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Heaven Letters

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Our Shifting Perspective. True healing is not simply a matter of becoming symptom free by any means necessary.

Our Shifting Perspective

That would support beliefs in superstition by suggesting there is no higher purpose for the conditions you are facing. When caught in a healing crisis, your body is put into a cocoon-like stage of incubation, where much rest, nourishment, and often the assistance of supplements or even medicine allows the body, mind, heart, and soul to align, get on the same page, and inspire the integration of your highest vibration in physical form. In order for this to occur, one must willingly transition from an outdated level of consciousness and move into higher aspects as a landmark rite of passage throughout your never-ending potential.

Most symptoms, whether requiring naturopathic, energetic, or medical attention symbolize the dying off of the old self as the new self emerges. Spiritual healing is not necessarily resolved by modalities, nor is any form of medicine less than the path of your highest potential. To Every Dream, There Is a Purpose. Heavenletter #5751 Published on: August 23, 2016 God said: Believe in your dreams.

To Every Dream, There Is a Purpose

Believing in your dreams helps to bring your dreams into existence. Generally speaking, you don't just sit there and wait for your dreams to come true. At the same time, first, you build your dreams through your dreaming of them. There may be years before your desire to achieve the dream rises beyond your dreaming of it. Sometimes you might forget your dream, yet it was planted, and the dream starts to rise of its own accord.

It is like you are meant to have that dream, and it is through you that the dream comes to fruition. Service. Heavenletter #5744 Published on: August 16, 2016 God said: Certainly, ego can motivate you toward success.


At the same time, great ego does not make you great. Great results are nice, very nice, very wanted and very welcome, yet results do not sustain you. All the success in the world does not sustain you. Just as the secret of happiness as well as unhappiness lies within, the same secret goes for success, of course, regardless of what you say qualifies you for success. By no means do I say you are to scoff at success. However, sooner or later, success in the world wears out. There is no being the fairest of all as the queen in a fairy tale wanted to hear every day. Oneness Is Beautiful. Ten Understandings God Has. Heavenletter #5731 Published on: August 3, 2016 God said: In every moment, I whisper to you oh so softly.

Ten Understandings God Has

At the same time I suggest to you that you gravitate to the Depths of Silence where you can hear Me for yourself. The Land of Enlightenment. The Main Theme of Your Life. Heavenletter #5694 Published on: June 27, 2016 God said: Wait until you find yourself calm and content without a fear in the world.

The Main Theme of Your Life

I don't mean for you to wait exactly. I mean rather to express: When You Win the Lottery, Life Is Okay. Heavenletter #5690 Published on: June 23, 2016 God said: Acceptance and understanding are not synonymous.

When You Win the Lottery, Life Is Okay

If you seek complete understanding of Life before you accept Life, you are then arguing with Life. It is wiser of you to accept Life as it is. It is better not to dispute Life. A Mighty Child of God. Heavenletter #5670 Published on: June 3, 2016 God said: As you rise, so does the world rise.

A Mighty Child of God

There is a balance between you and the world. You are in the process of making peace with the world. What You Market in the World. The Stars of the Universe. Heavenletter #5658 Published on: May 22, 2016 God said: Everything in the world is as you perceive it or misperceive it.

The Stars of the Universe

There is understanding and misunderstanding and jumping to conclusions. Offenses came into being. Obligation entered the world. Bringing Earth Closer to Heaven. A Great Classic, Written by God. Heavenletter #5646 Published on: May 10, 2016 God said: Beloveds, you are detaching from your attachment to yourself in the way the world may have prophesied you.

A Great Classic, Written by God

You are letting go. You have climbed a high mountain. Now you will slide down on the other side, which is another way to say you are rising higher. There was a portrait of yourself once painted, and now your True Soul is rising up out of the portrait like mist. Your presumed self-portrait was done in bits and pieces, an add-on here, an add-on there, an attempt at being what the world bows down to. God Has No Gated Communities. Heavenletter #5591 Published on: March 16, 2016 God said: Be quick to say Yes to helping others whether you like the people or not.

God Has No Gated Communities

Any other person is you yourself to the core. I Am with You Always. Heavenletter #5583 Published on: March 8, 2016 God said: You know, I never have anything on my mind as you use the expression "something on your mind. " I have responsibility, yet nothing hangs over Me. A Mass Initiation of Love. Heavenletter #5279 Published on: May 9, 2015 God said: Whatever you are going through, no matter how difficult your life may be for you at this time, remind yourself that underlying everything is a field of peace. Seeking and Finding Your Self. Heavenletter #5282 Published on: May 12, 2015 God said: When you feel lonely, which is common when you think about it, you have fallen into a pit of illusion. There is no separation except in your thinking and feeling of lostness. One United Beautifulness. The Blessings of Inner Grace. The Realms of Sunshine. You Are God’s Desire Fulfilled.

I Sing You a Love Song. The Moving Waters of the Sea. What Are You Thinking? A Dance of Atoms.