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Sign in - Google Accounts. Clozetests. Louis Theroux: Behind Bars. Facebook. Three Branches of Government. Download or order a poster.

Three Branches of Government

(Please get your parent's permission)​Lesson Plan Constitution The Founding Fathers, the framers of the Constitution, wanted to form a government that did not allow one person to have too much control. With this in mind, the framers wrote the Constitution to provide for a separation of powers, or three separate branches of government. Each has its own responsibilities and at the same time they work together to make the country run smoothly and to assure that the rights of citizens are not ignored or disallowed. Legislative - Makes Laws Congress is composed of two parts: the Senate and the House of Representatives. SenateThe Senate has 100 elected senators total; 2 senators per state. House of RepresentativesThe House has 435 voting representatives; the number of representatives from each state is based on the state's population. Executive - Carries Out Laws The executive branch is composed of the President, Vice President and Cabinet members. How to Become President of the U.S. Poster.

Download or order a poster.

How to Become President of the U.S. Poster

(Please get your parent's permission) Lesson PlanVideos: The Requirements, Primaries and Caucuses, Conventions to Election, How Votes Are Counted, How to Become President U.S. Constitution's Requirements for a Presidential Candidate At least 35 years oldA natural born citizen of the United StatesA resident of the United States for 14 years. How to Become President of the U.S. Poster. American Stories in Easy English / American Stories in VOA Special English. There are 57 fifteen-minute MP3 files.

American Stories in Easy English / American Stories in VOA Special English

That is about 14 hours of listening. ESL English Language Learning - Adult Literacy - Listening & Reading - Audiobooks - Stories. Boy wears skirt to school in protest against 'discrimination' ''We think that this discriminates against boys.

Boy wears skirt to school in protest against 'discrimination'

I will march in a skirt with other boys waving banners and making a lot of noise. ''I will be wearing the skirt at school all day in protest at the uniform policy and addressing the assembly with the student council, wearing a skirt.'' Teachers at Impington Village College imposed a ban on boys' shorts two years ago following consultation with parents and teachers. London receptionist 'sent home for not wearing heels' A London receptionist was sent home from work after refusing to wear high heels, it has emerged.

London receptionist 'sent home for not wearing heels'

Temp worker Nicola Thorp, 27, from Hackney, arrived at finance company PwC to be told she had to wear shoes with a "2in to 4in heel". When she refused and complained male colleagues were not asked to do the same, she was sent home without pay. Outsourcing firm Portico said Ms Thorp had "signed the appearance guidelines" but it would now review them. More on this story and other news from London. Sweden male train drivers wear skirts after shorts row. A dozen male train drivers in Sweden have circumvented a ban on shorts by wearing skirts to work in hot weather.

Sweden male train drivers wear skirts after shorts row

The workers, who operate the Roslagsbanan line north of the capital Stockholm, have been wearing skirts to work for the past two weeks. Employer Arriva banned the drivers from wearing shorts after taking over the running of the line in January. But the company has given the men its blessing to wear skirts, according to local newspaper Mitti. Longhill High Schoolboys wore skirts after being told PE shorts were not uniform. A group of teenage boys went to school wearing skirts in protest at a uniform policy forbidding them from wearing shorts during the summer.

Longhill High Schoolboys wore skirts after being told PE shorts were not uniform

The year 9 pupils chose to wear a skirt after they were punished for wearing shorts on the hottest day of the year so far. As a result Michael Parker, Kodi Ayling, George Boyland and Jesse Stringer, all 14, chose cooler clothing which is part of the official uniform - a pleated navy skirt. George, Jesse, Kodi and Michael, all 14, chose cooler clothing which is part of the official uniform - a pleated navy skirt Despite not being allowed to wear the school's branded shorts, the boys were allowed to wear skirts which are part of the agreed school uniform. Doc Brown, russell howard slang 101. Tools for Educators - free worksheet templates, printable game templates, 100% customizable worksheet makers with images!

Vizia. Santa's Elves - Dogs and Cats with Human Hands Making Toys - Freshpet. Owl Eyes - Owl Eyes. List of 40 FREE Educational Websites. According to webometrics, there are more than 17 000 universities, but getting a degree in many of them is quite costly.

List of 40 FREE Educational Websites

Many students around the world(and their families) get into big debt or have to work over sixty hours a week in order to afford an education. Two thirds of the US college seniors who graduated in 2011 had student loan debt, with an average of over 27 000 USD per person. Reading those statistics I can't stop thinking about those words from over 30 years ago: London's first official tube map showing how long it takes to walk between stops. There have been a few attempts at drawing up walking maps of London Underground.

London's first official tube map showing how long it takes to walk between stops

Now TfL has drawn up an official map showing the time taken to walk between tube stops – and in some cases it’s actually quicker to walk. For example, Leicester Square to Covent Garden takes just four minutes, Charing Cross to Embankment takes three minutes, and Cannon Street to Mansion House takes four minutes. New London Tube Map Shows How Long It Takes to Walk, Not Ride a Train. Reading/Writing. FB-grupp 6-9 drive 2 – Google Drive. TED. Lessons Worth Sharing. Encourage critical thinking by turning your class into a Socratic Seminar. With so much talk about the Common Core standards and truly increasing our student’s argumentative powers and critical thinking skills, some teachers are starting to think critically themselves about how best to engage students in thoughtful debate and discussion around texts they need to analyze anyway.

Encourage critical thinking by turning your class into a Socratic Seminar

One method, called the Socratic seminar, challenges to students to formal discussions about a text based on open-ended questions. Throughout the exercise, students must alternately employ good listening, critical thinking, creativity, and rhetorical prowess. The Socratic style of discourse lends itself quite well to establishing critical thinkers due to the fact that Socrates believed that enabling students to think for themselves was more important than filling their heads with knowledge. Even if you’re new to the concept, it’s easy to get started. Select a text To start, consider engaging the class in a guided reading of a novel with compelling themes and issues.

The questions. 5 Simple Tips For Nervous And Overwhelmed Online Students. First, congratulations on taking this huge step! You’re a new online college student! A Handy Chart Featuring Over 30 Educational YouTube Channels for Teachers. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 5 Great YouTube Channels for Learning English. Youtube is undoubtedly a great source of educational content to use in class with your students. It also hosts tons of channels that provide instructional tutorials specifically tailored for different learning needs and styles.

We have already reviewed some of these channels in previous posts and today we are sharing with you some of our favourite YouTube channels for learning English. Vikten av effektiv feedback - sluta sätt ut betyg! Response on speech. U.S. presidential elections explained (by explainity) Bernie Sanders Teaches Stephen Never To Give Up. Electing a US President in Plain English. How do they work? Themes 7-9 – King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Now that 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' is hitting the cinemas around the world, presents a new Theme Page of King Arthur with all the usual ingredients for lower intermediate and intermediate level students, i.e. year 5-9 in Swedish Compulsory Schools.

The theme page is created around a downloadable… In "Teaching Matters" News. på Pinterest. School Start and Planning – School Start Pages have been updated. Anglo-Saxon - The History of English (1/10) H&M For Every Victory. Teaching Ideas. Join our email newsletter to receive free updates! Close Search for Ideas and Resources Filter Results Menu The Olympics Celebrate the Olympics with our popular teaching materials. Filter by age Filter by subject (Select all / Select none) Filter by type. 2016 Rio Olympics. Grades K-1: First-Day Projects. 100 Best Read-Aloud Books - Scholastic.

7 Great Activities for the First Day of School. Classroom Library.

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