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Historic 'Magnitsky' sanctions bill that could 'ruin' hackers, rights abusers likely to pass in Australia. Cyber hackers, human rights abusers and corrupt officials will be banned from visiting Australia or investing their ill-gotten gains here, under historic legislation set to sail through the lower house of federal parliament today.

Historic 'Magnitsky' sanctions bill that could 'ruin' hackers, rights abusers likely to pass in Australia

Key points: The laws will allow the government to sanction individuals in foreign countries who commit human rights abusesIt is partly based on the United States' Magnitsky Act, with similar laws in place in the UK, Canada and European UnionCampaigner Bill Browder said the individual sanctions can effectively deter cyber crime The proposed laws, which passed the Senate with unanimous support late on Wednesday will allow the Australian government to sanction individuals and entities responsible for "egregious conduct", like threatening international peace and serious human rights violations. The legislation is partly based on the United States' Magnitsky Act, and similar laws are already in place in the UK, Canada and the European Union.

Sweden's first female Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson returns to job just days after resigning. After a bumpy start, Sweden once again has its first female Prime Minister, with Magdalena Andersson re-elected as the Nordic nation's head of government.

Sweden's first female Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson returns to job just days after resigning

Key points: Ms Andersson will now form a one-party minority government after her coalition fell apart last weekShe will have to govern on a budget partially formulated by three opposition partiesSweden has never had a woman leader despite being among the most progressive nations on gender relations Ms Andersson had resigned just seven hours after first being elected prime minister last week.

But in a 101-173 vote with 75 abstentions, the 349-seat Riksdag again elected Ms Andersson, leader of the Social Democrats, to the role of PM. Under the Swedish Constitution, prime ministers can be named and govern as long as a parliamentary majority — a minimum of 175 lawmakers — is not against them. She will this time form a one-party, minority government and is expected to name her Cabinet on Tuesday.

A fraught budget. Meet the young, diverse Australians hoping to change the face of NSW local government this election. Jananie Janarthana says Australia needs to have a conversation about who gets elected to political office.

Meet the young, diverse Australians hoping to change the face of NSW local government this election

Key points: The NSW local elections will be held on December 4Young Australians are the most under-represented in local governmentCandidates the ABC spoke to were concerned about climate action, sustainability, affordable housing and civic engagement That's one of the reasons the 27-year-old is running in the New South Wales local elections next weekend for a seat in the City of Ryde. "This area means so much to me and I've been such a beneficiary of it, and I want to pay that forward for future generations," Ms Janarthana said. VicForests accused of 'spying' on protesters and environmentalists.

Sarah Rees had no idea she was being followed.

VicForests accused of 'spying' on protesters and environmentalists

Key points: VicForests hired a private investigator to spy on environmental protesters, court documents showThe PI also alleges he was told to follow and find "dirt" on one particular campaignerLegal experts say the allegations of "spying on citizens" are worrying. China angered after Taiwan opens diplomatic office in Lithuania.

China says Lithuania "shall be responsible" for the consequences that come after the opening of a de facto Taiwan embassy in the European nation.

China angered after Taiwan opens diplomatic office in Lithuania

China says the Taiwanese office in Lithuania threatens Chinese sovereigntyThe new office was opened on Thursday in the Lithuanian capital, VilniusTaiwan has offices in countries around the world, but uses the name Taipei The Taiwan Representative Office was opened on Thursday in the capital Vilnius despite the strong condemnation from China, who claims the island of 24 million as part of its territory. In August, China re-called its ambassador to Lithuania and expelled Lithuanian diplomats from Beijing over the Baltic state's decision to open the office with the self-governing island. The West is staring down Chinese power — but do we know what's worth fighting for? On ABC Radio this week I was reminded of another time, another Australia.

The West is staring down Chinese power — but do we know what's worth fighting for?

We were discussing Australia's place in the world after former prime minister Paul Keating's National Press Club appearance criticising our handling of the rise of China. Many of the callers were lamenting Australia's recent record on climate change, refugees and racism. We were on the wrong track. We were alienating other nations like France. One man said he had returned to Australia after living abroad to find we had, in his opinion, gone backwards. Then a lady called in to remind us it was Remembrance Day and asked why, amid the criticism of Australia, no one had thanked those who had paid the ultimate price and given the greatest sacrifice for us to enjoy the freedom of living in a liberal democracy and building the country we have become.

Hong Kong activists go on trial over banned Tiananmen Square vigil. A trial has begun for Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai and seven other pro-democracy activists charged over their roles in an unauthorised vigil marking the Tiananmen Square massacre last year.

Hong Kong activists go on trial over banned Tiananmen Square vigil

Key points: Hong Kong police banned annual vigils for the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre Critics say the ban is part of a crackdown on opposition in the semi-autonomous Chinese territoryEight people are face charges that include organising, participating and inciting others to take part in a vigil Mr Lai and the seven others — including Lee Cheuk-yan, the former chairman of the now-defunct Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China — face charges that include organising, participating and inciting others to take part in the unauthorised candlelight vigil commemorating the bloody 1989 crackdown on protesters in Beijing's Tiananmen Square.

Anti-abortion law Senate Bill 8 is so complicated, the US Supreme Court must first decide if anyone is even allowed to challenge it. It's been two months since abortion became effectively illegal in Texas.

Anti-abortion law Senate Bill 8 is so complicated, the US Supreme Court must first decide if anyone is even allowed to challenge it

On September 1, the Lone Star state enforced Senate Bill 8, known as "SB8", which deputises private citizens as bounty hunters to police anyone who helps someone get an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. The bill makes no exceptions for pregnancies that are the result of rape or incest. Morrison's climate 'plan' reveals a spectacular new model of political leadership in Australia. This is the age of disruptors.

Morrison's climate 'plan' reveals a spectacular new model of political leadership in Australia

And the man who today hops off a plane to take Australia's climate strategy to the world has changed the model of political leadership as we know it. All this time, we've been thinking the idea was to outline your vision, then campaign, then get elected. But the Morrison doctrine on climate reveals a new path: Outline what you oppose, then get elected, then shimmy backwards under sniper fire from your own side — all the while denying you're shifting at all — then calmly declare victory, claiming credit for a bunch of stuff you opposed all along.

Liberal Senator Eric Abetz calls for full diplomatic relations with Taiwan and an end to Australia's 'One China' policy. The chair of the Senate's foreign affairs committee believes Australia would be "duty bound" to help defend Taiwan in a war with China and is pushing for "full diplomatic relations" with the democratic island amid growing military tensions.

Liberal Senator Eric Abetz calls for full diplomatic relations with Taiwan and an end to Australia's 'One China' policy

A Liberal senator has called for the end of Australia's 'One China' policyHe says Australia has a duty to protect other like-minded democraciesTaiwan has called on Australia and other nations to defend it if China attacks In an escalation of his recent criticisms of Beijing, Liberal Senator Eric Abetz argued Australia should overturn its long-standing and bipartisan "One China" policy, even if it angers this country's largest trading partner.

"I would like to see full diplomatic relations between Australia and Taiwan," Senator Abetz has told the ABC. Concerns proposed voter ID laws will hurt remote and Indigenous voters in the Northern Territory. A federal government push to require voters to prove their identity before casting their ballot at national elections has been slammed over fears it could disadvantage Indigenous Territorians. Key points: Proposed laws before federal parliament will require voters to verify their identity and address at polling boothsA regional council in West Arnhem has described the reforms as "racist" and likely to marginalise Aboriginal Australians in remote communitiesIt is possible the reforms could be introduced before the next federal election Debate over the reforms has raged this week in federal parliament, with Liberal Senator James McGrath arguing the step was necessary to safeguard elections.

The federal opposition is totally opposed to the laws. Fears voter ID laws before Parliament will disenfranchise most vulnerable. It is an element of Australian elections that takes some people by surprise. Many reach for their wallet or purse as they approach the polling booth, assuming they will have to prove who they are as they head in to vote. But in federal elections at least, it isn't necessary. You don't need to produce ID to vote.

It is a longstanding rule in Australia, but it may soon change. And it is already prompting a heated debate — with accusations of disenfranchisement, voter suppression, discrimination and racism. Marise Payne labels alleged censorship at OzAsia Festival 'unacceptable' after canning of Hong Kong group's performance. The future of government funding for Adelaide's OzAsia Festival is under threat, after claims that Hong Kong's strict national security laws have extended to Australia's biggest Asian festival. Key points: The Hong Kong Cultural Association of SA was booked to host a workshop at the OzAsia FestivalThe workshop was to be decorated with yellow umbrellas, which were banned by festival organisersThe workshop was later scrapped altogether, with Senator Marise Payne calling out the ban Department of Foreign Affairs First Assistant Secretary for the East Asia Division Elly Lawson told Senate Estimates this afternoon that it was aware of reports that the festival had censored a show.

Amnesty International closes Hong Kong offices due to China's national security law. Amnesty International says it will close its two offices in Hong Kong this year, becoming the latest non-governmental organisation to cease its operations amid a crackdown on political dissent in the city. Key points: Amnesty says the national security law makes it "effectively impossible" for rights groups to operate in Hong KongGroups disbanded under the law include NGOs and several leading trade unionsHong Kong authorities say allegedly smuggled Australian lobsters pose a national security threat to China The human rights group said its local office in Hong Kong would close this month while its regional office will close by the end of the year, with regional operations moved to other offices in the Asia Pacific region.

"The environment of repression and perpetual uncertainty created by the national security law makes it impossible to know what activities might lead to criminal sanctions. " Australia's borders may be opening but it feels like Hermit Kingdom conditions still reign in Canberra. Australia was dubbed the "new Hermit Kingdom" earlier this year by Washington-based Australian journalist Amelia Lester in Foreign Policy magazine, and it's a term that's been used a fair bit ever since as Australia's international borders have remained firmly closed as the rest of the world opened up. We had the official photo opportunity early on Friday morning to celebrate the opening of the borders: the Prime Minister and NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet beaming in an airport hangar in front of a Boeing 787 as Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce announced the opening of international flights from November 1.

Thousands of stranded Australians will hopefully be able to come home, and others leave, ahead of a broader opening return of international students, skilled migrants and other travellers. It was an event to cap a generally celebratory day as Melbourne came out of lockdown and there were more and more announcements that domestic travel restrictions would be ending. Simon Holmes à Court takes government and Tim Wilson to task on net zero, Paris Agreement and climate change plans on Q+A. As Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Liberals wait on the other partner in the Coalition to approve their plan to hit net zero targets by 2050, the usefulness of that target has been questioned on Q+A. Regional Liberals make case for Nationals to back net zero emissions target. Regional Liberals are making the case for the Nationals to back a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, with some expressing frustration the junior Coalition partner is presenting itself as the sole voice of country communities.

Some Nationals remain vehemently opposed to the policy, arguing it will harm regional areasMany Liberals and Nationals believe it is inevitable Australia will adopt the target Liberals are downplaying suggestions only the National Party represents regional Australians. New Greens senator Dorinda Cox becomes fifth Indigenous woman in parliament — and she wants to be a 'beacon' for others.

Disillusioned and burnt out at just 25, Dorinda Cox faxed off her resignation letter to the Kalgoorlie police station, giving up on a career she'd poured herself into. After eight years in the force, she walked out on a job that held so much promise but ultimately exposed her to what she called "the worst of the worst" of human behaviour. As a 17-year-old, at the suggestion of her dad, she signed on as a police cadet, becoming one of few Aboriginal women serving in the Western Australia Police Force.

Scott Morrison scrambles to assert control as Dominic Perrottet opens the international border. The federal opposition likes to deride Scott Morrison as the Prime Minister for New South Wales. But with a new leader in that state it's increasingly clear that it's not the opposition causing him headaches but a man fast earning a reputation as the Premier of Australia, Dominic Perrottet. Thousands of students join School Strike 4 Climate to demand stronger climate change action. Judge dismisses challenges to NSW COVID-19 vaccination orders for workers. A judge has dismissed two legal challenges to health orders requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for workers in NSW.

Key points: Unvaccinated workers initiated the court action, saying their employment had been impactedJustice Robert Beech-Jones ruled the arguments had failed on all groundsMore than 40,000 viewers watched the decision on the court's YouTube channel. Jackpot: How the gambling industry cashed in on political donations. The $550-a-head dinner came with a glittering view of Sydney's Iron Cove Bay. Jackpot: How the gambling industry cashed in on political donations. SA government rocked as Liberal defector Dan Cregan seizes speakership in late-night parliament sitting.

Deputy Speaker warns PM not to blindside Nationals as climate talks heat up. Request to allow for voluntary assisted dying laws in ACT and NT denied by Attorney-General Michaelia Cash. Tony Abbott's Taiwan visit attracts criticism from inside Morrison government. The Morrison government is facing a battle over an integrity commission it doesn't really want. Ebony says she was 'on the fence' about vaccination, but Victoria's mandate swayed her.

John Barilaro resigns as NSW Deputy Premier, triggers by-election in seat of Monaro. Barnaby Joyce criticises idea of federal ICAC amid calls for corruption body. Julian Assange supporters write to Scott Morrison over reported CIA plot to kidnap or kill WikiLeaks founder. Tiwi Land Council announces independent governance review to address community 'concerns' Calls for inquiry into Victoria's far right, with fears fringe groups 'are getting stronger' SA Independent Commissioner Against Corruption may consider resigning if legislation amending role passes. Raise Your Voice campaign sees politicians statements replaced by youth speeches next month. Tumut paramedic lodges Supreme Court challenge to COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The gate that helped launch the Lock the Gate movement can now be found on a Tasmanian farm. NT judge dismisses appeal against anti-fracking protesters who dug holes in lawn outside parliament. Arguing better could help you to become happier and more fulfilled in your relationships.

Have climate change warriors fuelled rise of Australia's COVID-19 anti-vaxxers? Senate demand for JobKeeper data escalates to threat of fines or jail for ATO boss. China's 'surveillance creep': How big data COVID monitoring could be used to control people post-pandemic. Former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell is being sued for billions over election fraud claims. She sat down with Four Corners. Four Corners has faced the wrath of both sides of politics. 60 years on, it's needed more than ever. Journalist fleshes out White House state dinner scoop involving Scott Morrison and Brian Houston.

The COVID-19 'vaccine passport' is coming. Here's how it could work and how it's legal. Coral Bell: The 'accidental academic' who wanted to stop armageddon. Human rights issue or 'green lawfare'? Citizens take to the courts to fight climate change   Ms Represented: Australia's 'first' women in Parliament talk about inequality, sexism and all they've achieved. How Mary Ann Campigli, the 'Miss Stayput' of Melbourne, defied her local council to the end. How China's patriotic education became one of the 'longest successful propaganda campaigns' Dag Hammarskjöld: the defiant pioneer of global diplomacy who died in a mystery plane crash.

Human Rights Watch reveals harassment, surveillance of Chinese students studying in Australia. In a week of meltdowns, Barnaby Joyce and COVID chaos, Morrison's absence was unfortunate. Hong Kong's Apple Daily newspaper to close as first person stands trial under security law. Vanuatu political crisis sees Prime Minister Bob Loughman lose his parliamentary seat. Most Australians expect politicians to lie, but we also think they should resign if they do, Australia Talks survey reveals. Palmerston City Council's award-winning formula puts citizens at heart of decision making. Tiananmen Square protesters remember the bonds they formed with the Chinese police who held them captive. Outnumbered and outlived, women have to make do with a shorter stay in parliament's boy's club.

Hong Kong passes new electoral laws that will increase pro-China candidates. Samoa faces political crisis as majority party blocked from Parliament, caretaker PM accused of holding onto power. WA's first ever female speaker is sworn into office after Labor landslide election. The Handmaid's Tale returns tonight — here's how to watch, and what to know before season 4 starts. Myanmar's exiled resistance leader on his daring, three-day journey to escape the junta. WA magistrate convicts 18yo 'sovereign citizen' after she refuses to tell court her name. Aboriginal deaths in custody reflect the poor health of Australia's democracy. Students call on Australia to let them stay as military guns down protesters in Myanmar. A majority of Australians would welcome a universal basic income, survey finds. If Australia was more democratic, would its economic policies be better?

Samoa set for political showdown as Pacific nation heads to the polls. China's Hong Kong crackdown was decades in the making. Fixing climate change, poverty and ocean plastic requires a 'Moonshot' approach, economist Mariana Mazzucato says. Former New Guard insider reveals neo-Nazi group's recruitment tactics. South Australian government admits redirecting web users through Liberal Party domain. Sex, power and anger: A history of feminist protests in Australia. This party invented a type of politics — and deserves greater recognition for it, expert says. The US and China are preparing for war — and Australia is caught in the crosshairs. Australia's first political assassination is just as mysterious today as it was a century ago. Prime Minister Scott Morrison under fire on Q+A for comments relating to women's march and democracy. Indigenous leader Noel Pearson continues push for constitutional recognition and Voice to Parliament. Women's March 4 Justice: Thousands march at rallies around Australia to protest against gendered violence.

Australia, US, India and Japan vow to restore Myanmar democracy as at least 12 killed in protests. Liberal Party donor Huifeng 'Haha' Liu 'engaged in acts of foreign interference': ASIO. Christian Porter's internal investigation into Dyson Heydon reveals more complaints. Hong Kong's political crackdown is forcing democracy activists to make a difficult choice. Myanmar protesters take to streets, vowing continued demonstrations against military takeover. The Government was geared up for a party room fight over climate this week. There wasn't a peep. Will deplatforming make QAnon and the far-right fade away or radicalise further? Donald Trump was a 'demagogue president' and 'sociopath', says former FBI director James Comey. The White Tiger: Netflix adaptation of Aravind Adiga's satirical novel is slick, punchy 21st-century rags-to-riches tale.

Thais in Australia reflect on the 2020 pro-democracy protests that took on the king. Hong Kong civil servants given four weeks to pledge loyalty to the Chinese Government. Cambodian opposition figure Mu Sochua plans return for mass trial despite hurdles. Australian Van Kham Chau subject to 'hard labour' in Vietnamese prison, former inmate says. Ugandan opposition candidate Bobi Wine says soldiers raided his home ahead of election day race with Yoweri Museveni. Record numbers of women are having babies in the Federal Parliament and now coronavirus might help them. Australia joins US, UK and Canada in criticising Hong Kong arrest of pro-democracy activists.