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weird things customers say Last July I got an email from Euan and Zool at Blackwell's in Oxford asking me to go hang with them when 'Weird Things...' was released. So, I did, and it was a very lovely time indeed. Here's why. Zool asked me to spend a day with them at the bookshop, writing poetry inspired by each section of their store. Do you feel, like I do, that bookshops are like safe havens [except when it's the one you're working in, obviously ;)]? True fact. Blackwell's in Oxford is incredible. The following day, I went to the staff briefing at 9am. For the rest of the day, I split my time wandering around each section of the shop, writing. I started in the antiquarian and secondhand sections, curled up on an armchair, surrounded by all the old books, and wrote. ...The leather whispers to remind us of evacuees. Please take us in... After spending an hour there, it was on to the classics and history section. ...The gods battle for quarters of the earth. Like it’s an orange and this is half time. For language. So.

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