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Python Syntax. IntroductoryBooks. The books on this page are all general introductions to the Python language.


Most of these books will contain a few chapters on particular applications such as GUI interfaces or Web programming, but won't go into great detail on any one topic; refer to the PythonBooks page for lists of application-specific books. Experienced programmers who prefer a brief and condensed introduction should look at the list of ReferenceBooks. Modular Programming with Python By Erik Westra ISBN 13: 9781785884481 Packt Publishing 246 pages (May 2016) Book overview: This book will help readers develop readable, reliable, and maintainable programs in Python. Who this book is written for: This book is intended for beginner to intermediate level Python programmers who wish to learn how to use modules and packages within their programs. Publisher's page The Coder's Apprentice: Learning programming with Python 3 By Pieter Spronck ~400 pages (July 2016) The book is freely available as PDF.

Learning Python for Forensics Dr. Welcome - Learn Python - Free Interactive Python Tutorial. An Overview of Runestone Interactive — Runestone Interactive Overview. Runestone Interactive is a project focusing on providing tools and content for the purpose of creating interactive computer science courseware.

An Overview of Runestone Interactive — Runestone Interactive Overview

We provide a complete introductory series of chapters that can be used as is, or if you wish, you can customize the chapters. You can even start from scratch and write your own interactive textbook using the tools that we provide. In order to see how the tools work, the following sections will show them in action. Embedded Videos Our toolset provides a number of different things that will help you to learn to program in the Python programming language. ActiveCode Windows One of the most important things that you can do when you are learning a programming language is to write programs.

Take a look at the activecode interpreter in action. Print("My first program adds a list of numbers") myList = [2, 4, 6, 8, 10] total = 0 for num in myList: total = total + num print(total) (codeexample1) Now try modifying the activecode program shown above. Benefits of this Interactive Textbook — How to Think like a Computer Scientist: Interactive Edition. Welcome!

Benefits of this Interactive Textbook — How to Think like a Computer Scientist: Interactive Edition

Take a tour, experiment with Python, join more than 850,000 other readers in learning how to think like a computer scientist with Python. (welcome) You can experiment with activecode examples right in the bookClick Show/Hide Code buttonOn line 7: change numTurtles = 10 to numTurtles = 6Click the Run buttonYou can do your homework right in the textbook.You can interact with other learners to discuss homeworkInteractive questions make sure that you are on track and help you focus.Codelens helps you develop a mental model of how Python works.Audio Tours help you understand the code.Short videos cover difficult or important topics.You can highlight text, and take notes in scratch editors This interactive book is a product of the Runestone Interactive Project at Luther College, led by Brad Miller and David Ranum.

There have been many contributors to the project. Instant Python. This is a minimal crash-course in the programming language Python.

Instant Python

To learn more, take a look at the documentation at the Python web site,; especially the tutorial. If you wonder why you should be interested, check out the comparison page where Python is compared to other languages. This introduction has been translated into several languages, among them Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, Lithuanian, Japanese, German and Greek, and is currently being translated into Norwegian, Polish, and Korean. BeginnersGuide/NonProgrammers. Python for Non-Programmers If you've never programmed before, the tutorials on this page are recommended for you; they don't assume that you have previous experience. If you have programming experience, also check out the BeginnersGuide/Programmers page. Books Each of these books can be purchased online and is also available as a completely free website. For Beginners.


For Beginners

Are you completely new to programming? If not then we presume you will be looking for information about why and how to get started with Python. Fortunately an experienced programmer in any programming language (whatever it may be) can pick up Python very quickly. It's also easy for beginners to use and learn, so jump in! Installing Python is generally easy, and nowadays many Linux and UNIX distributions include a recent Python. If you want to know whether a particular application, or a library with particular functionality, is available in Python there are a number of possible sources of information. If you have a question, it's a good idea to try the FAQ, which answers the most commonly asked questions about Python. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming.