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Videos. Shapeways Blog - 3D Prints So Good You Can Smell Them. Advanced Materials & Processes - JUL-AUG 2015. Graphene amps up night-vision technology - ASM International. November 05, 2015Source: ASM International Movies such as 1987's Predator, in which an alien who sees in the infrared hunts down Arnold Schwarzenegger and his team, introduced a generation of sci-fi fans to thermal imaging. Since then, heat-sensing devices have found many real-word applications but have remained relatively expensive and rigid. But a new development featuring graphene could lead to a flexible, transparent, and low-cost infrared vision system. The concept of humans—or aliens—having the power to see in the infrared to help fight enemies in the dark has been around for decades. Researchers integrated graphene with silicon microelectromechanical systems (known as MEMS) to make their device.

The authors acknowledge funding from the MIT/Army Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, the U.S. Image caption — A thermal sensor made out of graphene could lead to better night vision technology. Subject Classifications Industries and Applications Materials Processing and Treatment. About Motionwear Fabric. Silkskyn A Motionwear exclusive, Silkskyn was developed to meet the demands of the dancer, performer and athlete. The softness of its microfiber construction, combined with moisture wicking, maintains a balanced comfort level during high intensity activity. The weave and yarn technology in Silkskyn make it very soft and supple. Silkskyn is extremely durable, has excellent stretch and recovery properties, is machine washable and dries three times faster than cotton. Dri-Line Motionwear Dri-Line is a modern microfiber polyester fabric with superior softness and moisture wicking.

Cotton Motionwear Cotton is a soft, heavy jersey knit with plenty of spandex for stretch and support. Tencel Motionwear Tencel is a luxurious, soft fabric that truly maximizes comfort and function. Shine On Motionwear Shine On is a dazzling effect of shine from a solid foil on top of high quality nylon spandex. * Tencel is registered trademark of the Lenzing company. Peak Fabrics - Index - Index. Apparel Fabric - Discount Fabric - Guide to Available Fabrics for Custom Team Uniforms and Apparel. Performance & Technology – Polarmax. Features & Benefits Advanced Base Layer technologies differentiate Polarmax® products from the competition. Our line is updated with styling that delivers comfort and versatility for the range of winter activities you enjoy. Whether you’re hiking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, hunting or whatever your sport may be, there’s a Polarmax® base layer that’s right for you.

Acclimate® Dry is exclusively featured in all Polarmax® fabrics, keeping people dry and warm during cold weather activities. Our garments are specifically designed to match a variety of climate extremes: Warm: Lightweight, Warmer: Mid-Weight, and Warmest: Heavy-Weight. Polarmax offers a wide range of styles and colors so you can select the one that best suits your needs. Acclimate® Fresh/Anti-Microbial Polarmax® and PMX are protected by Acclimate® Fresh/Anti-Microbial anti-odor technology to keep your base layer smelling fresh all day - even when you’re perspiring all day.

Acclimate® Dry Moisture Management. Performance fabric. Michael Levine inc. - Fabric - Top Designers Shop Here. Bluesign standard | MADE-BY. Summary The bluesign® standard is an independent industry initiative that was released in 2000 in response to the demand for environmentally friendly textile products. The standard was developed and is kept up-to-date by bluesign technologies® AG. bluesign® also offers support services to the textile industry for implementation of the standard and thus has a double role. bluesign technologies® AG’s goal is that products used in the fabrication and finishing of natural and synthetic fibres be solely those which have met the strictest criteria worldwide and whose producers have subsequently been audited by bluesign. bluesign technologies AG screens entire production processes and issues recommendations for fully equivalent but harmless ingredients as an alternative.

The standard is built around five principles: resource productivity, consumer safety, air emission, water emission and occupational health and safety. Several brochures can be found here. Governance Scope Market Acceptance Criteria. Flaxcomposites | Natural fibers are our future ! Biobased composites today! Ecolect: Creating A Sustainable Materials Database and Community. Ecolect is a new online sustainable materials database and community created "to be the largest, freely accessible sustainable materials library in the world. " The site was created to save designers time and money by answering these questions: where do I find sustainable materials, what makes them sustainable, and who else is using them and how.

Though just under way, the database is filling up with sustainable materials regular TreeHugger readers will recognize, like AMF Safecoat paint, biobased insulation and Globus cork flooring. Since it's been created as a virtual two-way street, if you have a favorite sustainable material, they want to hear about it; drop them a line and you might see it up on the site a short time later. Created by Rhode Island School of Design graduates, Matt Grigsby and Joe Gebbia, Ecolect has headquarters in San Francisco and Providence, Rhode Island, and they'll be celebrating their launch this Thursday, October 18, with a party in the city by the Bay. PORCELANOSA USA- tile/ kitchen/ bath/ hardwood. Contemporary | Barkskin™ by Caba Company.