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Entrepreneurial Businesses You Never Thought to Start. There are countless opportunities out there for the creative entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurial Businesses You Never Thought to Start

In fact, according to Forbes, approximately 543,000 businesses are started every month. A Bright Future or a Growing Bubble? Happy Mother's Day, everyone.

A Bright Future or a Growing Bubble?

"Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible" ~ Marion C. Garretty Wishing you some peace and serenity this coming week. Why Curved Screens are the Next Innovative Trend. Between televisions, smartphones, tablets and laptops, most consumer electronics share one distinguishing characteristic: their flat, rectangular displays.

Why Curved Screens are the Next Innovative Trend

It looks like technology is changing that though with a newer trend called curved screens. Unlike previous similar wavy displays that featured a contoured glass over a flat display, these new devices and electronics actually use an innovated curved display that offers a variety of benefits from being more ergonomic to improving the multimedia experience. About Curved Screen Technology. Web and Software Dev - Metro Icons by Orphydian. Today we'll provide you with a few more links to recreate the look and feel of your apps and concepts.

Web and Software Dev - Metro Icons by Orphydian

These sets include a variety of icons of the latest popular programs and services in .ico and .png formats. See the images, download links and author's comments. 1. Modern Uinvert Icon Set I Web and Software Dev " This set contains over 100 modern Uinvert Icons ( in both .ico and .png format) to be used on any Windows desktop depicting most of the relevant 3d graphics sofware out there: Integrated Development Environment, Code and HTML editing, Web authoring, Content Management System, eCommerce Platform, Bug tracking, Social coding, Revision control system, Git repository Web server, Database, Solution stack package etc.

". Innovation or DIsaster? Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies have been a source of debate in businesses around the world since mobile technology first became commercially viable, and especially since phones and tablets have become so multifaceted.

Innovation or DIsaster?

The modern era of multitask devices brings this conversation to a new height, with industries in some cases moving to ubiquitous and exclusive tablet PC usage. BYOD becomes tempting to a myriad of businesses, and certainly, there are gains to be had, as ACM Digital Library claims. But do such policies bring more pros or cons to the call center industry, a field where customer privacy and employee morale both play major roles? Pros of BYOD. Online Security Education Program for Your Employees. Everyone has read in the newspapers or heard the five o’clock news stories about cyber attacks on major retailers and banks.

Online Security Education Program for Your Employees

Many have been victims in the attacks, having had to deal with systems' security breaches that put their personal and financial information at risk. Small businesses are subject to the same types of security issues, if on a smaller scale. Business information security is extremely important on many levels, including financial, reputation, and customer service. The Small Business Administration reports that most small businesses that backup their business data only back it up on-site, which leaves them vulnerable to loss in the event of natural disasters or formal emergencies.

Security Policies The SBA advises small businesses to develop security policies including emergency preparedness and disaster recovery guides. Easily and Accurately Convert PDFs Online. If you are in need of a quick an accurate conversion from PDF into a more editable file format,’s free online conversion tool is one of the best available.

Easily and Accurately Convert PDFs Online

This is a need that is encountered by many professionals and office workers on a regular basis since the PDF is such a readily used format, but at the same time, very much uneditable. If you receive information in the form of a PDF that you need to convert it into an editable text document or spreadsheet, this is a tool that can save you a lot of time and frustration. The tool offers four conversion options.

Users can convert PDFs into very popular editable formats, namely Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Essential News - Web Services. Keeping Your Treasured Photos Safe. These devices break, wear out or are damaged every day, and with them thousands of photos are lost.

Keeping Your Treasured Photos Safe

5 Ways to Preserve Precious Family Photos. It's worse than a punch in the gut—that awful realization that your computer has crashed and your wedding photos are gone, your beach vacation photos are gone, and your baby's first birthday photos ... gone.

5 Ways to Preserve Precious Family Photos

You scold yourself for not backing them up, saving them to a disk, or leaving them on your memory card. You swear you'll never make that mistake again, but how can you prevent a virus from wiping out your priceless photos again? Here are a few ways to make sure they're stored safely and securely. 1. Keep them in the Cloud. Feeling Unproductive at Work? A Video Game May Be the Best Solution. What if your company looked at the workflow coming in as an obstacle to be conquered rather than a task to be completed?

Feeling Unproductive at Work? A Video Game May Be the Best Solution

The next paradigm shift in the business world may be turning the tedium of everyday work into a game or challenge that everyone is eager to participate in. The success of the corporate gaming craze has already begun to hit home, with Business News reporting that gamification can increase productivity by some 40%. The Multiple Benefits of Owning a PDF Converter. One of the greatest things about the constant evolution of technology is that it makes our lives easier in many ways.

This is especially true when it comes to our professional lives. As the workplace shifts more and more towards computer-related activities and the Internet, there is a constant influx of products entering the marketplace that are specifically designed to make your job easier, lighten your workload and increase your productivity. One tool that falls into this category is, without a doubt, the PDF converter.

The PDF is a document format that is incredibly popular in today’s business world. There are two main reasons for the popularity of the PDF. The second big reason for the popularity of the PDF format is the fact that it is very compact. The one thing that the PDF does not have going for it is the fact that it is virtually uneditable. ‘The Nadella’ Our Selection of the Top 10 Devices Revealed at CES 2014 Mega - Event. Hello Brothers & Sisters entire world. Have a great days in this blessed week. Not sure what you're after but we hope the rest of your day is good.

Thanks to you, The *Official AndreasCY* is continuously growing! How Semantic Web Technology Promotes E-learning Efficiency ~ The *Official AndreasCY* Semantic web is a connotation used to describe protocols that allow machines to decipher the meaning of information present on World Wide Web. Crucial to understand is the fact that web that we use is tailored for human consumption. It is, on a principle level, machine readable but not ‘understandable’.

4 Tools for Your Tech-Savvy Mother ~ The *Official AndreasCY* Your mother has threatened to become a technology ninja for the past decade. Maybe she once went wild playing "Grand Theft Auto" on the Playstation 2 and refused to give up the controller, but your mom’s enthusiasm for high-tech gizmos and gadgets is typically fleeting. This year, though, things are different. VERSI - The Ultimate Dock Stand Charger For Tablets & Smartphones ~ The *Official AndreasCY* Accommodates iPhone, iPad/mini (including iPad Air), Android, Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Kindle, Huawei or any reader, tablet or smartphone. How to Spot a Phishing Email ~ The *Official AndreasCY* Best Wishes & Greetings For A New Day And A Brand New Year 2014. 4 SEO Benefits for Google+ Google+ isn't as big as Facebook, but with 300 million active users it's certainly no slouch either.

More importantly, Google+ can positively impact your search engine results. Christmas Shopping Ideas for Smart Homes. The Secret for an Amazing Presentation. What Does BYOD Mean for Me? Description : Common Printer Paper Buying Mistakes To Avoid. Download Professional PowerPoint Templates And Diagrams At SlideModel. Professionally designed PowerPoint Templates and diagrams are one of the most handy resource any presenter can have. 20 Stories You Must Read This Weekend. The Best Graphics Cards of 2013. How to Keep Employees From Texting Too Much. Undeniably, one of the arising problems that most employers are dealing nowadays is about their employees getting distracted at work because these personnel are spending much time on their mobile phones. Stay Safe While Shopping Online This Cyber Monday. Cybercrime costs the U.S. economy anywhere from $24 to 120 billion each year, the Center for Strategic and International Studies reports. Top Google Plus Pages You Should Follow.

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5 BlackBerry Tools for Your Business. The Future Of Link Building Strategies - 2013. Why Students Should Use Self-Storage Facilities. Sleep apnoea and its prevalence in Europe and the USA. 4 Effective Tips for Reducing Your Electricity Bill. Office and Productivity - Metro Icons by Orphydian. Office 15-Minute Webinar - Office 365 for Business. How to Change Your IPhone Wallpaper. 3 Must Have Pieces of Technology for Your Home Office. Transportation Options While Vacationing. What to Look for When Hiring a Consultant for Your Company. What You Should Know About Oil and Gas This Summer.

Download Free Business PowerPoint Templates And Diagrams At SlideHunter. Four Creative And Truly Inspiring Photographs. Four Interesting Graduation Present Ideas. 6 Reasons Why Online Education Could Be Right For You. Six Creative Ideas for Throwing an Event or Party. 5 Easy Tips And Tricks For 3D Animation. Benefits of the Different Types of Alternative Transportation. Amazing Metro Icon Sets by Orphydian. 10 Stories You Shouldn't Miss This Weekend. What You Need to Know About Disability Insurance. Popular Mobile Apps In 2013. Are Your Smartphone Apps Putting Your Phone At Risk?

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Comes To Australia. The Top 5 Payroll Tax Problems to Avoid. 7 Useful Pieces of Advice for Accounting Students. Do Windows 8.1 Screenshots Prove Return of the Famous Start Button? 5 Tips To Improve Your App Marketing. 5 Cool Things You Can Do With The Leading Video Editing Software Programs. 6 Reasons Trade Shows are More Important than Ever. 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Truck Driving. A Guide To Using Encryption Software Solutions. 5 Benefits Of Using A VPN When Visiting Canada. 5 Of The Worlds Biggest Metal Structures.

Tips For Making Your Garden An Internet Hot Spot. How Engineering Helps Society. The Right Choice Between Laptops and Desktop Computers. Will You be the Next Victim of Laptop Theft? SAP FICO - What Are Some Of The Advantages. Office 15-Minute Webinar - How to Work with Powerpoint Slide Masters. What can MPLS service providers do for your business? Cable Internet - What Is It And How Does It Compare To Other Technologies.

The Parents' Guide To Buying Video Games. Top Tech Money Savers for Your Business. Google Now Desktop Wallpapers Collection 4. Google Now Desktop Wallpapers Collection 3. Have You Ever Heard Of Manufactured Real-Estate? What To Expect From Web Based Games. Google Now Desktop Wallpapers Collection 2.