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Vlc-record-2015-07-01-22h08m06s-workshop 1 mpoint2 040.mp4-.mp4. Vlc-record-2015-07-01-22h05m35s-workshop 1 mpoint2 035.mp4-.mp4. Values, Decision-making and Goals - Peter Heslin (UNSW Business School) Foundations of Human Behaviour - Chris Jackson (UNSW Business School) Amason et al conflict.pdf. SELF-EFFICACY ,Albert Bandura. Social Cognitive Theory by Albert Bandura. How Your Mind Works, with Daniel Kahneman (author of Thinking, Fast and Slow) Presenteeism: At Work—But Out of It. For years, Amy Farler, who designs transmission components for International Truck and Engine, suffered in silence. Once in a while, when an allergy-related sinus headache escalated into a full-blown migraine, she missed a day of work. But most of the time, she went to the office and quietly lived with the congestion and discomfort of her seasonal allergies. “Sometimes, it’s like you wouldn’t mind if your head rolled off your body,” says the 31-year-old engineer, who spends most of her day working with 3-D models on a computer screen.

“You feel clogged up and hazy. The pressure makes you want to close your eyes. It’s hard to focus. You end up just muddling through.” Woody Allen once said that 80% of success in life can be attributed to simply showing up. Unlike absenteeism, presenteeism isn’t always apparent. Experiences like Farler’s raise some broad questions about today’s vigorous efforts to contain health care expenses. Illnesses You Take to Work Costs That Can’t Be Seen 1. 2. Martin Seligman on positive psychology.

An uncertain in the deparment of housing.pdf. Deal with NoNos J P Kotter. Why The Myers-Briggs Personality Test Is Misleading, Inaccurate, And Unscientific. The Myers-Briggs personality test is entrenched in business culture. It’s taken by more than 2.5 million people a year. A full 89 of the Fortune 100 companies use it. The test promises to tell you which of the 16 personality “types” yours most resembles, slotted along a range of behavioural binaries. As a refresher, they are: • Extraverted or Introverted• Sensing or Intuiting• Thinking or Feeling• Judging or Perceiving The types describe readymade personalities suitable for a T-shirt or coffeemug: The INTP is the Architect, the INFP is the Healer, the ENTJ is the Commander. Taken together, the test and its administration is an industry unto itself, worth around$20 million a year. It’s a little troubling, given that Myers and Briggs were a mother (Katharine Briggs) and daughter (Isabel Myers) who studied the works of psychologist Carl Jung a hundred years ago, particularly his book “Psychological Types.”

Many people say they didn’t really understand Jung at all. This is a problem. Will the Real Emotional Intelligence Please Stand Up?  October 2003. Catherine S. Daus Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Neal M. Ashkanasy The University of Queensland Neal Ashkanasy and I (Catherine Daus) had the distinct pleasure of debating Ed Locke and Frank Landy on the construct of emotional intelligence at this past SIOP Annual Conference in Orlando. I, unintelligently (emotionally or otherwise!) The primary arguments proffered by Landy and Locke can be captured in three broad points: 1. Our responses to these three points are integrally linked, particularly when we connect them to our starting point, which is an ability model of emotional intelligence, exemplified by the research of Mayer and colleagues (Mayer, Caruso, & Salovey, 1999; Mayer, Salovey, & Caruso, 2002; Mayer, Salovey, Caruso, & Sitaraneos, 2001, 2003).

I-O psychologists should view emotional intelligence as based in ability and behavior, rather than in self-reports of attitudes, preferences, and/or values. The Mayer et al. approach meets these criteria. References Mayer, J. Ricardo Semler - ABC "Interview with Semco's business guru" Milgram Experiment - Big History NL, threshold 6. John Kotter - Resistance to Change. Experimental psychology - change blindness.mp4.

Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation. Dan Pink: Drive -- Our Motivations are Unbelievably Interesting. Asch's Conformity. Mindfulness, Mindlessness, and Work | The European Business Review | Empowering communications globally. While mindfulness was originally developed as an individual concept, it has been transferred to the organisational level in the context of research into performance in organisations. Below, the author outlines how mindfulness can be beneficial in the work environment and in the organisational context. Mindlessness at work has become a global touchstone of mockery, and entertainers have enchanted audiences worldwide with comedies featuring mindless managers (including ‘The Office; or ‘Office Space’).

Steve Carrell, playing the role of Michael Scott as Regional Manager of a Dunder-Mifflin branch in Scranton, PA epitomises mindless behavior, which is characterised by a reliance on old, often outdated categories and a reduced awareness of one’s social and physical world. Mindlessness vs. Individual and Organisational perspectives Mindfulness has been shown to affect a plethora of cognitive, affective and behavioral outcomes on the individual level. Mindfulness Measurement Decision Making.