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Climate change emerges as priority for black and Hispanic voters. Richard Drew / AP It is a point noted with some morbid curiosity year after year — climate change ranks low on the list of Americans’ priorities.

Climate change emerges as priority for black and Hispanic voters

But this version of the story tends to exclude the concerns of those whose interests are often marginalized at the polls and left out of legislation: people of color. According to the number crunchers at FiveThirtyEight (using data from the Pew Research Center), in 2014, more than 40 percent of nonwhite Americans believe global warming should be a “top priority” for their government, while that number for their white counterparts barely tops 20 percent. This discrepancy may factor in a number of elections this year, especially in some battleground states with significant minority populations where climate change has emerged as a major policy issue. Mobilizing a Greener LGBTQ Community!

Why on Earth Is This Gay Guy Marching for Climate?  After a ridiculously long stint trying to de-gay myself through gay conversion therapy, I finally came out.

Why on Earth Is This Gay Guy Marching for Climate? 

#Sustainability today. Eco-Friendly in Practice & for Profit: Sustainability at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Brooklyn Navy Yard (photo: Daniel Stein-Sayles) NEW YORK­– Darkness engulfed New York City as Hurricane Sandy continued its destructive path up the East Coast in October of 2012.

Eco-Friendly in Practice & for Profit: Sustainability at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

However, through the darkness and chaos of Sandy's New York arrival and aftermath, the lights in one section of Northern Brooklyn never went out. Now, two years later, they are still on and representative of a newfound focus on sustainability in a post-Sandy New York City. Home to these lights is the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Once bustling with around 70,000 workers building ships for the United States Navy, environmental issues were not at the forefront of anyone's mind. Ecoroad. Ecoroad. Ecoroad. Ecoroad. Ecoroad.

Ecoroad. Ecoroad. Ecoroad. Ecoroad. Ecoroad. Ecoroad. Ecoroad. Ecoroad. Ecoroad. Ecoroad. Ecoroad. Ecoroad. Ecoroad. An Eco Road Trip Daily. Amazon. 5 Reasons to Be Optimistic about Sustainability in 2014. EN-US: RWD CAtegory Player. When you talk too much for Twitter. Responsible Business Summit. The easy wins are done.

Responsible Business Summit

The next big steps for your corporate strategy: Integrate sustainability into business operations and transform your business for long term success. Learn how to leverage sustainable innovations to ensure profitable and ethical business in the coming years with: Dave Stangis Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Campbell Soup Company David Howson Global Sustainability Director Bacardi. ThatMatters Live: Building an Eco-community (with images, tweets) · shaneSnipes. ThatMatters Live: Martha's Vineyard Thanksgiving - Splash. Instagram. BE SOCIAL CHANGE GUIDE 11.11 – 11.17. Tonight, competition is heating up at the Great CSA Smackdown.


ThatMatters Live - Splash. #Sustainability today. 6 Leadership Attributes for Leading Companies to Sustainability. Changing Tack, the final report of the Regeneration Roadmap, a joint project by GlobeScan and SustainAbility, has just launched last week.

6 Leadership Attributes for Leading Companies to Sustainability

It focuses on the sustainability challenges that remain great and growing and the role business has to play in providing much needed solutions. Soccer, Sustainability and Degrowth. A fortnight or so ago, we devoted a whole week to the financial ill health of five soccer clubs, but the quintet might just as well have been picked at random. Our loose remit is to cover the three divisions of the Football League, but others have chronicled the worsening situation at a host of locations: from Kettering to Truro; from Darlington to the Ibrox district of Glasgow. Further, these cases are but the very grubby tip of an iceberg of those ‘bad with money’. Over the course of the 2009-10 financial year, 78 of Europe’s top clubs spent more than their income on wages alone, with a tribe of light blues from the North West posting a £121 million loss. What’s the betting that next time we run a Turmoil Week, Plymouth, Preston and Portsmouth will be replaced by Manchester City, Macclesfield and Middlesbrough?

Margaret Hyde: Eco-Friendly Summer Fun for Kids. Summer is finally here.

Margaret Hyde: Eco-Friendly Summer Fun for Kids

We made it through two graduations, class parties and birthdays. As a mom I say phew! I made it with big deep breaths, but my kids are saying, "Now what? " I have one son thrilled to be off to baseball camp, but another who would rather hang at home with me. Sustainable Development - Getting to Inclusive Green Growth. Over the past 20 years, economic growth has lifted more than 660 million people out of poverty and raised the income levels of millions more, but growth has often come at the expense of the environment.

Sustainable Development - Getting to Inclusive Green Growth

A variety of market, policy and institutional failures mean that the Earth’s natural capital tends to be used in ways that are economically inefficient and wasteful, without sufficient reckoning of the true social costs of resource depletion, and without adequate reinvestment in other forms of wealth. Moreover, despite the gains from growth, 1.3 billion people do not have access to electricity, 2.6 billion have no access to sanitation, and 900 million lack safe, clean drinking water.

Growth must be inclusive to be sustainable. Growth also must be environmentally sound. Renewable energy debate needs 'more evidence' and 'less media hype' Sustainable consumption: why brands should take the lead. Sign In. Jake Pollack. How to Become a More Effective Sustainability Leader — Strategic Sustainability Consulting. In the Inc. article, 3 Things All Great Leaders Know About Themselves , author Les McKeown argues that great leaders continually seek to know themselves better.

And since we're always looking for ways to help build the capability for our clients’ in-house sustainability leaders, we were intrigued to see the three questions that McKeown says will "yield immediate (positive) results in how you lead. " Do you typically undershoot or overshoot? The single most immediate area for self-awareness improvement I see in most leaders is to gain a clear understanding of how they set goals (formally and informally).

Prescott College Sustainability Education Symposium 2013. Adobe Connect Login. Welcome to Northland Cares. Growth and sustainability: are they really at odds with each other? See Who Is On Twitter, Get Followers : WeFollow Twitter Directory. Class of 2013. Program Overview Established in 2006, the Global Fellows Program is a 12-month fellowship for individuals dedicated to serving the poor and who have the business and operational expertise, and moral imagination needed to effect long-term social change.

Class of 2013

The fellowship begins with an eight-week training program in the Acumen New York office, where Fellows learn about business models for the poor, hone their leadership skills, and learn more about Acumen. After training, each Fellow works for the CEO or senior management of an Acumen investee on a critical business issue facing the organization. Fellows have worked on projects ranging from leading operations of a new business unit at a cotton ginnery in Uganda, to expanding the clinic network of a pharmacy company in India, to developing branding strategies for a microfinance institution in Pakistan. Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch.

GetGlue. Psst... Groundwater and Surface Water Mix. Rachel Soufrine and friends talking about Pigeon Key.