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Electronic portfolio

Electronic portfolio
An electronic portfolio (also known as an eportfolio, e-portfolio, digital portfolio, or online portfolio[1]) is a collection of electronic evidence assembled and managed by a user, usually on the Web. Such electronic evidence may include inputted text, electronic files, images, multimedia, blog entries, and hyperlinks. E-portfolios are both demonstrations of the user's abilities and platforms for self-expression, and, if they are online, they can be maintained dynamically over time. Some e-portfolio applications permit varying degrees of audience access, so the same portfolio might be used for multiple purposes. E-portfolios also help to foster an independent and autonomous way of thinking, according to Strivens. An e-portfolio can be seen as a type of learning record that provides actual evidence of achievement. Students have been taught to create digital identities using presentation software or tools to create web pages. Types[edit] Usage[edit] Services[edit] See also[edit] Related:  ONLINE CV

6 wickedly creative job applications in the digital age - TNW Social Media As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, there are ever more random lengths people will go to in order to secure a job or even get noticed by potential employers. A standard CV won’t really cut it these days, particularly if you want to get into the digital or media industry, where you have to prove your ability even in the way you apply for a job. We’ve put together some of the best job applications around, that provide interesting case studies on how people are reaching out to potential employers. Some of them are slightly more unusual (and dangerous) than others, but nonetheless inspiring and show the huge amount of untapped talent out there. There there may be some methods for acquiring jobs that we don’t recommend you follow – with Facebook’s recent hire of the Sony & Apple hacker being one of them (Please don’t do that to get a job), so check out some of the more ethical routes to acquire a job below: 1. This has to be one of the coolest CVs ever. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

MAPS - Managed Assessment Portfolio / ePortfolio | Delivering solutions that evidence skills and capabilities : Votre portfolio électronique The Paperless Classroom New York, NY — Many tasks that used to require pen and paper are done in digital form these days. To-do lists are entered in mobile phones, e-tickets replace paper slips, personal finances are sorted on laptops and tablets. One New York City teacher is on a quest to rid her classroom of paper – thousands of pieces per year – and she’s doing it with new devices and the adoption of an education-based, social media platform. Rachel Fein, a ninth-grade social studies teacher at the High School for Arts, Imagination and Inquiry in Manhattan, convinced officials there to purchase nearly three dozen devices that enable students to get and complete assignments without touching a pencil or paper. She says it wasn’t easy and took some convincing, but this week her students unboxed 34 Google Chromebooks. A combination of the Chromebooks and Edmodo, a social learning network for teachers and students, will replace older technology and thousands of printed pages per month, Fein said.

25 Awe-Inspiring CV Designs Advertisement An creative CV does not promise your dream job, but it certainly assures attention to your profile. HR professionals scan through hundred of CVs everyday and Creative CVs break the monotony of the old same A4 size paper Resumes. Creative Resume is itself a proof of the qualitative work this person is capable of doing. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Super Creative Typography Designs , Attractively Designed Infographics , Wedding Invitation Designs , 3D Typography Designs , and Things You Really Shouldn’t Put on CV . My Resume – and a Sample of an Infographic Resume More Information on My Resume – and a Sample of an Infographic Resume Resume/Promotional Materials More Information on Resume/Promotional Materials Typographic Resume More Information on Typographic Resume Visual Resume More Information on Visual Resume Resume 2011 More Information on Resume 2011 Adam Balazy CV More Information on Adam Balazy CV Resume Full Designer Resume

Educator Connection: Flipped Classroom Resources from the Teach 100 (by Jackie Gerstein) “I don’t do teaching for a living. I live teaching as my doing . . . and technology has increased my passion for doing so.” Dr. Jackie Gerstein believes that an important role and responsibility of the 21st century educator is to share resources, ideas, and instructional strategies with others. She tweets @jackiegerstein and blogs at User Generated Education (Teach 100 blog, #29) The Flipped Classroom has jumped onto the education radar in recent years as a way to potentially alter pedagogical and instructional practices by utilizing emerging technologies. The time spent on lecturing and lessons is literally “flipped” with the time spent on homework and projects. A lot of discussions have occurred, presentations have been made, and blog posts have been written about the flipped classroom: how to implement it; its potential to change educational outcomes and/or why it may not; it’s “fad” status; how it favors students of privilege; and so on.

6 Ways Students Can Collaborate With iPads The following post is written by Greg Kulowiec of EdTechTeacher . Join EdTechTeacher at the iPad Summit in Atlanta on April 10-12. The app store is loaded with options that allow students to create content on their iPads. From comic strip creators to mind maps, video editing and publishing, screencasting & digital books, the options for individual student creation are expanding. However, collaboration between students is often a critical component of any classroom activity or project and increasingly there are options available that allow for collaborative efforts across iPads. Below are six ways to support collaboration between student iPads that cover the spectrum of creation options that range from text to digital storytelling to video creation. Explain Everything ($2.99) A flexible and powerful screen casting option, students and teachers can collaborate on screencasts by exporting Explain Everything project files from an iPad. Google Drive (Free) BookCreator ($4.99) Subtext (free) Diigo

Zerply Pourquoi utiliser les médias sociaux au CÉGEP Hier, j'ai fait une présentation et discuté avec des aides pédagogiques individuels de différents Cégeps dans le cadre du Colloque Annuel de l'APAPI (Association Professionnelle des Aides Pédagogique Individuels - Le but de la présentation était d'expliquer à des personnes pas encore convaincues pour quelles raisons on devrait utiliser les réseaux sociaux dans les Cégeps. J'ai commencé ma présentation par définir le contexte... Référence et lien pour ce rapport: Thivierge (2011). En gros, j'ai présenté 3 raisons principales pour lesquelles je crois que l'on devrait intégrer les réseaux sociaux au niveau des Cégeps. Raison 1: Parce que les jeunes sont déjà sur les réseaux sociaux. Raison 2: Parce qu'il y a plusieurs choses à apprendre qui sont importantes et que les jeunes peuvent apprendre en utilisant les réseaux sociaux. Voici finalement le document utilisé comme soutien visuel.

12 Characteristics Of An iPad-friendly Classroom Implementing iPads isn’t exactly a just-add-water proposition. While they’re wondrous little devices capable of enchanting learners for hours, to get the learning results you’re likely after will take planning, design, and reflection. It can help to start out by asking yourself some important questions, such as “What can the iPad do that is not possible without it? But the learning environment you’re starting with can make a big difference as well. Below are 4 distinct areas of instruction and instructional design that can help frame the concept of iPad integration. There is more to the conversation, but rather than overwhelm you (not that you couldn’t handle it), it seemed better to simply start your thinker.