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Expert advice on how to master the virtual job interview over Zoom and Skype while in isolation - ABC News. Farmers in Northern Territory left out of latest skilled migrant worker scheme despite high hopes. Posted earlier today at 9:36amWed 2 Jan 2019, 9:36am Northern Territory melon farmer David Cormack will hold out for one final growing season before he locks the farm gate for the final time and gives up on his life's work.

Farmers in Northern Territory left out of latest skilled migrant worker scheme despite high hopes

He said it was due to an inability to attract and retain staff in the Top End. Every year, Mr Cormack's situation has worsened, he said, as he found himself hiring "from the bottom of the barrel": workers who were unskilled, inexperienced, or suspected drug addicts. He laid the blame at the feet of Australia's visa system. "Our situation is just so appalling, that you just get someone taught and they're gone," Mr Cormack said.

"It's got to the point now that we are reducing our production for this year, and if it gets any worse we will cease to function as a melon farm. " The program, and agreement between the NT and Federal governments, came into effect on January 1, and means that now an additional 36 occupations are available to overseas nationals in the jurisdiction. Bias in reference checks means it's time we looked for an alternative. Opinion Updated As much as we'd like to think we've refined the hiring process over the years to carefully select the best candidate for the job, bias still creeps in.

Bias in reference checks means it's time we looked for an alternative

Candidates who come from privileged backgrounds are more able to source impressive, well-connected referrers and this perpetuates the cycle of privilege. While the referrer's reputation and personal clout make up one aspect of the recommendation, what they actually say — the content — completes the picture. Research shows gender bias even invades in the content of recommendations. Since it's unlikely that of the 1,200 recommendation letters analysed, female candidates were less excellent than the male candidates, it means something else is going on. A result like this may be explained by the gender role conforming adjectives that are used to describe female versus male applicants. Recommendations aren't good predictors of performance. Writing a CV: How much can you lie about yourself when applying for a job?

Posted Have you ever stretched the truth on a job application?

Writing a CV: How much can you lie about yourself when applying for a job?

Resume robot wars: How employees could match employers' use of tech in job applications. Opinion By Joshua Krook, University of Adelaide Posted An estimated 90 per cent of large companies are using automated software to read and respond to resumes.

Resume robot wars: How employees could match employers' use of tech in job applications

From tracking software that reads a resume looking for keywords, to automated emails, phone interviews and skills testing — companies are doing less manual processing than ever before. If companies are using automated software in hiring, then job applicants should be able to use the same technology. In an increasingly competitive job market, with some advertisements attracting hundreds of thousands of applications, there is less chance that the time spent on putting together an application will be rewarded. As the number of applicants increases, the success of any one applicant decreases. In other words, job applications have become a numbers game. In the hands of applicants, automated software would drastically cut down the time taken to apply for the requisite number of jobs to secure a position. What a job application robot looks like. Why your resume is like a burger. Myfuture. Myfuture. Myfuture.

Myfuture. 3 Tips For A Persuasive Executive Cover Letter. As an executive, a cover letter is a crucial part of your job search package.

3 Tips For A Persuasive Executive Cover Letter

It is going to be read by high-level people within the company, and you need it to be effective enough to get your resume moved to the interview pile. Related: 7 Examples Of Fresh New Ways To Start Your Cover Letter Creating a cover letter isn’t just about summarizing your resume and introducing yourself to the person reading, and here we will look at what goes into a successful executive cover letter. Powerful Introduction Start your introduction paragraph out strong. Instead of… I have 15 years of experience in sales management and have started many projects both within my company and with partners. Say something like… Resume Do's & Don'ts. The Ultimate Checklist of Resume Tips. Via Hubspot I can’t think of many tasks people dread more than writing a resume.

The Ultimate Checklist of Resume Tips

There are so many little things you need to add, rephrase, check, double-check, triple-check … and somehow, your resume still goes out with your name as Corey Ridon from HubStop. It’s anxiety-inducing, is what it is. So, I did what I do when I’m anxious. I made a list about all the little stuff you need to do when you’re writing and editing a resume. Check it out — and best of luck with your job search.

(P.S. I’ve divided all the must-do tasks into four sections, and did my best to order them chronologically. Is Your Resume Professional? Is your email address professional? Is your email address from a professional and current domain, like Gmail? Does your resume’s storyline align with your LinkedIn profile? Have you included links to social profiles and a personal website, if relevant? CV Samples - MyResume. JOB info 4 school leavers. APPLE CARROTS. Preparing job applications - myfuture.

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Preparing job applications - myfuture

Busletpartsold. Writing a resume. Resumes. You Need a Better Resume. Getting Started: Welcome to VisualCV! VisualCV is the first website that allows you to create an Internet-based, media-rich resume, build and manage an online career portfolio, and securely share professional qualifications with your customers, partners, employers and colleagues. Cover letters. What is a cover letter?

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