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Comment utiliser un mobile pour filmer comme un pro ?

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Toutes les bonnes ressources pour filmer avec son Mobile

How to shoot on iPhone 7 - Photography - Apple. – Filmer comme un pro avec son smartphone.


ACCESOIRES. LIGHTS. STABILISATEURS STEADYCAM. MONTAGE AVEC MOBILE. AUDIO. GOPRO. 6 Tips for Pocket Filmmaking. Mobile HD Video Camera for iPhone, iPad. How to set up your smartphone to take better videos. The number one thing that gives footage away as taken by a smartphone is the generally terrible audio quality.

How to set up your smartphone to take better videos

That’s why it only makes sense to invest in a proper external microphone. You could opt for simple options that attach right onto your phone like iRig’s Mic Field (S$169 from the Apple Store) or Mic HD (S$219 from the Apple Store), but they’re not as precise as what we got. We went for an Audio-technica ATR6550 Shotgun Microphone (S$128 from Artworkfoto), which isn’t just a highly-sensitive stereo condenser mic that looks way more professional, but is significantly cheaper as well. It’ll allow you to record both targeted sound from a distance or ambient noise, making it quite adaptable too. The only problem is it’s not compatible right away with smartphones, which is quite easily solved with a S$7 adapter.

Communauté des Créateurs YouTube – Communauté – Google+ DIY Camera Phone Macro Lens - Man Vs Pin #23. How To Film Like The BBC On Your Smartphone - BBC Earth Unplugged. YouTube. Create beautiful movies on the go Capture the momentStitch together an unlimited number of clips as you build your story.


Start recording in a snap Record as many clips as you’d like Edit on the goEasily trim and rearrange clips right from your phone, and add a soundtrack from your music collection or Capture’s audio library. - YouTube. How To Get Cinematic on a Cell Phone. Mobile HD Video Camera for iPhone, iPad. Moondog Labs - Moondog Labs. The Padcaster. Tutoriel: Optimiser le cadrage avec son smartphone ! Lumee Duo : la coque qui veut faire boîte à lumière – Deux bandes LED sur toute la hauteur de la coque d’un iPhone pour « déboucher » au maximum les portraits.

Lumee Duo : la coque qui veut faire boîte à lumière –

L’idée de la coque Lumee Duo est intéressante et le gadget a conquis Apple qui le distribue en exclusivité sur son store en ligne. Pour 80 €, la coque est équipée de quatre rangées de LED , deux sur l’arrière de la coque pour les prises de vue classique, deux autres sur le pourtour avant pour éclairer les selfies. Car rappelons-le, la torche LED intégré à l’iPhone et aux smartphones en général (le « flash ») n’est guère bon à éclairer sa serrure quand on veut ouvrir sa porte, ou à générer sur les photos des yeux rouges ou des mines de zombies ! Avec ses LED dont on peut régler l’intensité, Lumee entend éclairer en lumière du jour (3600 degrés Kelvin) avec une lumière diffuse comme les boîtes à lumière utilisées en studios pour éclaircir uniformément les minois. En vérité le Lumee Duo est le troisième modèle conçu par la société Lumee. 5 Best Gadgets For Your iPhone 7 / 7 Plus, You Must Try. Shopping Cart / olloclip. Mobile production strategies - YouTube. Which of the following settings should you manually control to avoid capturing blurry video?

Mobile production strategies - YouTube

Correct! Being able to manually control this will stop your camera from auto-focusing on areas that aren’t the subject. Not quite. That's a very important camera function, but it won't keep your video crisp and clear. What type of day will help your mobile’s small image sensor produce the best image? Consistent soft lighting across the image will help your phone capture the most information.

Try again! Those lighting conditions are certainly dramatic, but not very flattering to the people in your video. What’s the most cost-effective way to capture audio on your mobile device? The in built microphone is a high quality mic, ideal for recording video audio. Try again. That's an expense choice, and not versatile enough for mobile shooting. Sign in first if you want to save your results.

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