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Tasmania's Public Trustee found to have 'genuinely misunderstood' its duties for 26 years. The Public Trustee in Tasmania has misunderstood its role for over 20 years and is perceived as lacking empathy by many of those whose lives it affects, a damning review has found.

Tasmania's Public Trustee found to have 'genuinely misunderstood' its duties for 26 years

Key points: About 1,300 Tasmanians are living under the administration of the Public TrusteePoor communication led to a man in hospital having his lease terminated and home cleared without his knowledge"For 26 years the Public Trustee has genuinely misunderstood the duties of an administrator," the review found The review, conducted by former commonwealth director of public prosecutions Damian Bugg AM, was commissioned by Attorney-General Elise Archer in July after a slew of disturbing cases made their way into the media and to the state government. In one case, a woman was prevented from using her own money to buy her family Christmas presents. Canberra-based music school teaching all students — young and old — to play an instrument. At 76 and 78, Canberra grandparents Maria and Chris Adams are proof that you're never too old to stick it to the man.

Canberra-based music school teaching all students — young and old — to play an instrument

The retired accountants have just graduated from the Australian National University's Community Rock School. "We were giggling as we filled out the application," Mrs Adams said. Mr Adams said he would have loved to be in a band as a kid, but neither he nor his wife's parents could ever afford music lessons. Now between the two of them, they play the ukulele, guitar and sing. "We like playing the songs that we remember, because it gives us the memories," Mr Adams said. "It's something we can share with each other, and share with our eight grandkids," Mrs Adams said. Loading The rock school is run by Micha Forman through the ANU School of Music. The program is free and open to anyone aged 18 years and older.

"We'll have really young participants who are just out of high school, right up to people in their 70s and 80s," Ms Forman said. Report uncovers harassment and choking death at NT Regis Tiwi aged care home. A new report has revealed significant breaches of care and quality standards at a Darwin nursing home, including incidents of residents being harassed and inadequate care that resulted in a choking death.

Report uncovers harassment and choking death at NT Regis Tiwi aged care home

Federal government investigation uncovered major breaches at Regis Tiwi aged care facility in AprilThe home was barred from admitting new residents under a Federal government sanctionThe report found staff did not have the "skills and knowledge to manage risks" The report by the federal government's Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) found national aged care provider Regis Aged Care breached eight quality standards at its Regis Tiwi facility in Darwin's northern suburbs, including not meeting the personal and clinical care needs of residents.

Federal government inspectors identified several concerning incidents involving the care of residents at the home. Son's search for answers after mother's death in aged care. Jody Bradley-Meerwald's mother, Doris, entered aged care in October last year, and nine months later, on June 25, 2021, she passed away.

Son's search for answers after mother's death in aged care

Key points: A Perth man finds distressing notes his mother wrote while in aged careThe home concerned is under sanction from the aged care regulatorHe wants answers about what treatment his mother received But when he unpacked her belongings returned from the nursing home, he found a chilling series of notes she had made detailing concerns about her care. "Find out what pills they have been giving me," one note read.

"Terrible pain all over. Government accused of turning its back on elderly victims of collapsed housing scheme. The federal government is being accused of turning its back on elderly victims of a failed housing scheme that has left them with heavy financial losses and has seen one couple evicted.

Government accused of turning its back on elderly victims of collapsed housing scheme

Key points: The federal government has proposed a compensation scheme of last resort that would exclude victims of managed investment schemes Victims of the collapsed Sterling housing scheme say they should also be included in the compensation proposalSenator Louise Pratt is pushing for a Senate inquiry into the collapse of Sterling. Noosa's Dementia Cafe connects families and friends to make a community. Jeannie Adey says having dementia is tough.

Noosa's Dementia Cafe connects families and friends to make a community

"I cried for days and days … I couldn't remember anybody and I couldn't do things and I just cracked up, I just couldn't stand it," the 71-year-old said. Mrs Adey is one of 472,000 Australians living with dementia. Without medical intervention, the rate of dementia is expected to increase to nearly 1.1 million people in less than 40 years, according to figures from Dementia Australia. In Darwin, the Malak Caravan Park's rezoning could see pensioners evicted. For years, the KOA and Malak Caravan Park in Darwin has welcomed tourists along with more than 50 permanent residents who found affordable housing there as the city's rental prices increased.

In Darwin, the Malak Caravan Park's rezoning could see pensioners evicted

The KOA and Malak Caravan Park will be rezoned for housing but further approvals are neededLong-term residents fear they will be unable to afford to live elsewhere in DarwinTerritory Housing is encouraging them to apply for public housing But those residents now fear they could soon become homeless as the park takes another step towards a major redevelopment. The park's new owner lodged a rezoning application earlier this year "to facilitate the development of a new residential estate comprising approximately 158 individual dwelling sites", according to a report from a Planning Commission hearing.

Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Minister Eva Lawler approved the application this month. She said she and Warwick would be unable to afford to stay in Darwin if they were evicted. Battle to give Indigenous retirees earlier access to age pension, as Uncle Dennis takes up legal fight. In his 64 years on this land, Uncle Dennis has seen it all: The moments that have forced the nation to confront its history over the exclusion of his people.

Battle to give Indigenous retirees earlier access to age pension, as Uncle Dennis takes up legal fight

Stolen wages, the Stolen Generations, the national apology, and the referendum in 1967 to ensure he was "counted" — it's all unfolded over his lifetime. In the 1960s, under the control of the Queensland government, he was sent out to work on a dairy farm as a 10-year-old. The country is a different place to the one he knew as a child growing up on the Cherbourg aboriginal settlement, but still so much needs to change, he says.

"My people have suffered a great deal," he says. "We're still suffering. " Longing to escape the tough labour he was forced into as a kid, he would wait until his shift was over so he could get a few hours of play in each afternoon. NT government promises new dementia unit for Darwin to ease pressures on hospital. Kim Farrar's grief over her mum's death earlier this year is complicated by lingering anger about how the aged care system let her down.

NT government promises new dementia unit for Darwin to ease pressures on hospital

Key points: Almost 60 seniors are housed in NT hospitals because of a lack of aged care facilitiesNT Health Minister Natasha Fyles says the government will deliver a new dementia unit in Darwin within two yearsThe NT government has new federal funding for 60 aged care beds. More Australians are retiring with a big mortgage. Should they use superannuation to pay it off? Not so long ago the retiree stereotype looked something like this: cashed up empty nesters offload their paid-off family home in the city and take off up the coast for a couple of decades of carefree, debt free, living with fishing, tennis and a bit of travel, too.

More Australians are retiring with a big mortgage. Should they use superannuation to pay it off?

This relaxed scenario was possible because when it came time to give up work, most Australians owned their home outright. Without rent or mortgages to pay, "an age pension and a little bit in super was enough to get by," says Rachel Ong ViforJ, Professor of Economics at Curtin University and a specialist in mortgage stress and housing assets among older Australians. While rising house prices are pushing home ownership out of reach for younger generations, paying down a mortgage is a growing problem for those at the other end of the property ladder: retirees are increasingly leaving the workforce with mortgage debt which was far from the norm among middle income Aussies even a decade ago. But is it a good idea? Northern Territory set for rise in retirees, Charles Darwin University expert says.

When former Hawthorn player and civil engineer Norm Watson emerged from the wreckage of Cyclone Tracy on Christmas Day, 1974, he thought he and his family must be the last ones left alive. Their home in the Darwin suburb of Wulagi was a fallen house of cards, collapsed in at the edges, and their pool was nowhere to be seen. The whole street had been demolished but curiously their neighbour's towels still hung on the clothesline, somehow untouched by the cyclone's wrath. Mr Watson, his wife Pam and their three children vowed then and there never to return to Darwin. But four years away dulled the fear they felt that night and in 1979, Mr Watson spied his old job advertised in the Government Gazette – it hadn't been filled since Tracy. Forty-two years on, Mr Watson, 80, and Mrs Watson, 78, still call Darwin home — and they have no intention of leaving. "We did wonder about what we'd do after retirement, and we did consider the east coast, like everyone else," Mr Watson said.

Website tracking understaffing in aged care gets hundreds of reports within two months. When Carol* goes to work in an aged care home secure dementia ward, there's a consistent problem. Key points: A new website tracks reports about staffing issues at aged care facilitiesAdvocates and the union say it gives workers a voice and raises awarenessBut the industry peak body says some claims could be unsubstantiated.

Lyn retired with little super and unable to pay the rent. Her story is not uncommon. Lyn Bailey lived a comfortable life before her divorce, travelling overseas and even putting her four children through private school. She never expected to be staring down the barrel of homelessness. "I was looking forward to my future and my retirement. it was all pretty rosy," the 73-year-old told 7.30. After her divorce was finalised, Lyn thought she would be able to buy herself a unit along the coast of New South Wales with her share of the proceeds from the sale of the family home.

The bank told her it would not lend money to someone in their late 50s. "For the first time in my adult life, I had to find somewhere to live to rent," she said. The sign language project aiming to improve the lives of older Australians. Eat, sleep, medicine, pain, stop. These are some of the key words at the heart of a pilot project at a retirement village in Perth, teaching simple hand signs to elderly Australians to help improve quality of life. Twenty signs strongly influenced by Auslan have been selected, covering the words most important for health, safety and family interactions.

Edith Cowan University Honorary Senior Research Fellow Barnard Clarkson said choosing the initial signs for the project was a challenge. Homeless in a bush camp, told to move on, but with a lack of affordable housing there's nowhere to go. As property and rental prices soar in regional areas along the New South Wales coast, a housing shortage has pushed many into homelessness. In a state forest on the NSW Mid North Coast, a group of people have found a community who look out for each other and their camps, but now they have been told they must move on. Forestry Corporation only allows four-week stays and Shane, who prefers not to reveal his surname for privacy reasons, said he has been camping there in his caravan for 12 months.

"They're supposed to come back at the end of the week. Research on ageing finds meaningful activities are the key to keeping healthy and happy. To be happy as well as healthy in old age, be like Beryl Wyld. An international team studied a group of ageing Australians and their activitiesThe group found maintaining engagement with activities was essentialThe more meaningful the activity, the better it was for emotional wellbeing New research shows the 93-year-old Salvation Army volunteer is following the right approach for emotional as well as physical health, by maintaining engagement with activities she cares about. Peter Leary enjoys a daily cold shower — research suggests it may benefit his long-term health. How much money do you need to retire? The answer depends on one big thing. Yumi Lee is 56 and should be looking forward to retiring in the next decade. But after years out of the workforce and time working overseas, she has less than $10,000 in superannuation.

Downsizing and staying at home: What's in the budget for pensioners and self-funded retirees? Everything old is new again. Legendary entertainer Peter Allen sang it, and now another prominent Australian, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, is doing the same — albeit without a maraca. Healthcare tech is 'stuck in another generation', but a new system is improving time for aged care residents. Men's Shed pilot program sharpens kitchen skills — and appetites — for men who live alone. Alby Powerlett is almost 90, likes "good tucker" and, to his own mild surprise, has developed an appetite for learning how to cook for the first time. It's simple, really, he says of his new enthusiasm for the kitchen: "I don't want to eat rubbish tucker. " How a Hobart kitchen is helping older migrants combat ageism. COVID-19 isolation has negative impact on families with dementia, study shows. Claire White describes her life with her husband Ian as "experience rich and asset poor".

Rental stress for NT pensioners locked out of public housing because of asset limit change. When Frances Czoloszynski retired at 67 last June, she took a pre-emptive step to secure government housing. Key points: The previous NT government quietly lowered the asset limit for some public housing in early 2016It means seniors with more than about $70,000, including super, are barred from public housingThe current government says the change was made because public housing is for the most vulnerable.

More retirees trying to avoid going into aged care, exclusive data from Australian Seniors reveals. Queensland Public Trustee denies making profit from clients, despite report criticising high fees and charges. Aged-care industry aims to attract workers with job security and personal satisfaction. Grandmother aged in her 90s is sleeping in a tent in the remote community of Jibena. Micro-town gives people with cognitive impairment, dementia independence and social engagement. ABC Investigations journalist Anne Connolly on her crowdsourced probe into aged care and the shocking stories it uncovered.

Australia's growing population of centenarians on adapting to change, secrets to a fulfilling life. What will the aged care royal commission recommend? We think we know, and how the government will respond. The story behind Regis Nedlands' shocking failures to meet basic aged care standards. Older people deciding not to have pets as challenges and concerns outweigh benefits. Australia's oldest person Dexter Kruger celebrates 111th birthday in Roma. A passion for social justice, education unites 2021's state and territory Senior Australians of the Year. Nomadland sets Frances McDormand to shine against landscape of American West in grey nomad tale.

Almost 40 per cent of residents in aged care facilities have been abused, data released by royal commission shows. Government announces thousands more home care packages for older Australians - ABC News. Is it still OK for aged care facilities to restrict visitors because of the COVID-19 pandemic while the rest of Australia opens up? - ABC News. Japan's aged care facilities remain locked down amid a COVID-19 third wave, and now there are fears residents may develop dementia - ABC News.

What the superannuation wars mean for you - ABC News. ASIC accused of acting too slowly after Sterling First retiree housing group collapses - ABC News. South Korean computer 'geek' bailed over alleged $360,000 theft from elderly Canberra woman - ABC News. After a rollercoaster 2020, Australia's economy is showing signs of recovery - ABC News. Super tax breaks not needed for wealthy, they should tap into their home equity, retirement income review - ABC News. Former Labor MP Emma Husar calls out Barnaby Joyce, Alan Tudge, Christian Porter and Coalition leadership on Q+A - ABC News.

Alzheimer's drug aducanumab faces major setback as US authorities consider whether to approve it - ABC News. Real-life aged care home for four-year-olds an intergenerational winner in Wellington, NSW - ABC News. Coronial inquest into 2018 death of Barbara Francis hears from Pearl aged care home - ABC News. Choreographer Graeme Murphy is turning 70 but not even COVID-19 is slowing him down - ABC News. We've investigated aged care for the past three years. These are the stories that shocked us - ABC News. Aged care royal commission hears past governments have failed to implement changes - ABC News.

The 10-page 1997 memo that brought us to where we are today on aged care - ABC News. Aged care royal commission public split in the final days shows how controversial change will be - ABC News. How training visitors allowed aged care homes to maintain family contact during coronavirus - ABC News. Grieving families angry at Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission over perceived inaction during coronavirus pandemic - ABC News. Ladies who pump. Coronavirus deflation means the pension won't increase in September for the first time in 23 years - ABC News. Angela was looking forward to being an empty-nester — coronavirus changed all that - ABC News. Queensland country town pushes for regional aged care homes so the elderly aren't forced to move to cities - ABC News.

Coronavirus share market slump leads to anxious time for self-funded retirees - ABC News. The coronavirus is a disaster for lonely older Australians. We can help ease their pain in small ways. Coronavirus social distancing a struggle for large, multi-generational Indigenous families. Chemotherapy and the coronavirus threat — my immunity levels mean you need to care about COVID-19. Retirement should be a time to enjoy. So what happens when it feels awful and purposeless? Vietnam War veterans urge Darren Chester to deliver equal funeral benefits. Why the Government blocked a law forcing nursing homes to reveal staff and food budgets.

National hope for intergenerational playgroups as Queensland program enjoys success. Financial crisis in regional nursing homes sparks fear many may run out of money. More pensioners are taking up part-time work to avoid the threat of pension poverty. SA nursing home blocks daughters' unsupervised visits with dying mother. 'Middle age misery' peaks at 47.2 years of age — but do the statistics ring true? 'Fearless' seniors defy the odds learning new skills at an older age. Christmas meal 'slop' prompts outrage after being served to Adelaide nursing home residents. Grannies and Pops program helps kids and aged care residents form deep, educational bonds. Mental health royal commission told wearable tech could help end loneliness. Credit card debt trap increasingly catching older Australians. Families leave the land after generations amid succession struggles - ABC Rural - ABC News. Aged care advocates say fear of reprisals keeping stories hidden.

Aged care centre operator accused of charging residents the same day they were forced to leave. Darwin woman breaks down telling aged care royal commission of father's treatment. Aged care royal commission told of need to install surveillance to stop elder abuse. Meals on Wheels surviving on bequests from deceased clients as funding stagnates: volunteer. Gold Coast nursing home residents in limbo, claims wages unpaid for a month. Pressure on Government to overhaul age pension as growing number of baby boomers leave workforce. Graphic evidence of wounds as royal commission hears of dementia patient left to deteriorate. Aged care royal commission in Darwin hears of Aboriginal elder's family, culture separation pain. Automated vehicle trial at retirement village 'smacks of Buck Rogers' Health professionals voice disappointment over lack of bush commission hearings. Almost 300 serious assaults at Japara Healthcare Limited homes, aged care royal commission hears.

Aged care in regions a 'death sentence', as royal commission told of neglect and isolation. Police and advocates urge Tasmanians to lock their doors after violent thieves target elderly. Retirement village residents unhappy about complex contracts and fees. Former aged care worker Gary Cripps jailed for sexual assault on nursing home resident. Elder abuse is the perfect crime: If we don't address it, you could be a victim too. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross wrote the book on grief — then found herself stuck in one of her five stages. Carer charged over 'disturbing' neglect of elderly woman in Queensland home. 1st Energy power company fined after telemarketers sign up woman with dementia. Lack of staff behind chemical sedation of patients in aged care facilities, royal commission hears.