I have come back to you a swinging man A sea of black spills across the Hogwarts grounds, bleached white dotting it like upturned flowers made of bone. It oozes like tar, smothering all signs of life beneath it. Behind it, a creature of unnatural height and thinness follows, eyes of garnet fire, skin as pale as the moon that lights its path. Harry's scar gives a dull throb that intensifies as if an avalanche of cleavers has been set off, and he's at the bottom. Those that are left huddle in the towers, watching the last sweep of the battle begin. Pathetic. Fools. He knows he has no chance against this crimson-eyed snake monster, but refuses to bow before it either.

His scar is burning so fiercely that he puts a numbing charm on his entire head to keep from fainting, and one of the side effect is a floating detached sort of feeling that leaves his emotions rather dulled too. Death's Army swarms the castle, and the inhabitants can hear their demand for entrance. Yes. Marble Serpent Chapter 2: Ten Years Later, a Harry Potter fanfic. Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, nor am I making any profit from writing this. It's actually pulling me away from the non-fanfiction writing that I'm supposed to be doing, so take that for what it is. Chapter 2: Ten Years Later A chime in the back office pulled Harry away from his studies, and stirred Aviva from her nap. Harry paused a moment - Cain would normally greet the customers who came in during business hours and Harry would continue on with his studies.

A second chime sounded and Aviva hissed irritably, not at all pleased with the continued disturbance of her nap. "Get that one for me, kid! " Harry stood up and looked down at his homework while Aviva moved up to loop loosely around his neck. "I was unaware that it was customary for shops to keep their doors locked," the man said as he walked into the shop. Harry closed the door behind the man and smiled apologetically. "I see. " "How can I help you? " "That is an excellent decision on your part, young man," the man said.

"Harry. " Magic perhaps Chapter 1, a Harry Potter fanfic. Magic perhaps Chapter 1 Helltanz's notes: more or less a straight HP fic, borrowed fantasy magic and some common clothes tropes though, among other things I'll enjoy tossing clichés here and there. Technology 'techomagic' what not whatever will probably reach steampunk levels to an extent, if for no other reason than to have magical airships. Of course that won't be until fifth year probably.

So here is my latest fic enjoy. Disclaimer: come on you should know the drill by now Chapter begin Pain had for the first years had been his friend something he had been so intimately familiar with one could say they had been lovers of sorts, or at least a woman who always make sure to come to visit him. He'd always be fixed by the morning something that had always seemed to anger his relatives.

After that his closest companion was hate and contempt. It was an attitude reflected in his grades and his clothing, and obviously in his mannerisms. Not the case in the slightest. "Its Potter! " "The Dark Lord. " Lovers' Secrets Chapter 22, a Harry Potter fanfic. Life Sucks, Then You Die Chapter 1, a Harry Potter fanfic. DISCLAIMER: That part of this world and those characters you've seen before belong to their Creator: JKR.

The rest is mine - although I cannot quit my day job as I make no $$$ This is rated M mostly to be safe and eventual violence. There is no (not yet, at least and even then, not as a plot point) graphic sex, although it will be suggestive. While I explore some themes again, this one intends to be more magical and less Muggle than the others… It is mostly H/Hr, although it is also H/Multi as well. Saturday, March 11th, 1995 "Don't worry about it, Hermione," Ginny said as the two of them entered an unused corridor in the school. "I really don't care what they write to me," Hermione huffed. "We know, Hermione," another voice said. "So where is this place? " "Just ahead," Hermione said. "How…? " "Rune based notice-me-not and forgetfulness wards," Hermione said. "Part of this year's Ancient Rune studies," Daphne nodded. "Those hairs I asked for," Hermione said.

"Oh. " "I am part Veela, non? " Just Call Us Crazy Chapter 2, a Harry Potter fanfic. Disclamer: I do not own HP Warnings: Possible slash, torture, and Bad Albus A/N: I'm glad some people liked the first chapter I hope you like this one too Enjoy! Just Call Us Crazy There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. ~Edith Wharton "Lumos" The steps, as he descended were wooden and creaked under his weight. Immediately, the musky smell he smelt earlier was gone and replaced with a strong smell of rotting corpses; he also took note of echoing whimpers and frighten mumbling. He then moved to one of the cells on his right and commanded his orb to move inside. A frighten shriek greeted him, he barely saw a figure scurry off and curl into a corner, he moved to the cell on his left and met with a rotting corpse.

Dead Or Alive He stepped back from the last cell, he snapped his fingers and several unlocking sounds echoed and the all the cells doors glided open "They're coming" "Leave now" "Nox" "Harry" I know it short, but it'll get longer. Review Please! In Care Of Chapter 1, a Harry Potter fanfic. At first, he hadn't been sure of what exactly he was seeing. He thought it might be a dark brown rat lying under a black leather glove. Although they were indigenous to the UK, Harry had never seen a bat in person...not up close, anyway, unless you counted that disastrous trip to the zoo on Dudley's birthday five years earlier. And since those specimens had been housed in a large, glass terrarium, he didn't count it. The fact that he'd never gotten a good look at one in the wild was hardly surprising.

Harry hadn't been looking for this bat. He'd only arrived home from Hogwarts six days previously, but Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia already had him hard at work. Harry had gone straight out to the garden immediately after making breakfast for his family. Shortly before the school year ended, Hedwig had reinjured her wing. "Well, Harry, she's in a righ' state," the half-giant rumbled, examining the uneasy bird carefully. "That's right, mate," Ron had added encouragingly. "Boy! His Royal Majesty Chapter 1, a Harry Potter fanfic. Heir of Blood Chapter 15: Despair, a Harry Potter fanfic.

Maybe I should have been a bit clearer about the Manuel/Trevor relationship. I feel bad about them having no one, but there is no way I'm going to bring in mothers for Harry or Blaise—it would ruin everything. For Manuel and Trevor I was envisioning more of an 'I need comfort so just hold me' relationship. No sex, nothing slashy—unless someone wished for a one-shot/side-story, and that I would post elsewhere. ShadeDancer Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter and can't get money for this, but I can make him into a Mafia Prince. Warning: Some chapters (the ones including pranks) might not be appropriate to read at work. Chapter 16: Despair Things were pretty calm around Hogwarts until early March when another attack took place. Around this time, during their Easter holiday, the second years were also faced with the fact that they need to choose their elective classes for third year. Flashback They were walking towards Severus' classroom for training and talking about their choices of elective.

Haunted Jaded Eyes Chapter 24, a Harry Potter fanfic. Harry Potter's Life Lessons, a Harry Potter fanfic. Harry Potter's Life Lessons One shot. AU of PS/SS. The Dursleys have done one good thing for Harry Potter's continued safety: their neglect has made him suspicious, sneaky, and cruel. A brief explanation of how things might have gone differently. Includes DH spoilers. A/N: I get a bit peeved when I read AU's of the Philosopher's Stone where everything happens as JKR wrote it, save for one or two cosmetic things. Edited 8/10/08 The young Harry Potter learned much of the world while he lived with Muggles.

He knew about pain. Harry got punished when 'freaky' things happened, which just made him more curious about the world, 'freaky' and otherwise. How could he turn a teacher's wig blue? He got terrible grades as long as he attended school with Dudley. There was an inner core of fire inside him, a massive well of power, anger, and hatred. The people who were supposed to protect him didn't. All that allowed Harry to articulate his first true insight into the world. It was a brilliant plan. Harry the Dog, a Harry Potter fanfic. Disclaimer: J.K Rowling owns Harry Potter and I don't. Everything reminding you of something from a movie or a book belongs to their respective owners. Summary: What if Harry was brought up in a violent environment which had a serious effect on his mental stability? How would this affect the future of both worlds, Wizardry and Muggle? Let's take a look, shall we?

A/N: K, some new ideas which haunted me and needed to be put here so I could finally sleep. CHAPTER I - Unleashed A short chubby hand, covered with impressive array of various pieces of jewellery, quickly reached out and roughly clasped his small shoulder. The man brought his face closer to the boy's ear, piggy little eyes shining with barely held back glee, and sneaked his other hand around his neck where a metal collar was tightly clasped. He finally found the clip and pressed strongly, releasing the collar and the beast which it held.

"The hell are you waiting for? "Take him down, you bloody wankers! "The fuck are you! " Harry Potter: Other People's Magic Chapter 15: CH15: Coffee, Cutlery & Carpets, a Harry Potter fanfic. Harry Potter: My Life Is My Own Chapter 1: All the Memories, a Harry Potter fanfic. Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. Some of the concepts that will be in this fic are from other fan fictions about Harry Potter with my own twist on them. So I would like to acknowledge all the Harry Potter fan writers on this site for great work and hundreds of hours of reading. This is an AU story. Harry Potter My Life Is My Own Chapter 1: All the Memories As he emerged from the warm darkness he had developed and grown in for the last nine months, Harry experienced a brilliant bright light. With the first flutters of Harry's eyes, he saw a blurry image of a woman's face.

At the young age of five Harry was subjected to horrible cruelties by his guardians. Harry has the amazing gift and at times a terrible curse of remembering every moment of his life since birth. While Harry played in his cot he would listen to his parents reminiscing of places and people they were acquainted with. Such strange names for people Harry thought. "WHAT? Boredom filled Harry's summer.

Harry Potter, Dark King Chapter 1, a Harry Potter fanfic. Golden rays of light filtered through the curtains of the small bedroom. The room was stuffy, overbearingly hot and full of dust, but it was quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of life. Specifically, Harry's life. Teenagers were a complicated creature, of course, but Harry had many things that made him even more unusual than the typical teenager. Although one might guess it was the fact that he was a wizard that could do magic, and indeed for the uninitiated muggle that would be rather unusual, that was not the case.

Nor was it even that he had fought a tyrannical Dark Lord over many occasions in his difficult life, though it had marked him out as special even among his fellow wizards. Harry sat there in a meditative trance, listening to the dark whispers inside his head, trying to discern them all. His Aunt's hidden jealousy of his mother, the reason why in a rage he had been locked in his bedroom for several days without food or water. Something was different. "St. "Hey! " "Nice. Harry Potter and the Second Life Chapter 1: Rebirthing Now, a Harry Potter fanfic.

Title: Harry Potter and the Second LifeAuthor: JoeHundredaireRating: R/FR18Disclaimer: Captain Fangirlhumper… err, J.K. Rowling owns the Harry Potter universe. Wish they were mine so I could do utterly retarded things to them and watch my bank account get steadily larger, but sadly not mine. There are a handful of my OCs inserted here and there for flavor, since despite being Scottish, JKR evidently forgot they and the Welsh would probably be members of the student body.

If you like them and want to use them, please ask first.Summary: Wishing upon a falling star, 17-year-old Harry ends up in the body of his 10-year-old self, in a world where nothing is quite the same. How will he handle being a 'normal' boy in an unknown world? Joe's Note: This originally started as yet another rewrite of SilverAegis's infamous, oft abandoned Harry Potter and the New Life.

I left a review, he told me "you think you can do better, do it", and so I did. "That was my name last time I checked, yes. " Right? Harry Potter and the New Life Quidditch & the Train Ride, a Harry Potter fanfic. Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality Chapter 26: Noticing Confusion, a Harry Potter fanfic. Yakka foob mog. Grug pubbawup zink wattoom gazork. Chumble spuzz J. K. Rowling. Professor Quirrell's office hours consisted of 11:40 to 11:55 AM on Thursday.

That was for all of his students in all years. It cost a Quirrell point just to knock on the door, and if he didn't think your reason was worth his time, you would lose another fifty. Harry knocked on the door. There was a pause. And before Harry could touch the doorknob, the door slammed open, hitting the wall with a sharp crack that sounded like something might have broken in the wood, or the stone, or both. Professor Quirrell was leaning back in his chair and reading a suspiciously old-looking book, bound in night-blue leather with silver runes on the spine.

A cold chill seeped from the room, as though it contained something that cast darkness the way lamps cast light, and which hadn't been fully shaded. Harry was a bit taken aback. Well, you didn't just walk out on friends when they were feeling down. Harry drew a deep breath.