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Brandon Bailey

Secondary Educator from PA

Wedding Haka - Subtitled & translated. GALLERY and SHOP - “Frank Sinatra” Lyrics from his song “My Way” Limited Edition (1 of 192) Signature Series Autographed and dual inscribed Dave “The Hammer” Schultz 192 NHL Fights Philadelphia Flyers Road to the 1973-74 Stanley Cup “Paterno 409″ All 409 victories have been hand written to create the lasting image seen above.


What Is The Citadel? A Fortress of Duty Freshman Chadd Smith knows why he's hanging from his closet shelf by his fingers at three in the morning, with his legs bent and spread.

What Is The Citadel?

It has to do with football. The Citadel hadn't lost the Wofford game since 1958. In fact, it had never lost the Wofford game at home. But tonight it did. Photography.

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A Dynamic Education - Home. The Power of ‘Why?’ and ‘What If?’ Photo Recently I had a conversation with a chief executive who expressed concern about several of her senior managers.

The Power of ‘Why?’ and ‘What If?’

They were smart, experienced, competent. So what was the problem? DC Life. Adobe Spark. Videos, images and stories made in minutes. Bullis and Beyond. Medium Posts. Why You Should Always Carry a Notebook — Life Learning. Why You Should Always Carry a Notebook There isn’t one prolific creator of any kind that I know that hasn’t abided by the policy of carrying a notebook.

Why You Should Always Carry a Notebook — Life Learning

I have stacks of Moleskine notebooks on my bookshelves. All the projects, books, and ideas that I’ve turned into reality started in the pages of my notebooks. If you let it, a notebook can become a platform for your imagination.It can give you the opportunity to rewrite the story of your life.It can enable you to create more than you consume. We're All Failures. Academics are wired to achieve, and their CVs are designed to showcase their every accomplishment.

We're All Failures

While rejection is a fact of academic life, most faculty don’t share the gory details. Every successful scholar has tanked job interviews; been turned down for fellowships, postdocs, and grants; and had publications that flopped. Faced with failure, academics tend to paper over it (which doesn't make it hurt any less) and quietly blame themselves.

So it's been inspiring to see scholars like Melanie Stefan, Devoney Looser, Johannes Haushofer go public with "CVs of Failure" that list their numerous brushes with defeat in glorious detail. Thanks to them, rejection is the talk of the online academic town of late. Synergies Among Digital Humanities and African American History and Culture - Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities. Four Commencement Speeches for the Ages - ISM. Synergies Among Digital Humanities and African American History and Culture - Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities. Well-structured and eye-catching résumé. St Augustine of Hippo. This is our "resting in God.

St Augustine of Hippo

" As the opening paragraph of the Confessions of Augustine acknowledges, "You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you. " (Confessions, 1,1.) Billy Budd Beta Fish. SJC ProgStatement 15 16. Works Included in this Edition. Sub Days - CYHS AP Literature and Composition. CYSD Web 2.0 FERPA/COPPA Compliance. II - Home. How ETS Creates Test Questions. II - Home. Crossing Paths—We are here to Awaken Each Other. Who said we can only find answers through lovers, friends, acquaintances or family?

Crossing Paths—We are here to Awaken Each Other.

Sometimes a complete stranger can answer our questions and give us insight with an inspirational direction. The other day I went to a coffee shop all by myself. As I was having tea, I contemplated life. I was thinking particularly about why we meet certain people. Stop Stealing Dreams. What is school for?

Stop Stealing Dreams

The economy has changed, probably forever. School hasn't. School was invented to create a constant stream of compliant factory workers to the growing businesses of the 1900s. It continues to do an excellent job at achieving this goal, but it's not a goal we need to achieve any longer. In this 30,000 word manifesto, I imagine a different set of goals and start (I hope) a discussion about how we can reach them. Fulltext.

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The Mountain. Internet Hockey Database - Statistics, Logos, and Trading Cards. Customize — WestJet Above and Beyond Stories. Notable - Better Interfaces Through Faster Iterations. iAnnotate. Upload, Annotate, Share. Online document review and collaboration - PDF and Word. Kami - Online Office Tools. Days Until. Lessons In Manliness from Fight Club.

EMI - IS. Act 31 Child Abuse. List of 75 Esquire: 75 Books Every Man Should Read. Three evolving thoughts about flipped learning - Casting Out Nines. While specifications grading continues to unfold in class, I’m also still using and refining the flipped learning model.

Three evolving thoughts about flipped learning - Casting Out Nines

Recently I had time to reflect on how I’m implementing flipped learning in my classes, and I noticed that some of my thoughts on flipped learning have evolved over the last few years, including some breaks from things I’ve written here on the blog. Here are three of those thoughts that stood out for me. What I used to think: Pre-class activity in a flipped learning model is about mastering content-oriented instructional objectives. What I think now: Pre-class activity is for generating questions. I attended a talk by Jeremy Strayer last year, and he said something that stuck with me: that the purpose of pre-class work in the flipped classroom is to “launch” the in-class activity.

Philosopher Daniel Dennett Presents Seven Tools For Critical Thinking. Love him or hate him, many of our readers may know enough about Daniel C.

Philosopher Daniel Dennett Presents Seven Tools For Critical Thinking

Dennett to have formed some opinion of his work. While Dennett can be a soft-spoken, jovial presence, he doesn’t suffer fuzzy thinking or banal platitudes— what he calls “deepities”—lightly. Whether he’s explaining (or explaining away) consciousness, religion, or free will, Dennett’s materialist philosophy leaves little-to-no room for mystical speculation or sentimentalism. 5 Strategic Tips for First-Year Administrators. Once a fourth-grade teacher, I recently began my work as an elementary assistant principal in another district. Based on my research and what I have experienced so far, I'd like to offer five ways for a rookie administrator to successfully navigate his or her new position. 1.

Establishing Relationships Relationships come before everything. Next Generation Sustainability. Maura K. Adams The word “sustainability” gets thrown around a lot these days. How ETS Creates Test Questions. The 7 Liberal Arts - Trivium, Quadrivium and Logical Fallacies. In medieval universities the Trivium combined with the Quadrivium comprised the seven liberal arts. This teaching method is based on a curriculum outlined by Plato. One of the key intentions behind applying the Trivium and the Quadrivium is to distinguish between reality and fiction. Teaching Excellence. Educational Directions Incorporated. Our company is built around the goal of advancing school leadership. So, we are interested in you. I continue to appreciate the valuable counsel you gave me during the period I was looking at head of school openings.

Your professionalism and attentiveness put you head and shoulders above the other search consultants with whom I worked. INFOGRAPHIC: Designing Service. If you’ve been paying attention to the latest trends in independent education, you’ve almost certainly heard about Design Thinking. Though originally born of the 1980’s “human-centered design” architecture movement, this concept has been readily applied to the business world and, more recently, to educational institutions.

The application makes sense: design thinking is a means of problem-solving that focuses on innovation, collaboration, creativity, ethical decision-making, and—of course—optimism: all hallmarks of a 21st century education. In a climate where educators value creativity as much as analytical ability, it’s no surprise that design thinking has gained such traction.

Private Schools with Public Purpose Conference. Learning Opportunity: Private Schools with Public Purpose. The_internal_coherence_assessment_protocol_and_framework.pdf. Policy to Reality (Part 1) Building.pdf. Untitled. Kurt Vonnegut - The Shapes of Stories. 35-High-Schools-Worth-Visiting-Getting-Smart-by-Tom-Vander-Ark-blended-learning-innovations-schools-%E2%80%94-gettingsmart.pdf.


How Great Coaches Ask, Listen, and Empathize. TEDx Charlottesville Jim Harshaw: Why I Teach My Children to Fail. “Fallor ergo sum” – St. Augustine, 1200 years prior to Descartes. Exploring the educational crossroads of our time. Free Storage and Email from Google. Comparison of Academic Achievement, College Readiness, and Perception Between Students From Traditional High Schools and the Gatton Academy - viewcontent.cgi. A Weapon for Readers by Tim Parks. Drucker. Learning About Leadership, Trust and Benevolence from Ethics of the Fathers (Avot) - viewcontent.cgi.

Ž Attitudes, Perceptions, and Engagement Throughout Curricular Reform - viewcontent.cgi. The Relationship of Principal Leadership and Teacher Morale - viewcontent.cgi. Microsoft Word - Oliver Diss after proofreading.docx - viewcontent.cgi. Which advanced mathematics courses influence ACT score? A state level analysis of the Iowa class of 2012 - viewcontent.cgi.

"Leadership, Trust and Benevolence from Avot" by Hershey Harry Friedman PhD and Dov Fischer PhD CPA. Friedrich A. Hayek: The Road to Serfdom Condensed Version Study Guide, 2009 - viewcontent.cgi. Friedrich A. Hayek: The Road to Serfdom Condensed Version Study Guide, 2009 - viewcontent.cgi. Glassman, Paul. The User Perspective: A Paradigm for Facilities Design and Space Planning - viewcontent.cgi. Digital_Humanities - 9780262018470_Open_Access_Edition.pdf. Block Posters - Create large wall posters from any image for free! 25 Useful Mac Hacks and Tips. Your Kid's Future Depends On Their Online Behavior Now. Plp.

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