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Nmcli - – commandline tool for controlling NetworkManager.

14.04 Trusty Tahr

13.10 Saucy Salamander. Ubuntu Edge. Thanks for being part of the biggest crowdfunding campaign ever, and look out for Ubuntu on smartphones in 2014.

Ubuntu Edge

Find out more Exclusive to Indiegogo backers. The Edge will NOT be available to buy at launch.Specs to be finalised as late as possible to ensure the best available components.Dual-boots into Ubuntu mobile OS and Android; converts into a full desktop PC.Works with LTE and GSM networks, including Verizon and Sprint.Perks include all charges for US and UK, including VAT and delivery.Standard manufacturer warranty will apply once manufacturer is selected.Zero cost to backers if the campaign is unsuccessful. CPU/GPU, screen technology to be finalised before production. * Apple Store ** Best Buy.

13.04 Raring Ringtail

Ssd_solid_state_drive. Les disques électroniques ( Les SSD sur Wikipédia) sont constitués de mémoire flash, ils sont plus rapides et plus résistants aux chocs que leurs équivalents à plateaux (les HDD), mais leurs cycles d'écriture sont limités.


Afin d'allonger leur durée de vie, vous pouvez utiliser au mieux Ubuntu pour l'usage d'un disque électronique. Présentation des disques électroniques Les disques durs traditionnels sont constitués de plateaux magnétiques et d'une tête de lecture mobile alors que les disques électroniques sont équipés de mémoire Flash.

Les avantages de cette technique sont : Néanmoins, les disques électroniques n'ont pas que des avantages, et on peut leur reprocher : Des capacités de stockage plus faibles que celles des disques durs. Vocabulaire de la technique des disques électroniques Ramasse-miettes ("Garbage collector") Ce mécanisme permet de réorganiser les données sur le disque, pour permettre de conserver de bonnes performances après des écritures aléatoires. La commande TRIM. Lars Strand's blog: Sharing Internet connection over bluetooth in Ubuntu.

Me and my girlfriend are staying in a hotel here in Sha Tin, Hong Kong.

Lars Strand's blog: Sharing Internet connection over bluetooth in Ubuntu

Since the hotel only allow one computer per room connected to the Internet at the time - I found out it would be a nice time to look into Internet connection sharing over bluetooth. There are somedocumentation on how to set up PAN in Linux, so the prosess should be pretty straightforward.

12.10 Quantal Quetzal

HybridGraphics. Introduction Some laptops come with two graphics cards: one for use in applications that require a lot of computing power such as games, called the discrete GPU, and one that is less powerful, but conserves energy, called the integrated GPU.


The integrated GPU is often embedded in the CPU, hence the name. This concept is called Hybrid Graphics. How to switch the GPU The kernel shipped in Ubuntu 10.10 supports hybrid graphics by means of the vga_switcheroo flag.

11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

12.04 Precise Pangolin. Ext4 re-mounting root partition. Is this normal? I see this all the time at the moment.

Ext4 re-mounting root partition. Is this normal?

Ctrl+Alt+F'ing from X to a TTY, if it hasn't been switched to recently, will shortly interrupt audio output, then give this message in /var/log/messages (this is me doing Ctrl+Alt+F2, Alt+F8, Ctrl+Alt+F3, Alt+F8): I'm getting MCE (Machine Check Exception) errors, what does this mean? If you are seeing messages in my system logs that state "Machine Check Event logged" this could be an indication of a hardware problem or failure.

I'm getting MCE (Machine Check Exception) errors, what does this mean?

What are Machine Check Exceptions (or MCE)? A machine check exception is an error dedected by your system's processor. There are 2 major types of MCE errors, a notice or warning error, and a fatal execption. The warning will be logged by a "Machine Check Event logged" notice in your system logs, and can be later viewed via some Linux utilities. A fatal MCE will cause the machine to stop responding and the details of the MCE will be printed out to the system's console. Howto: Get the Compiz Desktop Cube in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty and Unity « Reformed Musings. NOTE: Post updated with corrected Compiz desktop settings.

Howto: Get the Compiz Desktop Cube in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty and Unity « Reformed Musings

Although the previous setting worked for the cube, it caused issues with AWN’s Shiny Switcher and other desktop switchers. Securing an Ubuntu Server « Access Your Mobile Phone Through USB Cable. OBEX (abbreviation of OBject EXchange, also termed IrOBEX) is a communications protocol that facilitates the exchange of binary objects between devices.

Access Your Mobile Phone Through USB Cable

It is maintained by the Infrared Data Association, but has also been adopted by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group and the SyncML wing of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA). OpenOBEX is an open source implementation of the Object Exchange (OBEX) protocol. This protocol is optimized for ad-hoc wireless links and can be used to exchange all kinds of objects like files, pictures, calendar entries (vCal) and business cards (vCard). OpenOBEX supports the following links:■ IrDA■ Bluetooth■ USBFor a list of supported devices, click HERE and select your phone manufacturer from the left menu. CableDialup. This page describes how to use a cell phone and a USB cable to connect your pc to the internet.


For this example I used: Ubuntu Breezy a Nokia 6021 cell phone a CA-42 cable an Italian Vodafone provider The instructions should be valid with minimal modifications also for a Bluetooth or infrared connection and for other providers. I used the packages wvdial and netenv, which can be installed by sudo apt-get install wvdial sudo apt-get install netenv. Locale problem. Ubuntu Home Page. Linux (Ubuntu) Desktop. Linux le journal d'un novice. Windows vs Ubuntu – Usability « Roman Kennke's Blog. A couple of days ago I received a new laptop, and it came with Windows (Vista).

Windows vs Ubuntu – Usability « Roman Kennke's Blog

I thought I’d give it a try (haven’t touched Vista at all so far). This Windows thingy came preinstalled on this laptop, so I was thinking I could jump right into it. Wrong. Of course, I had to go through the usual post-installation procedure. Ok, no problem, just enter name, password and go. On the positive side, doing all the installation of Ubuntu was much less fuzz than go through the Windows post installation only. Install and use the latest FFmpeg and x264 - Ubuntu Forum.