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Indoor Plants and Gardening

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DIY Tabletop Water Garden. Tabletop water gardens are an exciting way to experience nature in your home.

DIY Tabletop Water Garden

Small gardens full of water-loving plants add serenity to any environment. Water garden tabletop versions are inexpensive to create and only require a few items easily purchased at any garden store. There are as many types of gardens as there are people who design them, so use your creativity to make a tranquil water garden for your home. Materials Glass container (bowl or other wide-mouthed vase or vessel)Plastic pot that is shorter than your glass containerWater plants (taro, water lettuce, fairy moss, or water hyacinth)River rocks, pebbles, or aquarium gravelActivated charcoalPure water (rainwater or distilled water is best)

Rubbermaid Container Garden. This is my "recipe" for a Container Garden using Rubbermaid containers.

Rubbermaid Container Garden

It is a cheap and effective way to garden, and is very easy to get together. First, decide what plants you would like to grow and the amount of space you will need. Consider the region you are in, the space available, and monetary investment. Google is good for gathering information, as well as your local Extension Office for answering any questions you may have.

Wall planter. 10 Houseplants That Clean Indoor Air. String of Pearls Succulent.