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Facebook Statistics, Application Statistics, Page Statistics

Facebook Statistics, Application Statistics, Page Statistics

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Social Media Time Management: Selecting Tools This post is the third in a multi-part series on Social Media Time Management, intended to supplement the content of the presentation I gave at BlogWorld Expo 2009. Click here to see the collection of posts in the series. Five Ways to Stand out from the Competition Salespeople always tell me how they want to stand out from the competition, yet in practice very few are actually effective at truly distinguishing themselves from the competition. It’s time to be distinct from every salesperson out there. Here Are Five Ways to Stand out from the Competition What Is Facebook Becoming? Via: Online Schools Facebook surrounds us. Most major media channels, brands, organizations, trade groups, non-profits and institutions have a presence on Facebook. Besides being on Facebook everyone is pointing everybody to “connect” with them and their audience on Facebook.

Your Facebook Friends Are Watching You—Did We Just Move Closer to 1984? George Orwell’s novel 1984 begins with Winston Smith, the main character, seeing posters saying BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU. In 2010, that could be replaced with FACEBOOK IS WATCHING YOU. Or rather, YOUR FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK ARE WATCHING YOU. You and your friends can now post where you are and share this information, if you so chose. Facebook showed off the power of this new location feature at a launch event this week with a giant projection of a U.S. map showing where people were checking in just moments after Places launched. Essential Guide To Facebook Page Changes [SCREENSHOTS] Facebook unveiled major upgrades to fan Pages on February 10. If you have not yet upgraded your Page(s), you can do so here. I recommended choosing the Preview option first to get a feel for what’s changed. However, on March 10, the upgrade will be automatic, so you may as well switch before then to get used to it. ALL Page Admins who have upgraded their Page already (or are currently using Facebook in Page Preview mode), will view *your* Page in the upgraded design whether you’ve upgraded yet or not.

An Integrated Social CRM Process If there is a characteristic that makes the current conversation on Social CRM so interesting and challenging, it is probably its intrinsic nature inherently disrespectful of departments, business functions, inside-outside boundaries, separate processes. Even only to imagine an organization that is able to generate business value strategically and operationally putting the customer at the center probably requires smoother operations and more transparent, more integrated, more coordinated actions from all the constituent parts. As if you suddenly pass by a group of soloists in separate rooms to an entire orchestra that plays in equilibrium but around the notes of a new musician that nobody knows. Why so giving yourself so much trouble? 12 Secrets to Supercharging Your Personal Brand Look at anyone who's crushing it in business and life and you'll usually see it's not just their business that's doing well; they also have a powerful personal brand. These veteran entrepreneurs share their top strategies to supercharge your personal brand. In the process, you'll create diehard customers who buy from you for years to come. 1. Turn yourself into a superstar. The best way to build your brand is to become a freakin' superstar where you are.

Designing A Facebook Fan Page: Showcases, Tutorials, Resources - Smashing Magazine Despite its privacy issues, Facebook clearly has a key role in global Internet activity. It has become a kind of universal social network, being used for both personal and business needs. For many individuals, companies and organizations, Facebook has become an integral part of their branding strategy and promotional campaigns. Facebook provides many tools for maximizing the effect of your presence on the social network, most of all by means of business pages, also known as fan pages. Using a variety of applications and Facebook API tools, one can get creative not only with the page content, but with the design, too. In this post, we’ll give you an idea of how to use Facebook for your business and self-promotional efforts.

Google, Facebook Rivalry to Heat up in 2012 News December 30, 2011 06:41 AM ET Computerworld - As Google works to make its Google+ social network a major competitor to market leader Facebook, the battle between the two could reach a critical point in 2012, analysts say. Facebook, the world's largest social network, and Google, the world's largest Internet company, are increasingly going head-to-head in a battle to be the top social media player and get the big advertising dollars that go with the position. How To Check If Someone Else Is Accessing Your Facebook Account So what’s the problem now? Nothing, technically. In fact, Facebook has recently given us a way to see if someone else has been accessing our Facebook accounts (without our permission). Is that something you’d be interested in?

Social media measurement with apps and management foe platforms.. facebook awesome Pick! by teksavi.mjou812.owo.plan Jun 3

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