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Visual Literacy

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Bundaberg in focus as indie filmmaker gets hooked on filming Flathead. Beer and rum cans litter a cluttered, ageing caravan in a paddock surrounded by sugar cane in Bundaberg in south-east Queensland. A shirtless older man stumbles around a large, muddy hole in the paddock. He is surrounded by a group of young people who look like they could be members of a psychedelic rock band. It's not until you notice the cameras and sound equipment that the scene starts to make sense. This is the set of Flathead, the first feature film to be shot in the region in more than 30 years. Flathead tells the story of an isolated senior forming a bond with a flathead fish and striving to create a home for his companion.

It's a narrative film using "real-world" experience to explore the emotions of loss and mourning in regional Australian communities. Brisbane-based writer, director and producer Jaydon Martin was drawn to Bundaberg after being introduced to the area by fellow filmmaker and local James Latter. "I'm hoping in Bundaberg it won't. It takes a village Post-production push. Empire Records totally bombed, but 25 years later, it's still got a loyal following - ABC News. New comic book The Grot is a timely quarantine read imagining Australian life in a climate-ravaged world - ABC News. Marvel movies with bigger casts tend to make more money at the box office - Science - ABC News. What do you get when you cross a mathematician on his summer holidays with the Marvel Cinematic Universe back catalogue?

A Christmas spent binge-watching superhero films, and a statistical analysis of why the Marvel movies are so popular. "It started almost as a joke," said mathematician and self-confessed Marvel fan Matthew Roughan of the University of Adelaide. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is "arguably the most successful movie franchise of all time" reported Professor Roughan and his co-authors in PLOS ONE last week.

Its films have grossed more revenue than the two next successful franchises, Harry Potter and Star Wars. "The numbers of people who've watched these movies is just amazing. To try to explain why the Marvel movies are so popular, Professor Roughan calculated the effective cast size of the first 21 films by counting how many conflict situations each character was in throughout the film. These characters then go onto to appear in the larger Avengers team-ups. The Stranger, Australia's answer to Doctor Who, premieres on ABC iview after decades in the vaults - RetroFocus. Posted about 4 hours agoSat 1 Feb 2020, 8:58pm Way back when Doctor Who's TARDIS was only just taking off, an Australian TV series was exploring the science fiction genre.

The Stranger was Australia's first locally-produced science fiction television show and one of the first Australian series to be sold overseas. It was immediately popular after it first aired on the ABC on April 5, 1964, but has since faded into obscurity. While Doctor Who developed a cult following over the following decades, The Stranger sat untouched in the ABC's film archives. But thanks to a team of dedicated film archivists, the series will have a new life after being remastered for ABC iview.

RetroFocus co-founder Jon Steiner said bringing the show back to TV screens had been a dream of his and his team's for about two years. He and fellow RetroFocus co-founder Helen Meany thought it was an interesting show, and wanted to see if it would still resonate with modern viewers. "I think it's going to be one to binge. " Deep reading has become a lost art as digital screens take over, but you can retrain your brain. Updated earlier today at 12:30amSat 21 Dec 2019, 12:30am Are you finding it hard to read deeply, or even remember what you've read, after a year of scanning and skimming quickly through digital content?

You are not alone — but you should be able to fix it. Some neuroscientists say skimming has become the new normal way of reading, something we have adapted to as a way of dealing with the enormous volumes of information we are presented with every day. As a result, our reading brain is becoming wired more for speed and less for processes like comprehension, understanding and committing information to our long-term memories.

Even US cognitive neuroscientist Professor Maryanne Wolf, who has been one of the leading voices of concerns about how digital reading is affecting our brains, found she was not immune. "I could barely read it, this is no kidding. "I just felt, 'Who am I, who have I become? ' "I was becoming the reader I was worried about. " How to retrain your brain with a novel. 50+ Camera Angles, Shots, and Movements: A Complete Guide. Have you ever been overwhelmed at the possibility of every camera angle, framing, and shot type available as a filmmaker? Us too.

So we provided a cheat sheet with definitions for you! There are so many camera movements and camera angles; it can be hard to keep track. To make film and television like the masters, you need to practice and learn the various camera movements, angles, shots, and tools. But how can you know if you’re hitting all the basics without a comprehensive checklist of camera angles and shots? We put our heads together and came up with this list that should help any filmmaker master the basics and take on the industry. Camera Angles and Shots Are Created with Tools and Mechanisms Before we jump into camera shots and movements, let’s go over some of the tools you’ll need to get the job done.

Let’s jump into camera tools. Sticks / Tripod You could go handheld, but getting a tripod adds a steady hand to your camera shot. Slider Shot Handheld Shot Steadicam Shot Gimbal Shot. Photographer captures perfect shot of International Space Station passing surface of the moon. Posted about 3 hours agoWed 20 Mar 2019, 8:21pm How do you photograph an object in space that is 400 kilometres away, travels at 7.66 kilometres per second and is in the right spot for less than a second? Key points: Astrophotographer Ken Lawson spent eight years lining up the perfect shotHe took the photo using a Canon 5D digital camera on a manual eight-inch Dobsonian telescopeMr Lawson has been hooked on space since he was an eight-year-old, seeing the rings of Saturn from a wobbly telescope Wait eight years, position yourself in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time, and hope for clear weather.

For Geraldton photographer, Ken Lawson, the patience and preparation paid off when he captured this photo of the International Space Station passing the surface of the moon last week. "It doesn't happen very often so you need all the elements to combine together to get it in the right position," Mr Lawson said. "I got to tick that off my bucket list — it's a bucket list shot. 5 Ways Writers Use Misleading Graphs To Manipulate You [INFOGRAPHIC] In this post-truth era, graphs are being used to skew data and spin narrative like never before.

Especially with the velocity at which some of these topics spread across social media. All it takes is a single graph from a less-than-reputable source, blasted out to a list of followers, to spread a false narrative around the world. We have already seen this happen many times during the COVID-19 response, which is why we added a new section featuring a few of those misleading graphs! Now the data doesn’t even have to be bad–it could just be presented in a misleading way. I mean, there is a whole Wikipedia page, Reddit community, and hundreds of articles about how graphs can be used to misinform readers. Now, I can’t make these data-skewing creators stop, but I can help you spot these misleading graphs when they crop up. Not a designer? Also, following data visualization best practices ensures that your graphs are always clear and understandable.

Use the links below to jump to each section: 1. Hidden stories immortalised in paint as street artists descend on Darwin. Updated Sat at 3:35amSat 8 Sep 2018, 3:35am If a picture paints a thousand words, Melbourne-based street artist Kaff-eine has spent her career weaving a carefully crafted story of power, personalities … and penises. "I'm an advocate, so I'm drawn to stories that have never been told," she said. "People and situations that I feel could be painted large and in public on walls to draw attention. "[But] it's about balance … drawing dicks on walls never gets old.

" If it weren't for the paint-stained pants, Kaff-eine could easily pass as another suit and tie anchored in the daily grind. And that's probably because — in another lifetime — she was. Under the cover of nightfall, the trained lawyer spent years moonlighting as a street artist, while working in policy development for the government. "I had to keep it very on the down low," she quipped. "But something had to give … so I sold my house and quit my job and I've been doing this ever since. " Power in the paint "And don't break the law. Movie Worksheets - Film Study Worksheets. TWM offers the following "movie worksheets": The basic idea is to get students to analyze something which will interest them and to express their conclusions in writing.

This will make schoolwork, in class and at home, more palatable. It will lead students to give their best effort. These worksheets are generic; useful for almost any movie or TV program of the type indicated. The worksheets are suitable for most subjects taught in k-12. To use the worksheets, first review them to make sure that they are appropriate for the class and the movie. TWM worksheets are ideal for homework. See also TWM's Movies as Literature Homework Project and Historical Fiction in Film Homework Project. THE ADVANTAGES OF USING GENERIC FILM STUDY WORKSHEETS Many movie worksheets contain questions about specific scenes or details to test whether students have been paying attention. This section was last updated on October 16, 2015. Some Snippet LPs simply identify film clips and Internet resources.

The 30 Best Digital Storytelling Resources for Imaginative Writing Projects. Free Photos for Education | Pics4Learning. The Meaning of Colors. Disciplines > Communication > The Meaning of Colors Meanings of color | Use in retail and business | Gender effects | Cultural effects | So what? Meanings of color Here is a table of colors and many of the meanings they tend to evoke, particularly in Western cultures.

Notice how colors can mean very different things - it is not that the colors themselves have meaning, it is that we have culturally assigned meanings to them. For example, red means warmth because of the color of fire. Also: Temperature The more towards the red end of spectrum you go, the hotter it gets. Use in retail and business Here are some ways in which colors are used in retail and business: Color can even change what you taste. Gender effects Men and women see colors differently. Red has been associated with romance and an American experiment offering dates with identical pictures of the same woman in different colored dresses found that a red dress was most effective in stimulating male desire. Cultural effects See also. Syllabus bites: Visual literacy - Overview. Visual texts intro[1] Visual texts intro[1] Visual text comprehension. The Fox and the Child | Sights and Sounds. A visual literacy unit for students in years 7 and 8. Visual literacy and picture story books.

A visual literacy unit for students in years 7 and 8. ABC online education. Graphic novels aren't just novelties, but valuable literacy aids - Dr Gregory Crocetti - ABC Splash - While we tend to commemorate WWI anniversaries with statues, statistics and ceremonies, it’s arguably the stories that best engage students.

The Invisible War graphic novel uses story to take students on a journey into the gut of a WWI nurse suffering from dysentery. Telling the stories of history is a growing challenge in Australian schools and homes, with increasing numbers of reluctant readers. Modern children are craving non-traditional modes of learning, but at the same time, we have an imperative to get them reading the printed word. In our increasingly screen-based world, graphic novels offer a middle ground. The part-text, part-visual medium of graphic novels engages a broad spectrum of readers, particularly those who are most comfortable with visual media, such as video games, YouTube and computer graphics.

Graphic novels aren’t just a way to get kids reading, they’re also a fantastic way to deliver difficult concepts and complex issues from a range of disciplines. ABC online education. ABC online education. Transcript MICHAEL CATHCARTNow, when I was growing up, my parents were uneasy about comics. They weren't heavy about it, they were just worried that they might be bad for you - bad for serious reading, I guess. And lots of parents back then were. But I used to love them. A mate of mine had a huge pile of Disney comics, and there were Archie comics, and Superman.

My guilty pleasure is I still read Phantom comics. Why teachers need to turn video captions on - Anne McGrath & Tim Lohman - ABC Splash - ABC online education. Creating Comic Books from Picture Books. Gregory Bryan, Brigham Young University George W. Chilcoat, Brigham Young University Timothy G. Morrison, Brigham Young University Return Abstract Having a sense of "been there, seen that," I can never resist a smile when I read popular Canadian story-teller Robert Munsch's book Thomas ' Snowsuit (1985)

. - lead author Many social studies teachers continually struggle against student apathy. Although there are many possible uses of popular culture within the classroom, this article concentrates on a social studies example, with the Inuit way of life as its focus. Stimulating Interest in Social Studies At all grade levels social studies is the least popular school subject (Chilcoat 1995; Sewall 1988; Tunnell & Jacobs 2000). Trade Books Over Textbooks Unfortunately, many students do not value social studies as being important in their lives (Chilcoat 1995). Indeed, the use of children's literature in general has many and varied benefits.

Panels are usually rectangular. Figure 1. George, J. 12 Ways Designers Know When a Design Looks Good – And How You Can Too. Teachers' Guide - When Kids Get Life | Teacher Center. Some explanations and definitions for film students. It is reproduced here for teachers' convenience. STRUCTURE OF A FILMShot A single 'run' of the camera. This is the basic unit from which a film is constructed.

The length (or duration) of a shot depends upon: its purpose ie. establishing a place; to show action; to show reaction the pace (or tempo) of the sequence in which it occurs. Sequence A group of shots depicting one action, or, which seems to belong with or depend upon each other. (Say 3 to 18 shots). Scene A group of sequences, or, (for short scenes) a group of shots, which: depict an event in the story. and occur in one place. A Guide to Using Graphic Novels With Children and Teens | Scholastic.

Graphic Novels are Everywhere! No longer an underground movement appealing to a small following of enthusiasts, graphic novels have emerged as a growing segment of book publishing, and have become accepted by librarians and educators as mainstream literature for children and young adults — literature that powerfully motivates kids to read. Are graphic novels for you? Should you be taking a more serious look at this format? How might graphic novels fit into your library collection, your curriculum, and your classroom? Want to know more? If so, this guide is for you. What are Graphic Novels? In this context, the word “graphic” does not mean “adult” or “explicit.” This basic way of storytelling has been used in various forms for centuries—early cave drawings, hieroglyphics, and medieval tapestries like the famous Bayeux Tapestry can be thought of as stories told in pictures. Are Graphic Novels Suitable for the Young, and How Do I Evaluate Them? How Do Graphic Novels Promote Literacy?

Motivation. Ubby's Underdogs - Reading Australia. 5 Great Online Tools for Creating Infographics | HuffPost. Visible Thinking. Aspire Generation: Skills for Every Job - Work Studies - Years 9 & 10 - Cool Australia. Jonathan Klein: Photos that changed the world | TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript.

Free HTML5 Online Animation Maker, Banner Maker and Video Maker | Animatron. Underground with Koven: Notorious Adelaide graffiti artist inspired by the 'nanny state' Pixar in a Box. Visible Thinking. Login. Syllabus bites: Visual literacy - Photographs. Syllabus bites: Visual literacy - Visual texts. Syllabus bites: Visual literacy - Overview. Slidestory Home. MAKE BELIEFS COMIX! Online Educational Comic Generator for Kids of All Ages. Comic Master. Digital Storytelling for Teens and Children by Rachel McDonald on Prezi.

Digital Storytelling for Teens and Children by Rachel McDonald on Prezi. 8 Steps to Great Digital Storytelling. ACMI Generator. Strategies for Helping Students Motivate Themselves. Info-what? Developing visual literacy through infographics.