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Food - Recipes : Gruyère and courgette muffins. Malt Loaf. Sliced up and ready for the trails This is one of the easiest recipes I know and is something I make once a week.

Malt Loaf

It is also very versatile. You can add whatever fruits and nuts you like and change it according to your needs. Lots of candied fruit for a high carb snack to keep you going out on the trails or lots of nuts and seeds for a post workout protein feed. Be careful with which nuts you use, you need them to be soft enough to slice when you come to cut the loaf. You can also change the type of flour you use and save a ¼ cup for maca powder, quinoa flour or other exciting health foods – go mad and see what works for you and then let me know. One of my favourites is Walnut, Sour Cherry and Candied Papaya. 2 cups of All-Bran1 cup sugar1 cup mixed fruit and nuts2 cups milk alternative2 tsp cinnamon2 cups self-raising flour Mix all ingredients apart from the flour in a bowl and leave it for 30min to an hour.

I have one in the oven at the moment – picture to follow. How to make the perfect malt loaf. If you thought last week's beans on toast were a peculiarly British fetish, then malt loaf makes that sweet, gloopy orange sauce look positively international – even Ulster's Veda loaf isn't quite the same.

How to make the perfect malt loaf

Whether it is a food that you have to inhale with your mother's milk to develop a taste for is something that, as a lifetime devotee, I'm not qualified to judge, but I find it difficult to believe that anyone could resist its sweet, squidgy, oddly chewy charms. Though it's sold as a bread, it's definitely more in the cake category – the loaf bit is just there to justify the application of great wodges of salty butter, which is less of a serving suggestion and more of a three-line whip in my book. In recent years the market leader, Soreen (even the name carries a whiff of the 50s), has marketed it as a recovery food for athletes, and introduced pre-sliced snack packs that lack both the glorious stickiness of the original and the requisite amounts of butter.

But no one's fooled. Fat. Food - Recipes : Crumpets. Panettone Recipe. Food - Recipes : Mississippi mud pie. Food - Recipes : Lemon and ricotta tart. Chocolate Tea Bread, 18p. Chocolate Tea Bread, 70p for 4 generous portions at 18p each.

Chocolate Tea Bread, 18p

This came about because I LOVE chocolate chip brioche, and going vegan for Lent (and maybe for life if I manage to make the switch) means that I haven’t had those little sweet buttery rolls full of chocolate chip goodness in a very long time. For the past few days it’s all I’ve been able to think about – so I decided to try to make some chocolate chip bread as a replacement. In short- the chocolate chips all melted into the dough as I added my usual boiling water, so if I was to make this again, i’d fold them in when kneading the dough, for a buttery- type bread with chunks of chocolate, but I ended up instead with this Chocolate Tea Bread – and it was delicious! (chomp!) Ingredients:* 250g Self Raising Flour, 11p (65p/1.5kg) 7g fast action dried yeast, 11p (89p/8 packets) 1 bar dark chocolate, 35p 50g caster sugar, 7p (£1.30/kg) 25g Free From spread, 6p ( Free From Butter, £1.29/500g) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Food - Recipes : Yorkshire parkin.

Food - Recipes : Rustic Spanish bread (Pan Rustico) Heavenly Apple Cake. Jenny is in perpetual search for easy, weeknight recipes to attempt to feed her family.

Heavenly Apple Cake

When they balk, she just eats more. Today: The cake you should make this fall, again and again. Every Rosh Hashanah, I go on the hunt for the best the apple cake. Food - Recipes : Apricot couronne. London Tokyo Diner Job Site: Sample menu. Food - Recipes : Prosciutto, mozzarella and basil stromboli. The ultimate choc chip cookies. Flatbread and harissa honey chicken recipe. Some meals just demand bread.

Flatbread and harissa honey chicken recipe

For me, the idea of a barbecue without bread is like a celebration without champagne. Bread has the ability to "wrap" and hold the flavours and juices of grilled vegetables and meats so well: very helpful when the dry heat of the grill or oven has evaporated moisture from the flesh. To counteract that, the use of a sauce, such as yoghurt and mint, plus a swaddling with a bread wrap will rescue your meat or veg from drying further. This is my go-to summertime barbecue bread, a long dimpled spongey flatbread that's a little like Iranian barbari bread. I've packed it with yoghurt to boost the flavour, helping it to colour ultra-fast in the oven and so keep it soft. Makes 2 large flatbreads175g low-fat yoghurt250ml warm water7g sachet fast-action yeast400g strong white flour100g wholemeal or spelt flour2 tsp saltOlive oil, for kneading and shapingNigella seeds, to finish 2 Add the two flours and salt, then mix evenly to a very sticky dough.