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Orcs In The Basement » SkinEdit. Download older versions “The better option for editing your skin is to get the Minecraft Skin Edit tool” SkinEdit is one of the very most popular Minecraft related tools available on the Internet.

Orcs In The Basement » SkinEdit

With more than a million downloads so far and a thousand new users every day it is the standard way to modify or create skin for Minecraft. The very base of SkinEdit is just an image editor and the tools you need to work in a low-pixel environment. Combined with the realtime 3D preview of your skin it beats using traditional image editors by far, once you get used to it you will not go back to any other program! And best of all? Help! Minecraft crashes! Could not get the JAWT interface. Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world. Minecraft for designing learning spaces? Gathering student voice about existing and possible spaces has been a big part of a consultation phase prior to designing more learning hubs.

Minecraft for designing learning spaces?

Finding out what children like or would like to improve about current spaces is valuable information that is really going to help inform what happens next. Ensuring that we’d got a variety of media for children to work in was important, so we’d gone into spend the afternoon with a group of Year 5-8 students, armed with large sheets of paper, cardboard, marker pens, scissors, templates of existing rooms, Lego, cameras and the like.

Sketchup was available on a number of devices too. However the very first request I got when asked to put some possible ideas forward was ‘Could we do this on Minecraft?’ Fortunately we teach in a time when it’s ok not to be the expert and this was certainly the case here. The same concept can equally be applied to using Minecraft. References Freeman, M., & Mathison, S. (2009). Images courtesy of Jackson and Lachlan. Periodic table of Minecraft by ~egeres on deviantART. Minecraft: Lego van de digitale generatie. Miljoenen kinderen en volwassenen spelen dagelijks met dit Lego van de digitale generatie.

Minecraft: Lego van de digitale generatie

Members/classroom/index.php?id=home. Aleksi @ TeacherGaming. Learning with Minecraft - EdTech Blog at Chatsworth. Some thoughts on setting up Minecraft at school - EdTech Blog at Chatsworth. Mineways General Information. Subscribe to the Mineways mailing list - it's for only important announcements, such as new version releases.

Mineways General Information

Check the bug list if you have problems, and let me know if you're still stuck. The program is open-source and is based on the (great) open-source mapping program minutor written by Sean Kasun - his work gave me a huge headstart. Mineways is a superset of his mapper, with a model exporter and other features added. I wrote this program just for fun, I'm not associated with Shapeways or Mojang. There are other print services besides Shapeways that work with Mineways, such as Sculpteo, i.materialise and Ponoko, as well as home 3D printers, such as RepRaps and Thing-O-Matics (wiki). Normally you can just hit "OK" on the export dialog and things will work fine. Mineways For OSX/Mac - How to Use. Digital game based learning. Minecraft in the Classroom and Library.

“Can you teleport me?”

Minecraft in the Classroom and Library

“How do I fly?” “I need a sword.” “What are you building?” These eclectic exclamations are the sounds of a room full of teens playing Minecraft. We play every other Wednesday in Chicopee (MA) Public Library’s computer lab, often filling all 10 computers, and are occasionally joined by teens playing from home. What is Minecraft? Minecraft is an open-ended, creative game where players roam a landscape made of different kinds of blocks that can be used to build just about anything. Developed by Swedish programmer Marcus Persson, also known as Notch, and his company Mojang, the full version of the game was released in November 2011 after several beta versions.

Survival vs. The different game play modes place more or less emphasis on the creative and survival aspects of the game. In Creative mode, you can fly, literally by double tapping the space bar, but figuratively as well, because you have instant access to every kind of block and most items in the game. Tip of the Iceberg » Blog Archive » Massively Misunderstood Minecraft. Overheard in the lab: “My Mum says she can’t believe UWC is offering a Minecraft activity.

Tip of the Iceberg » Blog Archive » Massively Misunderstood Minecraft

She says it’s a waste of time.” Minecraft Weekly - Minecraft Gallery - Displaying Minecraft Skins, Minecraft Creations, Minecraft Wallpapers, and Minecraft Artwork! Minecraft Wiki - The ultimate resource for all things Minecraft. Imagine the possibilitiesThe Minecraft Teacher. MinecraftEdu & Minecraft: Education Edition minecraftedu: As you might have already heard, Microsoft will be acquiring MinecraftEdu.

The Minecraft Teacher

You can read their announcement here. We’ll be posting FAQ on our website later today but here are some quick facts for MinecraftEdu users: You can keep using MinecraftEdu as long as you like.MinecraftEdu sales will continue normally for now.MinecraftEdu owners will be offered one year of the new Education Edition for free.MinecraftEdu Hosted Servers will keep working, and can still sign up for one.TeacherGaming won’t be going anywhere and we have new exciting plans for the future! We wanted to take the opportunity and share our thoughts on the matter.

This morning we made the announcement that Microsoft is acquiring MinecraftEdu. We recently received this letter in our mailbox, and I thought I’d share my reply. Hello Ethan! Here’s what we’ve been up to: via minecraftedu:: (Credit to Jeni “Maize” Krouse for the awesome Letter Blocks mod in the gif!)

MinecraftTeachr's Channel. Joel Levin @MinecraftTeachrComputer Teacher at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in NYC.Owner of TeacherGaming LLC, creators of Bob Kahn@rwkahn38th grade science teacher at Brentwood School in Los.

MinecraftTeachr's Channel

Bringing Minecraft to the Classroom. MinecraftEdu. Minecraft Wiki - The ultimate resource for all things Minecraft.