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How to Be Happy - Well Guides. Humanity on the edge of chaos: collapse & creative breakthrough. We have pushed our species (and many others) to the brink of extinction by misguided actions informed by a limited point of view.

Humanity on the edge of chaos: collapse & creative breakthrough

This epistemological blind-spot created by an exclusively quantities-focussed science informed a technologically driven civilisation measuring success through inadequate economic indicators like Gross Domestic Product (GDP) while externalising the qualitative damage to human communities, ecosystems and the biosphere from the balance sheets. Humanity is transgressing various planetary boundaries (Rockström et al., 2009) and has destabilised global climate patterns (IPCC, 2018). Awareness is spreading that we are on course for civilisational collapse (Kemp, 2019) or might already be in the middle of it (Bendell, 2018).

We have created an anthropogenic global climate emergency — the UK government declared such an emergency on May 2nd, 2019. What Is Tikkun Olam? - What does Tikkun Olam mean, who came up with it, and how do I do it? - Ethics & Morality. This article is part of our comprehensive Tikkun Olam Section.

What Is Tikkun Olam? - What does Tikkun Olam mean, who came up with it, and how do I do it? - Ethics & Morality

Tikkun Olam: In Jewish teachings, any activity that improves the world, bringing it closer to the harmonious state for which it was created. Tikkun olam implies that while the world is innately good, its Creator purposely left room for us to improve upon His work. All human activities are opportunities to fulfill this mission, and every human being can be involved in tikkun olam—child or adult, student or entrepreneur, industrialist or artist, caregiver or salesperson, political activist or environmentalist, or just another one of us struggling to keep afloat. What is Reality?: The New Map of Cosmos, Consciousness, and Existence - Ervin Laszlo. The Mind Project: Curriculum. AI, Robotics & Computational Models This module provides an introduction to artificial neural nets with a working network that can solve X-OR problem.

The Mind Project: Curriculum

Chain codes are a kind of computer program that can be used to represent the shape of objects. Seven hands-on activities show how to write simple chain codes and explain their application to computer vision. The physics-based simulator, Breve, is used to introduce complex adaptive systems with a special focus on the optimization strategy known as simulated annealing . Computers play a central role in artificial intelligence, robotics, and in modeling various capabilities of minds/brains. Neurons form elaborate information processing networks. Larry Learner is an artificial intelligence program that plays the game "Last One Loses.

" McCulloch and Pitts developed a mathematical model of a biological neuron. Feeling objects that aren't there. Imagine this.

Feeling objects that aren't there

You wake up in the morning to the irritating buzz of your alarm. Instead of fumbling for a snooze button, you wave your hand in the air in the general direction of the clock. There, in mid-air, you find it: an invisible button. It’s an illusion you can feel, like a hologram for your fingers. Carl Gustav Jung, Quantum Physics and the Spiritual Mind: A Mystical Vision of the Twenty-First Century. Henri Bergson: Time and Free Will: Chapter 1: The Intensity of Psychic States. Henri Bergson Table of Contents | Next | Previous Can there be quantitative differences in conscious states?

Henri Bergson: Time and Free Will: Chapter 1: The Intensity of Psychic States

IT is usually admitted that states of consciousness, sensations, feelings, passions, efforts, are capable of growth and diminution; we are even told that a sensation can be said to be twice, thrice, four times as intense ? "The Mind as the Software of the Brain" by Ned Block. Ned BlockNew York University 1. Machine Intelligence 2. 3 Scientific Theories About The Multiverse And How It Works! | Original Post Date: June 6, 2014 As we look at this week’s evidence of gravitational waves and cosmic inflation, it’s becoming increasingly hard to believe that the observable universe we live in is the only universe there is.

3 Scientific Theories About The Multiverse And How It Works!

Even modern science is laying down its “knowing” cap in the face of such a grand and complex puzzle. The makeup of the universe, including all that we cannot see (which is roughly 99% of the Universe). Cosmological horizon. A cosmological horizon is a measure of the distance from which one could possibly retrieve information.[1] This observable constraint is due to various properties of general relativity, the expanding universe, and the physics of Big Bang cosmology.

Cosmological horizon

Cosmological horizons set the size and scale of the observable universe. This article explains a number of these horizons. Particle horizon[edit] The particle horizon (also called the cosmological horizon, the comoving horizon, or the cosmic light horizon) is the maximum distance from which light from particles could have traveled to the observer in the age of the universe. It represents the boundary between the observable and the unobservable regions of the universe, so its distance at the present epoch defines the size of the observable universe. By, Lost Ways of Knowing - Rebel Wisdom - Medium.

Chapter 1: Embodied Cognition, Living Systems and the Culture Wars We are lost in the woods.

Lost Ways of Knowing - Rebel Wisdom - Medium

It is 2020, and the mist grows thick and full of desperate voices. As we wander blindly, we hear growls that might mean the end of us. The decade began with images of hell fire; the burning bush in Australia flickering to the charred husk of Soleimani’s car. THE ATTAINING OF BUDDHAHOOD. According to the Bonpo Tradition Taught by Lopon Tenzin Namdak, Devon retreat, May 1991, Edited by Vajranatha I The Hinayana view The Mahayana recognizes the Trikaya - the Three Bodies of the Buddha, but the Hinayana does not do so.


How evolutionary biology makes everyone an existentialist. Nature, Mr Allnut, is what we were put in the world to rise above.Katherine Hepburn to Humphrey Bogart in African Queen (1951) Questions about what matters, and why, and what exists in the world, are quintessentially philosophical.

How evolutionary biology makes everyone an existentialist

The answers to many of these questions are informed by how we conceive of ourselves. How has what is often described as the ‘Copernican revolution’ effected by Charles Darwin changed our self-conception? One particularly surprising feature of evolutionary biology is that it lends significant support to existentialism. A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality. Back in 1961, the Nobel Prize–winning physicist Eugene Wigner outlined a thought experiment that demonstrated one of the lesser-known paradoxes of quantum mechanics. The experiment shows how the strange nature of the universe allows two observers—say, Wigner and Wigner’s friend—to experience different realities. Since then, physicists have used the “Wigner’s Friend” thought experiment to explore the nature of measurement and to argue over whether objective facts can exist. That’s important because scientists carry out experiments to establish objective facts.

The Creativity Crisis. Back in 1958, Ted Schwarzrock was an 8-year-old third grader when he became one of the "Torrance kids," a group of nearly 400 Minneapolis children who completed a series of creativity tasks newly designed by professor E. Paul Torrance. Schwarzrock still vividly remembers the moment when a psychologist handed him a fire truck and asked, "How could you improve this toy to make it better and more fun to play with? " He recalls the psychologist being excited by his answers. In fact, the psychologist's session notes indicate Schwarzrock rattled off 25 improvements, such as adding a removable ladder and springs to the wheels. How to Design Social Systems (Without Causing Depression and War)

In my note to Mark Zuckerberg (which you probably want to read first), I urged his team and other technologists to reimagine their products as “practice spaces” — virtual places where people practice the kinds of acts and relationships they find meaningful. In this post, I will show how this is concretely possible. How to Design Social Systems (Without Causing Depression and War) Here I’ll present a way to think about social systems, meaningful interactions, and human values that brings these often-hazy concepts into focus.

Workplace Wellness Programs Don't Work Well. Why Some Studies Show Otherwise. The Humanization of the Corporation. How should companies change their mindset and rewrite their strategy agenda to focus on a broader purpose? We suggest eight steps: Define your purpose, the higher social goal of your company. This should be at the intersection of a need in the world and a distinctive aspiration and ability to deliver it. Crucially, companies then need to take actions consistent with their stated purpose, even when they might appear to impair short-term results. Consider CVS Health, the first US retail pharmacy chain to stop selling tobacco products.

Reflection in design education. Reflection in design education. SDGs in School Curricular - Mindfulness in Schools Campaign from The Mindfulness Foundation. Preamble This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. 3 reasons why AI could be your new teaching sidekick. With artificial intelligence (AI) on the rise, educators have increasingly reflected on how this might impact teaching in the coming years, with some of the more scary predictions even suggesting that machines could one day replace teachers altogether.

Designing the Perfect School. In today’s world, students are preparing for a technologically driven future with jobs that in many cases have yet to be invented. How high school would be different if students could design it. The Hechinger Report is a national nonprofit newsroom that reports on one topic: education. Sign up for our weekly newsletters to get stories like this delivered directly to your inbox. If I could design a school... Five Stage Model - Gilly Salmon.


Ricaner. ... en vue. (559) Imagine If We Invented School Today. *joi de vivre. Quotability. Myth Story Tale. Entutelage. Physicality. Returning. Rousting. Quantum - Reality - Mind. Design a Perfect School.