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ED514996. Five Stage Model - Gilly Salmon. SlidesCarnival: Best Free PPT Templates and Google Slides Themes. Visible Thinking & Teaching for Understanding in a Distance Learning Environment. Online Voice Recorder - Record Voice from the Microphone. (6) 6th Grade Visual Annotation Example One. Effective educational videos. Video has become an important part of higher education.

Effective educational videos

It is integrated as part of traditional courses, serves as a cornerstone of many blended courses, and is often the main information delivery mechanism in MOOCs. Several meta-analyses have shown that technology can enhance learning (e.g., Schmid et al., 2014), and multiple studies have shown that video, specifically, can be a highly effective educational tool (e.g., Kay, 2012; Allen and Smith, 2012; Lloyd and Robertson, 2012; Rackaway, 2012; Hsin and Cigas, 2013). Royalty Free Music by Bensound. Add a Video Assignment in D2L Brightspace – Bongo: Knowledge Base. D2L Brightspace users: explains how to add a Video Assignment within BrightSpace.

Add a Video Assignment in D2L Brightspace – Bongo: Knowledge Base

Within Brightspace, there are 2 different methods to access the Assignments page. Click on the Video Assignment link in the Navbar. From the Video Assignment page, you can choose the type of Video Assignment you can add. Click on the menu icon in the top left corner of any Bongo page and select Assignments. This will take you to the Assignment List page. Select Assignment Type Pick the video assignment type that best suits your desired outcomes. *Premium features in D2L BrightSpace. The Giving Tree: A Retelling of a Traditional Métis Story. This charming story, richly steeped in Métis culture, focuses on the boyhood reminisces of Moushoom as he describes finding the “great giving tree” with his mother and father.

The Giving Tree: A Retelling of a Traditional Métis Story

This vibrantly illustrated children’s book is a beautiful retelling of a traditional Métis story. Both Leah Marie Dorion and the Gabriel Dumont Institute are very pleased to share this story with the Métis and larger communities since it emphasizes Métis core values and beliefs including strength, kindness, courage, tolerance, honesty, respect, love, sharing, caring, balance, patience, and most of all, the important connection with the Creator and Mother Earth. Distance Learning with SMART Distance Education Resources - SMART Technologies.

5 myths from around the world. Myths serve a profound role in cultures and traditions around the world, anchoring us to a sense of history and meaning through allegorical storytelling.

5 myths from around the world

Save yourself an airplane trip and check out these five myths from different countries around the world: 1. China The myth behind the Chinese zodiac. Talks on folklore. Gallery: Fairy tales as you’ve never seen them before. Russian artist Uldus (TED Talk: Wry photos that turn stereotypes upside down) makes fantastical and intricate photographic portraits of people — as they imagine themselves to be.

Gallery: Fairy tales as you’ve never seen them before

In the process, she smashes stereotypes about modern Russian culture. In her latest series, Russ Land — a Slavic name for Russia — she’s diving into the past, deep into the magical world of pre-Christian Russian fairy tales and folklore. Exploring ancient pagan archetypes, femininity and magic, Uldus’ modern take on traditional tales provides a visual way into the complexity of Russian identity. She shares the stories behind the images. - Online whiteboard for teachers and classrooms. Video Meeting: Get Out of Full Screen. Regardless of the platform you are using for video meetings GET OUT OF FULL SCREEN MODE!

Video Meeting: Get Out of Full Screen

Full screen is awesome if you’re just having conversations, but not so awesome if you say “Go to” and visualize a negative number. Now the students have to be on the computer doing something and not in the video conference. Exit Full Screen Depending on your device there are different ways to exit full screen mode. How to Make a Graphic-Text Mash-up to Promote Blog Content on Facebook. I’m in a few Google+ groups focused on SEO, social media, and content marketing.

How to Make a Graphic-Text Mash-up to Promote Blog Content on Facebook

The question of what stock photo service to use and where to get free images has come up a couple times. It got me thinking about the process I use to find, modify, and use images in my day-to-day. As a community manager and a blogger, I have 2 main needs for images: Including them in BCI blog posts to break up text and add visual interestPosting images to social media to share blog and other BCI content. Mash-Up Font Download. Reading Response Choice Board. Chrome PD Choice Board. Interactive Learning Menus (Choice Boards) Using Google Docs.

Create Interactive Learning with a Choice Board. Ready to create interactive learning opportunities for students?

Create Interactive Learning with a Choice Board

Take advantage of choice boards. In this blog entry, we’ll explore a few reasons why they are powerful and provide examples you can adapt. First, let’s answer a simple question. Publishers Adapt Policies To Help Educators. Can Teachers Read Books Out Loud Online? Actually, Yes. The first image many people have of school is a circle of small children, sitting cross-legged, paying attention (or not) to an adult reading a book aloud and showing pictures to the class.

Can Teachers Read Books Out Loud Online? Actually, Yes.

Indeed, presidents and sports stars choose exactly this photo op when visiting schools. And teachers across the country reenact the scene daily—or did until a few weeks ago. Supporting Learning at Home - For Teachers. Update Google Classroom or Microsoft Team regularly.

Supporting Learning at Home - For Teachers