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5 Ideas for Blending Gamification in Your ELA Classroom. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin I have been reading Michael Matera’s EXPLORE Like a Pirate: Gamification and Game-Inspired Course Design to Engage, Enrich, and Elevate Your Learners as well as participating in weekly twitter chats about each chapter of the book with amazing teachers who have gamified their content area classroom and Michael Matera himself.

5 Ideas for Blending Gamification in Your ELA Classroom

These chats allow me to curate ideas and rethink how I am using gamification in my own eighth grade English Language Arts classroom. I have used game based learning in my middle school classroom for a few years now and I have catalogued some of the games that I have created in my classroom and other gamification tools I use to engage and enrich my students’ classroom experiences below. #SketchnoteFever. Hello sketchnoter friends! Please click here to receive regular email updates to this page (Note: Not necessary to sign up again if you already signed up on the pop-up form to this website). Welcome to the page for #SKETCHNOTEFEVER resources. This campaign was designed to bring awareness to sketchnoting and to build people’s visual dictionaries or vocabularies for use in sketchnotes. The Building Blocks of Visual Design. Visual design is about creating and making the general aesthetics of a product consistent.

The Building Blocks of Visual Design

To create the aesthetic style of a website or app, we work with fundamental elements of visual design, arranging them according to principles of design. These elements and principles together form the building blocks of visual design, and a firm understanding of them is crucial in creating a visual design of any product. Here, we’ll introduce you to the elements of visual design: line, shape, negative/white space, volume, value, colour and texture. 3 column shooting script - Hillsdale Video. Time Travel - Google Slides. Classroom Gamification: A Practical Guide - Google Slides.

Extra Credits - How Games Prepare You for Life - Education: 21st Century Skills. Gamifying Argument Writing. Many opportunities to strengthen their ability to support claims with evidence and reasoning, to revise, to speak, and to listen - all while engaging in a game.

Gamifying Argument Writing

Through my desire to add gaming elements to my classroom, I came across an argument writing activity over the summer. The procedure was simple, too. (I thought I noted from where I found the activity but cannot find that now. I will update the post when I do find that again.) After students had spent time finding evidence to support a claim and had crafted their reasoning/explanations to connect the evidence to the claim (We were focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.), students were ready to receive some peer feedback and strengthen their ability to support a claim.

Students were put into groups of three. After the two students on the side each presented a claim supported by one piece of evidence with their reasoning, the middle student evaluated the strength of the others’ work based on a set of criteria. The 10 Kinds of Camera Shots Every Filmmaker Needs to Know. Everyone could use a refresher on these commonly used camera shots, whether you're on the set every day or just starting out in film.

The 10 Kinds of Camera Shots Every Filmmaker Needs to Know

If you're a new filmmaker and you haven't checked out our massive guide of 50+ Camera Angles, Shots, and Movements, you absolutely should. 50+ Camera Angles, Shots, and Movements: A Complete Guide. Have you ever been overwhelmed at the possibility of every camera angle, framing, and shot type available as a filmmaker?

50+ Camera Angles, Shots, and Movements: A Complete Guide

Us too. So we provided a cheat sheet with definitions for you! HyperDocs Presentation - Google Slides. A Farmer's Misplaced Hammer Led to the Largest Roman Treasure in Britain. November 16, 1992 was the day which changed Suffolk-resident Eric Lawes’ life in a huge way.

A Farmer's Misplaced Hammer Led to the Largest Roman Treasure in Britain

What he thought would have been an innocent search for a hammer he had misplaced on his farm in Hoxne Village, Suffolk, England ended up bringing him much more than he had bargained for — namely, uncovering the hiding spot of a long-hidden treasure. Based on the Guardian’s coverage of the story, Eric Lawes had been previously gifted a metal detector upon his retirement as a parting token.

Tech in class

Graphic novels. 10 Brilliant Examples Of Sketch Notes: Notetaking For The 21st Century. Sketch notes–or graphic notes, or whatever other term you like–are one of the single most important developments in note-taking history.

10 Brilliant Examples Of Sketch Notes: Notetaking For The 21st Century

Hold on, give me a second to explain. Exactly why they matter has something to do with the way our brains work, and the explosion of technology, and a little bit of viral success. The point of notes, it seems, is to capture important ideas for future reference. While it’s nothing new to take notes that combine images with words and phrases, sketch notes are actually an evolution of this idea.

As an English teacher, I taught only a handful note taking styles, primarily combination notes, and Cornell notes, concept-map notes, and a kind of mash of the three. Then Ken Robinson’s Changing Educational Paradigms exploded across the internet, and the sound of the little marker squeaking across the whiteboard became synonymous with digital storytelling. 055: Hyperdocs, Authentic Audience, and Screencastify with Kristy Louden - Spark Creativity.

Today on the podcast I'm interviewing Kristy, of Louden Clear in Education, about three of her favorite creative teaching strategies.

055: Hyperdocs, Authentic Audience, and Screencastify with Kristy Louden - Spark Creativity

Together we're diving into hyperdocs, a public speaking project (that you can try out at your school this year, and I hope you do!) Involving the perfect authentic audience, and ways for using Screencastify to save you time and make your hard work more effective. I think you're going to love what Kristy has to share. You can listen below, or on iTunes, Blubrry, or Stitcher. Or read on for the written highlights. 6 Amazing App Smash Examples to Inspire Creativity. We recently challenged members of our ThingLink Education Community to take the ThingLink App Smash Challenge.

6 Amazing App Smash Examples to Inspire Creativity

The challenge was designed to help educators discover new ideas for teaching and learning with an iPad by combining two or more apps together to create, publish and share content. The use of ThingLink as a presentation tool provides educators with powerful possibilities for turning an image into a multimedia rich learning tool. Many members of the ThingLink EDU community submitted ThingLink powered App Smashes to our App Smash Channel and several ThingLink Expert Educators shared their expertise through one of three webinars we offered. In case you missed it, here are resources from our culminating App Smash webinar.

Copy of Rhetorical Remix (Hyperdoc) English Language Arts Digital Resources. Say NO To Stick Figures In Student Projects - David Rickert. Search Tes Resources. Kevin Feramisco (@theteachingjedi) What’s Going On in This Picture? Apps for digital storytelling. 30 Sites and Apps for Digital Storytelling - Tech Learning. Digital storytelling is a great way for teachers to encourage the creative use of technology in learning.

30 Sites and Apps for Digital Storytelling - Tech Learning

The process can be used with almost any subject, and with the abundance of apps and tools available, there’s one that’s right for every classroom. 30hands Learning - A user-friendly iOS app with video tutorials to help users create a video story by adding narration to images. Animaker Class - A drag-and-drop tool for students that also offers features such as group management, an in-app messenger, and task tracking.

Book Creator - A mobile (iOS/Chrome) app for putting together stunning eBooks and digital stories with text, audio, images, and video. Digital Storytelling Apps & Sites on Pinterest. On Teaching a Genre You Know Nothing About (or: an Infographic Study!) – moving writers. Sometimes, no matter how good our routine, we need to shake it up. This is true in exercise; our muscles and our minds need to be surprised occasionally with a new move in order to achieve maximum results. It’s also true in writing. And it’s true in teaching. Sometimes the very thing we need to wake up and recharge our teacher brain is to try something new, experimental, and a little bit unknown.

When my seniors recently finished studying the poetry of Wilfred Owen, none of us could face another essay, no matter how authentic or rooted in the real world of writing. So, rather than writing a big paper, I assigned a genre I had never taught and knew little about — infographics! There are so many good reasons to try infographics — they are beautiful, accessible, offer great opportunities for collaborative work, access different parts of our students’ brains.

But this was pretty terrifying to me. Even with Allison’s help and advice, I was still nervous. Yep. Cam Emma Mike & Claire Like this: Digital Philosophy – Melissa Jacquart. • Digital Research • Content Visualization • • Enhanced Class Resources • Collaborative Work • • Social Media • Mobile Devices • Blogs • The Digital Humanities is a quickly growing area of research in the academy.

The Digital Humanities. Building Book Love : Podcasts Pairings for the Secondary ELA Classroom: Podcasts to use in English Class. Podcasting is the fastest growing form of media which means that using podcasts in the classroom is growing more important as well! Even though I'm an avid podcast fan, I can tell you that zero percent of my students had ever listened to a podcast before we did our Serial unit in my English IV class.

This is a shame because did you know that a podcast listener is more likely to hold a bachelor’s or graduate degree and makes around 10,000 more per year than the average American salary? If you are in the camp that believes that listening to audiobooks is “actual” reading, then you are probably also a believer that listening to podcasts is reading too! You know that thrill you get when you introduce a student to a new book that they love? Well, having the opportunity to introduce students to a completely new form of media that they LOVE and can listen to for FREE intensifies that feeling ten-fold. A Lightweight Screen Recorder for Chrome.

The Daring English Teacher.