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10 Awesome Ideas to Repurpose Old Stuff and Giving Them a New Life. Pop-Up Corner Lamps Illuminate those Hard-to-Light Places. Standing lamps in corners often feel a bit like round pegs in square holes, not quite fitting the space in a way that would feel intentional.

Pop-Up Corner Lamps Illuminate those Hard-to-Light Places

This flat-pack, fold-out solution from Well Well Designers is a low-cost and elegantly-designed approach that is minimalist in terms of both materials and appearance. The product packaging and typography are all comprehensively considered in form and function – this is not a typical in-the-box retail object, but a simple black (or blue or red) on white approach.

Unusual stairs. Unique and creative designs of stairs from around the world.

Unusual stairs

Not all of them are beautiful and practical, some of you will like, others – no, but they are unusual and interesting. Go climb a tree — and spend the night. Tree house hotels and lodges are booming as exotic vacation alternatives. 10 Kick-Ass Secret Passage Bookshelves. If there’s one dream that unites all bookish folks (aside from, you know, universal literacy) it’s the dream of having a secret passageway hidden behind a bookcase.

10 Kick-Ass Secret Passage Bookshelves

Sleeper - 27 ideas. Bedroom – one of the main room in the house.

Sleeper - 27 ideas

It finds a way out of love energy, here we rest, read, get ready for bed. That is why the bedroom is to pay special attention, when we are planning for the interior. Here are some original and interesting ideas for the bedroom. The Moses Bridge is Invisible to The Eye. 10 DESIGN + Buro Happold. 10 DESIGN and Buro Happold have won the international design competition for the key signature gateway bridge for the new Shizimen Business District in Zhuhai, China.

10 DESIGN + Buro Happold

The feature bridge is the gateway entry to south China’s new planned commercial hub and also marks the connection of the Shizimen Canal to the Pearl River Delta. Before and After: Garage Turned Minimal Mini House. Sometimes a garage is just a garage and other times a garage is a miniature modern house just waiting to happen.

Before and After: Garage Turned Minimal Mini House

In this case, it's the latter, which means I probably need to pack my bags, move back to Seattle and into this (now) house. It's not actually available, but I'm just crossing my fingers that designer Michelle de la Vega needs a few roommates (my husband, my dog, and I) in her fully functional 250 square foot space. Awesome Rooms « JinSpiration.

Germany's Hemp-insulated ECOLAR House Scoops the Solar Decathlon Engineering Prize. ECOLAR’s basic construction, comprised of beams and columns, essentially stays the same but can be configured differently based on the homeowner’s preferences.

Germany's Hemp-insulated ECOLAR House Scoops the Solar Decathlon Engineering Prize

In keeping with the mandates of genuine sustainability, the team stuck to sustainably-sourced wood for construction, and then incorporated hemp insulation in the floors, walls and ceiling to prevent thermal loss. Despite being outlawed in some countries, this really is one of the most sensible materials to use in construction today. To settle on the perfect shape for this simple detail, follow your heart — or diamond, or maple leaf. Last winter my shutters started to peel and rot at an alarming rate.

To settle on the perfect shape for this simple detail, follow your heart — or diamond, or maple leaf

By early summer, my home's exterior was looking a lot like Grey Gardens. Yes please Joséphine! Sculpture Molds and Artistic Castings using Smooth-On Brand Resin. Plymouth: 20th Century City - Interactive Map. The World's Smallest Living Structures. World’s Smallest Living Structures: Little House Boasting a mere 312 square feet, this famous miniature miracle is located in Toronto, Canada.

The World's Smallest Living Structures

Wanting to utilize space in between two bigger houses, contractor Arthur Weeden built the commonly coined “Little House” in 1912 and thus lived in it for the next 20 years. The house is seven feet wide and 47 feet deep, and despite its size it doesn’t skimp on the essentials; Little House offers a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, washer, dryer, fridge and patio. Single Hauz Inspired from roadside billboards, these innovative designs offer an interesting and eco-friendly way to live. Perched cozily above their shop, an Ontario couple's home brims with lovingly handmade and repurposed pieces. Jimmie Martin. 12 Awesome Urban Garden Rooftops. As more buildings sprout the landscape of cities and towns, green space becomes a valuable commodity.

12 Awesome Urban Garden Rooftops

Gardens and green space are important in keeping the city looking beautiful as well as the effects plants and trees have on the changing environment. To incorporate more garden and green space in to cityscapes many are creating urban roof gardens / designs to make best use of the space on a roof, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of the building. These green roofs improve the aesthetics making them look visually stunning for both residents and users. Here’s a collection of inspiring landscape designs using roof space as a canvas. 1. With Japan’s dense population and cities filled with towering buildings it is no wonder that they have put more thought into adding green space to their cityscapes.

Image source Image source (The Jerde Partnership, Inc) Image source Source. Amazing House Built Across a River. This rustic retreat was built right in the heart of Three Rivers, California near the entrance to Sequoia National Park where the enchantment of wildlife sightings runs wild. What also happens to run wild is the river that flows under this home, something that has never been done before or ever since! Best lake house for the end of September heat wave. My first project. Vintage Decor in an Industrial Loft. 6 Summer Bunk Bed Rooms. Whether you have a large family or a busy summer house, a bunk room is an ideal solution for accommodating lots of guests.

Here are some of our favorites. This nautical-inspired bunk room in a Hamptons home by Steven Gambrel features lots of room for storage with built-ins and under-bed drawers. Custom netting provides safety for the top bunks. An absolutely gorgeous bunk room from the Lerer House in Park City, Utah. Love the barrel ceiling! This bunk room in an Alys Beach, Florida vacation rental home features a unique L-shaped layout for the beds. Coastal Living's 2009 Seawatch Idea House at Sunset Harbor, North Carolina featured this amazing bunk room for children. The Minister’s Treehouse: A 100ft Tall Church Built Over 11 Years without Blueprints.

The Minister’s Treehouse in Crossville, Tennessee is a 100ft structure built by minister Horace Burgess from the early 1990s through 2004. The entire building wraps around a giant tree and was built completely without blueprints, sprawling to an estimated 10,000 square feet inside, including a four-story swing set. Architecture & Houses. Häuser. 20 Most Popular Architecture Sites.