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La formation à distance, ça marche ! Le confinement lié au Covid19 pousse de nombreux organismes de formation à trouver du jour au lendemain des solutions en ligne pour assurer les cours et les formations.

La formation à distance, ça marche !

La mise en place est souvent désordonnée, sans stratégie définie, et sans compétence sur la pédagogie de la formation à distance. Cet article vise à partager quelques suggestions issues de l’expérience. Utilizarea instrumentelor digitale în domeniul educației adulților. Viitorul este digital, dar aceste instrumente pot rezolva toate problemele educației adulților?

Utilizarea instrumentelor digitale în domeniul educației adulților

David Mallows și-a împărtășit reflecțiile. Five Stage Model - Gilly Salmon. Technology as Facilitator of Quality Education: A Model. William P.

Technology as Facilitator of Quality Education: A Model

Callahan and Thomas J. Switzer College of Education, University of Northern Note: The authors would like to thank the following graduate students for their work on the project: Alex Spatariu; Corina Cimpoeru; Simona Boroianu; Madalina Tincu; Marius Boboc; Michelle Matz; and Nadia Solukhina. Blended Learning - What is it and how is it used? If you’re familiar with eLearning in any way, there’s no doubt you’ll have heard about blended learning.

Blended Learning - What is it and how is it used?

It’s is a concept that has risen in popularity over the last few years, with its advantages being lauded by eLearning professionals and learners alike. Despite the acceptance of the effectiveness of blended learning, there continues to be some ambiguity around its definition. Metodologie – Strategies to Digitalise Adult Education. Educators guide to elearning. Technology, E-learning and Distance Education - A. W. Bates, Tony Bates. Elearning: The Key Concepts - Robin Mason, Frank Rennie. ED537174. Favorite Web Tools. Schoology– Learning management system with an online discussion capability perfect for extending conversations beyond the walls of the physical classroom to give every student a voice.

Favorite Web Tools

StudySync – This dynamic multimedia ELA curriculum supports students in developing 21st-century literacy. Students can engage with a variety of media, read a wide range of texts, annotate digitally, listen to audio recordings, watch video clips, and anonymously provide peer feedback on each other’s work. Flipgrid – Students can quickly and easily record videos and share them with the class.

Teachers can also use FlipGrid to connect with other classrooms all over the world. Asynchronous vs. Synchronous: How to Design for Each Type of Learning. This school year will look very different for most teachers.

Asynchronous vs. Synchronous: How to Design for Each Type of Learning

Some are beginning entirely online and others are returning to school on a modified schedule where they will only see students in person a couple of days a week. So, the question many teachers are asking is, “How should I spend my limited time with students in the classroom or in video conferencing sessions? Formateurs, comment concevoir une classe virtuelle ? Dans un précédent billet nous nous demandions comment animer une classe virtuelle.

Formateurs, comment concevoir une classe virtuelle ?

Formations HSE en réalité virtuelle : la pédagogie active par Immersive Factory. Create Storyboard. Untitled. Storyboard Definition First let's define storyboard Alfred Hitchcock was notorious for his 'boards' — precisely crafting the movie in his head and on the page. He was so detailed, in fact, that actually shooting the film was boring. All the interesting work had already been done. Untitled. Untitled. Ease the transition to teaching science to secondary pupils during the COVID-19 pandemic with online and offline approaches.


Due to COVID-19 related school closures around the world, many teachers are having to adjust their teaching. Whilst teaching remotely may be new, this course will help you to develop new online and offline teaching strategies for supporting learning at home and at a distance. You’ll consider the issues of student engagement, time management, assessment and feedback, and the role of parents, as well as how to keep up with practical science activities.

How to Write Your First E-Learning Storyboard. Untitled. Ghid pentru design curs. Tech against Coronavirus - a list to learn remotely. Save, organize and share content from across the web with Wakelet.

Tech against Coronavirus - a list to learn remotely

Save articles, videos, images, Tweets and more, organize them into stunning collections, and revisit them anywhere, anytime. Kinderpedia is a smart tool that helps educators, teachers and principals save 6 to 9 hours per week, while keeping parents connected and engaged. Kinderpedia is unique in that it focuses on both the Parent Communication and Engagement, as well as Center Administration and enables real-time communication, customized interaction and resource sharing.

The app provides a friendly, private and secure interface ensuring transparency and a direct communication channel to keep parents connected and engaged. The platform is composed of a robust web interface complemented by native iOS and Android apps for teachers and parents. 26 Teacher Tools To Create Online Assessments.

26 Teacher Tools To Create Online Assessments. (203) Constructivist Approaches. Different Forms Of Energy. Work and Energy : Definition of Work in Physics. Untitled. January 15, 2014 Learning from stories is an effective and powerful tool for learning design, because stories allow us to learn from the experience of others without having to face personal consequences.


What is Instructional Design? YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. The ADDIE Development Phase. The ADDIE Design Phase. The ADDIE Analysis Phase. Instructional Design. Untitled. Learning Solutions. The eLearning Guild: Community & Resources for eLearning Professionals. An Outline For Creating An Instructional Design Document. An eLearning course is developed through the combined efforts of Instructional Designers, learning designers, multimedia developers, technology experts, Subject Matter Experts, and project managers. When you have so many stakeholders involved, how do you ensure that the project stays on course and does not lose its focus?

What is the single document that binds all the people involved to work toward a common goal? Lesson 1. Quickstart: e-Learning Design & Content Roadmap. Tout sur la pédagogie 3.01. Le parcours de Stéphane Côté en est un où une certaine effervescence l’entoure concernant la pédagogie. Si vous l’avez déjà rencontré en personne, vous avez tout de suite remarqué son emballement quasi enfantin lorsqu’il parle de l’enseignement. Dans la salle de classe du futur, les résultats ne progressent pas. Apprendre/désapprendre : sur la ligne de crête des apprentissages numériques. A l’occasion de la parution de la 3e édition du Digital Society Forum consacrée aux nouvelles formes d’apprentissages (la première édition était consacrée aux nouvelles relations, la seconde à la famille connectée), en partenariat entre la Fing (et notamment son média,, Psychologies Magazine et Orange, nous republions le texte introductif du sociologue d’Orange Labs, Dominique Cardon, qui revient sur les rapports entre éducation et technologies.

Une bonne introduction aux deux principales problématiques de l’apprentissage : qu’est-ce qu’apprendre et qu’est-ce que change le fait d’apprendre avec le numérique… Diferente andragogie -pedagogie. ePedagogy. Introduction. Bloom, Kolb s.a. 1. Introduction Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications, in particular with the education system, might change the future of the underdeveloped world, eliminating the digital divide from the education system both locally and in the international arena [1].

However, there are some challenges that the developing world faces in trying to adopt ICT to the education sector. Untitled. Untitled. Photo by Steve Wheeler No, this is not some new discovery about the evolutionary development of snakes - nor is it a reptile dysfunction... If you can please the Head when all about you Are losing hope and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when parents doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; 5 Pedagogical Techniques for eLearning success.

When implementing eLearning into your organization it is imperative to draw upon your Subject Matter Expert’s (SME) vast body of knowledge in order create more institutionally effective and highly relevant training content. Using your SME’s background however is not enough to build great eLearning. Knowing different pedagogical techniques to build effective courses is imperative to having successful learning both in a face-to-face environment as well as an online environment. Making sure your instructional design teams are experts in learning theories and strategies is critical to effective learning.

Techniques for effective online learning. Modele pedagogice. Assessment and Rubrics. Intel Blended Learning. Skills needed in the 21st century that go beyond basic literacy. Students must be able to read critically, write persuasively, think and reason logically, and solve complex problems. A successful 21st century student must also be adept at managing information—finding, evaluating, and applying new content understanding with great flexibility. The specific 21st century skills referenced in this course are from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills ( The ability to adhere to moral and ethical standards in an academic atmosphere.

E Learning -repere. Storyboard. Untitled. How to create a course storyboard. Why You Should Start with an eLearning Storyboard.