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Drawp for School & The Four Cs: Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration & Creativity Earlier this year I shared Drawp for School, an engaging tool for sharing and collaboration in tech-friendly classrooms. It lets teachers send assignments to students and collect their finished product. Kids can work together on interactive projects using Drawp for School on their tablet. This tool is iPad, Android, Windows tablet, Chromebook and Mac friendly and can be used in different subject areas. The folks at Drawp for School recently shared a blog post that covers some of the ways their workflow platform supports higher order thinking. The First C is Critical Thinking and Problem Solving because Drawp allows students to illustrate difficult concepts and show their work.

Board game generator: Virtual teaching (world capital cities) – EFL Summer School This board game has been designed with the virtual class in mind. If you click on the Data tab and leave the area under Enter your questions here/Enter your answers here blank, it will auto-generate questions and answers for you. Now go to the Boardgame tab, your questions will be displayed one at time in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Click on the Answer button to display the correct answer.

Why You Should Always Carry a Notebook — Life Learning Why You Should Always Carry a Notebook There isn’t one prolific creator of any kind that I know that hasn’t abided by the policy of carrying a notebook. I have stacks of Moleskine notebooks on my bookshelves. All the projects, books, and ideas that I’ve turned into reality started in the pages of my notebooks. Explorer Tour YVR is home to incredible works of art, meaningful stories and unique architecture. We would be happy if you could join us for a free guided interactive experience to learn more about North America’s number one airport. The Explorer Tour program offers free tours for everyone. Apply for a tour early because this popular program fills up fast! Safety and security is important to us.

Definition of Common Social Media Terms Social media are platforms that allow users of that platform to generate content and engage in peer-to-peer conversations. Creating a social media presence for your business is practically required. Reach new and existing customers where they already are! When you're creating an email, remember to add your social media icons so your Contacts can also become "friends" and "followers". The Constant Contact blog can give you some inspiration and helpful hints for using social media in your marketing mix. Three Options for Adding Q&A to Your Slide Presentations Building questions into your slides is a great way to get your audience to think about your message and to interact with your message. You can do this by putting a question on your slide and then directing people to a TodaysMeet room or another similar chat service. The problem with that method is that you then have to exit the slides to show a browser window when you want your audience to see the questions and answers on the screen in front of them.

Time for jigsaw listening – The TEFL Zone What is jigsaw listening? It’s an information gap activity. Each learner listens to a different recording or part of a recording. We're All Failures Academics are wired to achieve, and their CVs are designed to showcase their every accomplishment. While rejection is a fact of academic life, most faculty don’t share the gory details. Every successful scholar has tanked job interviews; been turned down for fellowships, postdocs, and grants; and had publications that flopped. Faced with failure, academics tend to paper over it (which doesn't make it hurt any less) and quietly blame themselves. So it's been inspiring to see scholars like Melanie Stefan, Devoney Looser, Johannes Haushofer go public with "CVs of Failure" that list their numerous brushes with defeat in glorious detail.

GRID SYSTEM image grid system Collective term for the parallels and meridians that form an imaginary grid over the Earth’s surface, making it possible to locate a specific point. line of longitude Coordinate of a point on the Earth’s surface indicating, in degrees, its distance from the prime meridian. 10 New Social Media Templates to Save You Even More Time With Your Marketing Believe it or not, but managing a personal or official social media profile is time sucking. Thanks to social media templates for saving our valuable time. It also protects the efforts that we put in for marketing purposes. We have come up with ten templates to smoothen your journey on social networking sites. These templates streamline everything from planning to scheduling, messaging, publishing, analysis, result tracking and more. Check it out here—

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