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22 Ideas for Creating Great Blog Content If you are in charge of the content marketing strategy for your company (like I am), you know how it feels to run out of ideas or inspiration. That’s why I try to keep weekly content meetings to generate ideas and a content calendar (that’s in a constant state of flux, depending how busy I am with other duties) to keep track of everything. Today’s infographic comes from Brian Clark at Copyblogger, who created it when he was in a jam of his own. Brian decided to turn that into a helpful infographic and add one more item to that: Recycle old content. Anyway, post this in your cubicle or bookmark it on your browser — there are a lot of great tips here that can help you create compelling stuff for your content marketing strategy. Like this infographic? Tagged as: blog content, blog content ideas, blogging tips, content blog, content for blog, how to create a great blog, how to create blogs, how to write blog, how to write content, infographic, tips on blogging, write a blog

Real News Can He Walk The Talk? A Privacy Agenda An Innovation Agenda A Transparency Agenda Obama is presented by the media as a hero, a savior, a catalyst for real change, and even a modern day JFK, but is that who he really is? Will Barack Obama really bring change? By The global elite march in three essential columns: Corporate, Political, and Academic. >> Read More Television Kills Empathy By Desensitization is a psychological process that has often been involved in explaining viewers' emotional reactions to media violence. Continue to support internet freedom. By PLANET EARTH - Divide and conquer. "But I'll tell you what hermits realize. "We must strive for freedom if we strive for self-knowledge. By On October 26, 2001, President Bush signed the USA PATRIOT Act (PATRIOT) into law. >> Read More The Central Banking System is a Scam "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their >> Read More Your Health: Our Food

Geeks are Sexy Technology News | tech, science, news and social issues for geeks Hidden Knowledge How COINTELPRO really works and destroys social movements: Open letter from former Tea Partier to Occupy Wall Street protesters I don't expect you to believe me. I want you to read this, take it with a grain of salt, and do the research yourself. You may not believe me, but I want your movement to succeed. I wish I could believe this Occupy Wall Street was still about (r)Evolution, but so far, all I am seeing is a painful rehash of how the government turned the pre-Presidential election tea party movement into the joke it is now. I am sharing these observations, so you guys know what's going on and can prevent the media from succeeding in painting you as violent slacker hippies rebelling without a cause, or from having the movement be hijacked by a bunch of corporatists seeking to twist the movement's original intentions. Here's how they turned our movement into a bunch of pro-corporate Republican party rebranding astroturf, and this is how I predict they are turning your movement into a bunch of pro-corporate Democratic party rebranding astroturf. 2- Be image conscious. 5- Remain independent and focused.

NOBILITY | These are not the Heros you're looking for… "The egg" - Page 11 You were on your way home when you died. It was a car accident. Nothing particularly remarkable, but fatal nonetheless. You left behind a wife and two children. And that’s when you met me. “What… what happened?” “You died,” I said, matter-of-factly. “There was a… a truck and it was skidding…” “Yup,” I said. “I… I died?” “Yup. You looked around. “More or less,” I said. “Are you god?” “Yup,” I replied. “My kids… my wife,” you said. “What about them?” “Will they be all right?” “That’s what I like to see,” I said. You looked at me with fascination. “Don’t worry,” I said. “Oh,” you said. “Neither,” I said. “Ah,” you said. “All religions are right in their own way,” I said. You followed along as we strode through the void. “Nowhere in particular,” I said. “So what’s the point, then?” “Not so!” I stopped walking and took you by the shoulders. “You’ve been in a human for the last 48 years, so you haven’t stretched out yet and felt the rest of your immense consciousness. “Oh lots. “Wait, what?” “Sure.

News of The Ongoing Battle of GMO’s vs. Humanity : Truth Frequency News Truth Frequency Radio Oct 03, 2012 YouTube censors ‘Organic Spies’ video exposing Whole Foods employees lying about GMOs Mike Adams Natural News I once thought Whole Foods was a great place to shop, and I used to look forward to finding a Whole Foods store in every city I visited. Two days ago, a group calling itself “Organic Spies” released a shocking video exposing the “GMO lies” at Whole Foods. On YouTube, you can watch videos of people having their teeth knocked out, animals being brutally shot by hunters, and even sexually explicit “soft porn.” Full Article Operation Whole Foods: Hidden Camera GMO Sting (FEDERALJACK) Organic Spies conducted an undercover hidden camera sting of Whole Foods Market for selling unlabeled GMO foods. Frankenscientists Announce Mutant GMO Cows to Produce ‘Engineered’ Milk for Human Babies By Mike October 2, 2012 This is being reported by the BBC and elsewhere. After gestation, the mutant GMO cow was born without a tail! Full Article

Being There: Ambient Loops from Famous Sci-Fi TV and Movies A look into the fascinating subculture of ambient sound loops, taken directly from sci-fi TV and movies like Blade Runner, Star Trek and Alien. For all the attention afforded services like Spotify, Pandora, Beats, and SoundCloud, YouTube remains an active place of musical reinterpretation and presentations, the official videos and VEVO channels supplemented by unofficial remixes, live bootlegs and users’ own creative efforts. One of the most interesting musical microtrends hosted there, though, might also be one of its most mysterious. It might even be hard to call it music at all. It can best be described as loops of ambient sound from movies and TV – and, very specifically, science fiction productions. One high profile fan is Jason DeMarco, Adult Swim vice president and the figure behind their yearly online singles series. Listening to any one of these pieces rapidly becomes a dual listening experience. The aforementioned 24 hour Next Generation piece is a perfect test case for this.

Erowid Insult Person On Twitter, Go To Jail Chris | InformationLiberation A teenager insulted a public figure on twitter. Then he got arrested. Why? Via The Independent: A 17-year-old boy has been arrested over a string of malicious tweets he allegedly sent to the teenage diver Tom Daley over his failure to win an Olympic medal in a case that has raised fresh questions over the policing of comments on social media.The teenager – who tweeted by the name of @Rileyy_69 – was arrested at 2am yesterday and was being questioned by Dorset police after the young diver retweeted a comment suggesting that Daley had let down his late father who died last year from brain cancer.The teenager was arrested under the Malicious Communications Act. Note, due to social pressure, the teen apologized and changed his tune. Of course, what constitutes "menacing," "offensive," or "indecent" speech is entirely up to the arbitrary whims of the state, earlier this year a 19-year-old U.K student was arrested for posting an antiwar comment to Facebook.

Universal Mind article - part 2 - Parapsychology articles and blog Universal Mind is known in the literature by many names. Some call it the Collective Subconcious , Psi-field , Global mind , Cosmic mind , Space-Time Unit(STU) , the Akashic records . All these names refer to something that a person can ‘connect’ to in order to receive information that cannot be reached in any known way. The information can be virtually anything, related to any person at any place and time. It is possible to see other places (Remote Viewing), to see events in the lives of people, diagnose health problem from a distance and more. How can the information be accessed? Of course, this is the most intriguing question. For example, you suddenly remembered that you forgot something at a friends house that you left 10 minutes ago, and seconds later you receive a call from him where he tells exactly what you recalled just moment ago. But wouldn’t you want to have a more direct access to the information? Read other parts of the Universal Mind Article: Part 3 Part 1

It's Eerie -- The Global Climate Disaster Is Happening Right Now... and Humanity Is Just Pretending It's Not Happening August 28, 2012 | There are no comparisons to be made. This is not like war or plague or a stockmarket crash. We are ill-equipped, historically and psychologically, to understand it, which is one of the reasons why so many refuse to accept that it is happening. What we are seeing, here and now, is the transformation of the atmospheric physics of this planet. (Image taken from Arctic Sea-ice Monitor) The Arctic has been warming roughly twice as quickly as the rest of the northern hemisphere. This great dissolution, of ice and certainties, is happening so much faster than most climate scientists predicted that, one of them reports, “it feels as if everything I’ve learned has become obsolete.” As I’ve warned repeatedly, but to little effect, the IPCC’s assessments tend to be conservative. The melting disperses another belief: that the temperate parts of the world – where most of the rich nations are located – will be hit last and least, while the poorer nations will be hit first and worst.