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Decor8. The neon gypsy. collective fashion consciousness. Polkadot. Popular Piccs. Awwwards: Website Awards - Best websites around the World. The 99 Percent. The aphorism tells us that "life is what happens when you're busy making plans.

The 99 Percent

" So building the life that stays on track requires a specific goal that can act as your north star. read more → The best selling author reminds us that it's free to be wrong, so why don't we take more risks? Read more → In this 99U talk, Thomas reveals his approach to his often-provocative work that recasts the iconography of advertising and our everyday to force us to rethink identity in popular culture. read more → When your surroundings aren't cooperating, there's only one thing to do: change them. read more → The "cult of optimism" has taught us to set strict goals and adhere to them.

Read more → The most successful institutions are more like a network and less like a hierarchy. Read more → Forget trying to "fake it until you make it. " read more → Not every businesses needs to be focused on super-rapid growth. Social Media News and Web Tips – Mashable – The Social Media Guide. Advertising Blog & Community. Design Inspiration. Wed, 05/30/2012. Smashing Magazine.

The Dieline - The #1 Package Design Website - Recent posts. Pluck't. Kelli Murray's Blog » News. What are you working on? All Creative World.

Oh Happy Day! The best in advertising, design, and digital creativity - AdCritic. All Creative World. (2011) Top 100 Advertising, Marketing, Digital, Media and PR Blogs. Compiled and updated by Ed Mahony of 2014.

(2011) Top 100 Advertising, Marketing, Digital, Media and PR Blogs

For digital marketing strategists / marketers in general. Split into 20 categories….. Econsultancy - Digital marketing general Marketing Profs - Digital marketing general Hubspot - Inbound marketing, social media, SEO, strategy, analytics, lead generation, and eMarketer - Research / analysisSeth Godin - Marketing / branding (general)Social Media Examiner – Social media general Convince & Convert - Social media and content marketingContent Marketing Institute - Content marketing Jon Loomer - Facebook Moz – SEO / digital marketing general Kissmetrics – Analytics / digital marketing general Digital Buzz - Digital interactiveViral Blog – Viral marketing Online Marketing Blog - Digital PR, social and search engine marketingDigital Marketing Ramblings – Digital marketing general Marketing Tech Blog – Digital marketing general All Twitter - all things Twitter Shift Communications - Integrated, PR agency.  Digital Campaigns, Online Marketing, Social & More.

AdFreak. Need a new reason to cry at weddings? Tosando, a Japanese company that offers musical instruments and lessons, is pleased to oblige with this intense, time-tripping tear-jerker. The short film tells the story of a widowed, middle-aged father and his daughter on her wedding day. At the reception, dad sits at the piano and attempts to play Pachelbel's Canon, which opens the floodgates for memories both happy and sad. The flashbacks are a tad disorienting at first, but you'll get the gist.

(RocketNews24 has a handy breakdown/translation for those in need.) Judging from reactions around the Web, this finely crafted cinematic spot, clocking in at more than three minutes, has left more than a few viewers misty-eyed. Indeed, emotion-stirring ads from Asia are a big deal these days. All advertising is manipulative to some degree, but at least these weepers win us over with deft manipulation. Observatory: Design Observer. Digital advertising and marketing: only the best ideas worldwide, since 2003. Advertising Agency & Marketing Industry News. GOOD Home Page. L THIS IS WH▲T INSPIRES US - Part 2.

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