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SustainabilityLeader sur Twitter : "#Brands and #Sustainability: From Nice-to-Have to #CompetitiveAdvantage Thanks @markdisomma ! The Long Run - Sustainability for everyone, in action. Welcome to the website of the 7th World Congress of the Finno-Ugric peoples! Aivar Ruukel sur Twitter : "Unlearing unsustainability #ESD conference in Tallinn #education #sustainability... News - The Long Run Marks its Relaunch as an Independent Non-profit Organisation with a Free Google+ Hangout Featuring Chairman Jochen Zeitz. 09.00 London – 15 April 2015 -- The Long Run, the sustainability initiative of the Zeitz Foundation, has established itself as an independent, not-for-profit, UK-based organisation.

News - The Long Run Marks its Relaunch as an Independent Non-profit Organisation with a Free Google+ Hangout Featuring Chairman Jochen Zeitz

This development represents a milestone in the global movement focused on applying the Zeitz Foundation’s “4C” sustainability philosophy to private protected areas, their local communities and nature-based sustainable tourism worldwide. To mark the occasion, The Long Run invites the public to an open, free and unscripted Google+ Hangout on Air with its visionary founder and chair, Jochen Zeitz. The live Hangout, to be held on 22 April 2015 at 13.00 UTC, is an opportunity for the general public to join Zeitz and other directors and members of the Long Run in a discussion of how the holistic balance of Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce (the 4Cs) can help achieve long-lasting positive impact and sustainability. Facebook: Swen Waterreus on Twitter: "Interview: Xavier Font on How to Communicate Sustainable Tourism via @SustLeaders"

Tourism Destination Sustainability Communications: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Telling Your Stories. Why Sustainability Communications for Tourism Destinations?

Tourism Destination Sustainability Communications: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Telling Your Stories

Alpine ski resorts gain boost from going green. Tourism manager Dominique Geissberger is looking out from her office in the small Swiss alpine ski resort of Villars at forests dusted with fresh snow and spectacular mountains dazzling in the winter sunshine.

Alpine ski resorts gain boost from going green

“This pristine landscape is what we all depend on,” says Geissberger. “It’s what tourists expect to find when they come here.” In an effort to protect the environment upon which the village’s tourist trade relies, Villars has embarked on a comprehensive programme of sustainability initiatives ranging from introducing a fleet of hybrid buses that ferry skiers about, to low-energy snow-making systems. Promoting_Sustain_Behavior_Primer.pdf. Interview: Rainforest Alliance President Tensie Whelan - Sustainability Leaders in Travel and Tourism. In this first of our 2015 series of interviews with sustainable tourism thinkers, shakers and doers, Rainforest Alliance President Tensie Whelan shares her thoughts on sustainable tourism, Costa Rica, and the challenges involved in promoting sustainability.

Interview: Rainforest Alliance President Tensie Whelan - Sustainability Leaders in Travel and Tourism

RA President Tensie Whelan Tensie, in 1991 you wrote your first book on sustainable tourism – what was your view of sustainability and tourism back then? I saw both the negative impacts of mass tourism (on water quality, fragile ecosystems, cultures) and the opportunity to do it right, as I was living in Costa Rica at the time, which was pioneering ecotourism. Now at the beginning of 2015, how much of that view is still there, what has changed? Well, Costa Rica, unfortunately, has begun to turn to mass tourism on its coasts, which demonstrates the pressures that the continued increase in travel brings. As an award-winning leader in the sustainability field, which are the main lessons for you personally, and as President of RA?

. Brands and Sustainability: From Nice-to-Have to Competitive Advantage - Sustainability Leaders in Travel and Tourism. Branding expert Mark di Somma (@markdisomma) recently wrote a very spot-on article for the Branding Strategy Insider (@BrandingInsider) on the shift in perceptions and expectations regarding brands and social responsibility/sustainability.

Brands and Sustainability: From Nice-to-Have to Competitive Advantage - Sustainability Leaders in Travel and Tourism

Historically, he writes, corporate social responsibility has put the emphasis on how businesses are doing good. It’s become an increasingly varied checklist of “things we’ve done right”. “Today though, socially aware audiences want more. They increasingly make judgments about you based on your overall likeability. Wizness sur Twitter : "What makes a good #Sustainability report according to "Light"? 6 Sustainability Managers Tell You What Makes a Good CSR Report. How to tell sustainability stories on social media. Just 35 of 113 companies studied used their social media channels to tell their sustainability or CSR stories.

How to tell sustainability stories on social media

Photograph: Rob Whitworth/Alamy Do you ever get the feeling you're having the same sustainability conversation over and over again with the same group of people? It's a sentiment I've heard a lot recently from sustainability professionals – the nagging feeling that it's time to take sustainability out to the masses if they are going to accomplish the goals they've become so good at talking to each other about. This year's Social Media Sustainability Index certainly backs up that sentiment. In looking back at the year 2013 we analysed how 475 companies from all over the world communicate sustainability. Cheerio's Spoonful of Stories, a longtime collaboration with Simon & Schuster and First Book to advocate childhood reading, is a good example of delivering sustainability in a way consumers can embrace.

Best Practice Guide #Social Media for #Sustainability Com… Greenhushing: why companies fear talking the sustainability walk — WTM Responsible Tourism Blog. We constantly hear that companies greenwash, that is, they write beautiful corporate social responsibility policies, but fail to implement them.

Greenhushing: why companies fear talking the sustainability walk — WTM Responsible Tourism Blog

An Argument for Adding Sustainability to TripAdvisor Ratings. As the global economy rebounds and tourism reaches record heights, hotels are boasting more occupied rooms and higher rates.

An Argument for Adding Sustainability to TripAdvisor Ratings

This is giving the industry an opportunity to consider a looming concern: Sustainability, upon which the future of their business rests. Why I think the DearTripadvisor Campaign is wrong — WTM Responsible Tourism Blog. Strange things are happening in the world of certification and sustainability.

Why I think the DearTripadvisor Campaign is wrong — WTM Responsible Tourism Blog

It’s all to do with a campaign called DearTripadvisor, which is urging the world’s largest travel review site to let is users rate hotels on sustainability, and then for Tripadvisor to include their rating alongside the ratings for cleanliness, service, food etc. Last year, Tripadvisor launched the Greenleaders scheme in the US, enabling hotels to apply to sign up. Earlier this year it launched in Europe. What do you get if you cross sustainable tourism with a sense of humour? One of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time, Dumb Ways to Die showed that humour and serious issues of responsibility can mix (click image to watch video) Not a lot.

What do you get if you cross sustainable tourism with a sense of humour?

At least not from the many mirthless hours I have recently spent wading through websites and marketing campaigns trying to find examples using humour to talk about responsibly run tourism. Plenty about saving the planet. Not much that suggests people enjoy doing it. Anyone who has ever tried to talk about the importance of sustainable tourism will know how hard it is to keep the crowd interested. Art of Sustainability - Sustainability Leaders Network. Susanne Moser, Fellows Seminar, Mill Valley, CA, 2010 Jay Mead leads our Art of Sustainability programming. Creative problem solving is essential for addressing the many challenges we face in bringing about a sustainable future for people and planet. Tipping the scale: how a political economist could save the world’s forests. Can Elinor Ostrom’s revolutionary ideas halt climate change, improve people’s livelihoods, and save the world’s forests?

“[T]here’s a five-letter word I’d like to repeat and repeat and repeat: Trust.” Thus spoke Elinor Ostrom in her 2009 Stockholm lecture, when at age 77 she became the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Economics. A professor of political science at Indiana University-Bloomington until her death in 2012, she’d spent a lifetime traveling the world and observing everyday citizens cooperating against all odds. Presentations From Responsible Tourism Events At ITB Asia 2014 « Wild Asia's Responsible Tourism Initiative. On behalf of ITB Asia, Wild Asia would like to thank you for participating in the Responsible Tourism Clinics and Forum at ITB Asia 2014. We would also like to thank all our speakers who graciously spared their time to share their wealth of experience and knowledge with us. We had a stellar crowd at the Responsible Tourism Centre booth and many meaningful and passionate discussions took place. Let’s hope they translate into reality, making destinations better for tourists and local communities that depend on it.

If you missed the responsible tourism events, don’t fret. Aivar Ruukel sur Twitter : "Greenmapping process by @GreenHopping_eu #sustainability and #greening of #destinations... How Eco-Labels Influence Consumers. First Green Growth and Travelism Summer School (25-29/08, Belgium) The 2014 Green Growth and Travelism Summer School will be held from the 25th to 29th of August 2014 in Hasselt University, Belgium. The event aims at exploring and explaining the concepts of tourism, travel, green growth and Climate Resilience, showing how the development of the travelism value chain can both adapt to meet the changing global challenges and turn them into opportunities.

As a result, a series of lectures will be given on the topics of transport and hospitality sustainability, presented by leading experts in the fields of climate change, green growth, travelism, mobility and biodiversity. The conference will also hold field trips and interactive debates, focusing on practical applications and career development for course participants. Ruukel : TREBLE project seminar #BalticSea ... How indigenous communities are driving sustainable tourism. I am currently working on the Pacific island of Samoa, helping the Polynesian people find a way to meet their need for foreign exchange without diluting their culture or degrading the Earth they view as sacred.

Faced with the prospect of becoming just another piece of resort real estate, members of the tourism sector are coming together to explore ways of enriching their guests' experience while ensuring that the money they spend directly benefits villages and helps provide livelihoods and hope for local young people. They are discovering that while some capital investment is necessary, the real gains in yield come from valuing who they are, where they are and what makes them "exotic. "

Social value: a sustainability buzzword without a meaning? When quantifying social value, the first step should be to define the term exactly. Social media in sustainability: your questions answered. Fair_Travel_Swe : Here we go! #TREBLE ... Destinations go back to a green future. European Wilderness Society Sustainability motivations in small tourism enterprises in European protected areas - European Wilderness Society. Ruukel : Marie Kvarnström and Hakan ... Ruukel : Emma Mandelli of @BeyondTourism ... Ruukel : Satoyama Initiative Regional ...

Aivar @ Auditorium al Duomo. Ruukel : EDEN Network meeting in Kuldiga ......... Beyond CSR & Sustainability. Sustainable tourism for the future we want. Exclusive "Gringo Trails" screening presented by & NY Trav Fest. The core project results - three manuals - are available in a project's website. En dialektisk världsbild « Thomas Jordans blog. Teaching Materials - Building community capacity by developing regional business networks. Ruukel : BOOK: Slow travel and tourism... Global Travel and Tourism Industry News. Slow is Beautiful. The Psychology of Sustainability w/John Marshall Roberts. Gardening DIY: Growing Culinary Herbs Indoors - 42Yogis. Show us the facts to prove responsible tourism good for business. Enoughness: Cristina MIttermeier at TEDxVailWomen. Sustainable tourism development perspectives from Estonia. Ruukel : Martin Ahlberg opens #TREBLE... Ruukel : What is #sustainability in... Sustainable tourism development perspectives from Estonia.

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Please read and accept the waiver. All fields marked with * are required. Instagram. EDEN - "European Destinations of Excellence" Instagram. European Commission : Soomaa Estonia. Some Thoughts on Desert Tourism. The wealth of their heritage, the people who inhabit them and the magic of their panoramas make deserts very attractive areas for tourism. The many tourists in search of new encounters, discovery, tranquillity, and space can find these areas particularly appealing.


Environment. Ted. Greenwashing. Environmental. Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria. Stavros DIMAS’s diary » Voluntary Emission Targets do not Work.