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Grey Walter’s tortoises. Dance In a Year. Room Acoustics. The room in which we listen to sound has an important influence on what we hear.

Room Acoustics

There are a variety of methods and criteria for the evaluation and design of an acoustic space. Acoustic spaces can have a variety of uses which may or may not share common desired acoustic characteristics. Sound Propagation in a Room Sound waves travel at about 345 meters/second, so that the sound coming directly from a source within a large room will generally reach a listener after a time of anywhere from 0.01 to 0.2 seconds. Shortly after the arrival of the direct sound, a series of semi-distinct reflections from various reflecting surfaces (walls and ceiling) will reach the listener. Direct Sound and Early Reflections Direct sound will decrease by 6 dB for each doubling of propagated distance.

Late Reflections Calculating Reverberation Time Air Absorption Air contributes a substantial amount to the absorption of high frequency sound. The world's first 3d printed twin tip skateboard. Aug.26, 2013 Sam Abbot from the Netherlands, a talented artist who works at a pioneering company of 3D printed designs won the competition hosted by CGTrader and 3D Print UK last month.

The world's first 3d printed twin tip skateboard

He is the winner of the Best 3D Printable Model Portfolio. Tangible Media Group. Fireflies. Pythagorean cup. Path to Basics in Algebraic Geometry from HS Algebra and Calculus? Blindness. 5.1 - Caratteri "parametrici" del lavoro di Ridolfi e Frankl. Algopop: BIG DATA = BIG SELL = BIG BUSINESS.... YouTube.

Marketingplan erstellen - Anleitung und Muster - Marketingplan_VogesMarketing.pdf. Glowing Plants: Natural Lighting with no Electricity or CO2 by Antony Evans. Thank you to all of our backers for making the Glowing Plant Kickstarter campaign the success that it was.

Glowing Plants: Natural Lighting with no Electricity or CO2 by Antony Evans

We are deeply appreciative of the trust and support you have shown us. You helped us put Synthetic Biology on the crowdfunding map, now it’s up to us to create and deliver the Glowing Plant. You can keep following us through our official blog, with regular updates and discussion on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Missed the Kickstarter campaign? You can still support the project with donations at our store, where some of the rewards remain available. An Interesting Golden Ratio Identity – Lately I’ve been intrigued by the Fibonacci number sequence, i.e. the sequence where each number is the sum of the two previous.

An Interesting Golden Ratio Identity –

Formally the sequence is defined by the recurrence formula F_{n+1} = F_n+F_{n-1}, when we set F_1 = 1 and F_2=1. Massenspektrometrie. « La conception à l’ère de l’Internet des Objets » : modèles et principes pour le design de produits aux fonctions augmentées par des applications. Hi !

« La conception à l’ère de l’Internet des Objets » : modèles et principes pour le design de produits aux fonctions augmentées par des applications

On continue notre matinée par le document de soutenance de la thèse de Pierrick Thébault, jeune designer et chercheur. Son sujet de thèse était : « La conception à l’ère de l’Internet des Objets, modèles et principes pour le design de produits aux fonctions augmentées par des applications ». Tout un sujet assez vaste mais terriblement actuel ! Sujet que je vous présente résumé ci-dessous. « L’Internet des Objets, dont la vision et les technologies provoquent la rencontre des mondes physique et numérique, amène aujourd’hui à la création de nouveaux types d’applications permettant d’interopérer les services du World Wide Web avec les produits du quotidien. Amoeba-inspired Self-Organizing Systems. Amoebas (or Amebas as the kids today call them) are interesting little animals that have inspired lots of thought among roboticists on how life interacts with an environment.

Amoeba-inspired Self-Organizing Systems

Now they've inspired a team of researchers to develop a new self-organizing particle system. Multimedia - Video Gallery. Bitsphere on Tumblr. 66 job interview questions for data scientists. We are now at 86 questions.

66 job interview questions for data scientists

These are mostly open-ended questions, to assess the technical horizontal knowledge of a senior candidate for a rather high level position, e.g. director. What is the biggest data set that you processed, and how did you process it, what were the results? Tell me two success stories about your analytic or computer science projects?

Personality types. ArduSat. ArduSat is an open source, Arduino based Nanosatellite, based on the CubeSat standard.


It contains a set of Arduino boards and sensors. The general public will be allowed to use these Arduinos and sensors for their own creative purposes while they are in space.[1] ArduSat is created by Nanosatisfi LLC, an aerospace company which in the word of Phil Plait[2] has "the goal to democratize access to space" and was founded by 4 graduate students from the International Space University in 2012. ArduSat is the first open source satellite which will provide such open access to the general public to space.[3] Timeline of the project[edit] Aug. 9, 2013 - The International Space Station's Canadarm2 grapples the unpiloted Japanese "Kounotori" H2 Transfer Vehicle-4 (HTV-4) as it approaches the station, carrying ArduSat-1 and ArduSat-X among 3.6 tons of science experiments.

The Japanese Experiment Module Kibo laboratory and Exposed Facility, from which the CubeSats are launched via the ISS. Algorithmic Botany: Publications.