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Raccourcis clavier de Windows Cette liste présente les principaux raccourcis présents sous Windows. Il faut savoir qu'il existe des raccourcis spécifiques à chaque logiciel : cette liste présente les plus utilisés. Remarque : Certains raccourcis sont aussi écrits à droite du choix dans les menus contextuels des applications. Raccourcis spécifiques à Windows Avec la touche Windows : Touche Windows / Ctrl + Echap : ouvre le menu Démarrer Touche Windows + E : ouvre l'Explorateur de fichiers Touche Windows + R : lance la commande Exécuter Touche Windows + F : ouvre la commande Rechercher Touche Windows + CTRL + F : rechercher des ordinateurs Touche Windows + F1 : ouvre la fenêtre d'aide Windows quelle que soit l'application Touche Windows + L : verrouille la session en cours Touche Windows + U : ouvre le gestionnaire d'utilitaires (Windows XP et 2000) Touche Windows + X : pour un ordinateur Vista ou Seven portable: ouvre le centre de mobilité. Pour la gestion de fichiers mais aussi pour tous les logiciels

Filme dupa carti in 2013 Worm Bodies Film Carte Premiera: 1 Februarie 2013 Beautiful Creatures Film Carte Premiera: 13 Februarie 2013 Rubinrot Film Carte Premiera: 14 Martie 2013 The Host Premiera: 29 Martie 2013 Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters Film Carte Premiera:16 August 2013 City of Bones Premiera: 23 August 2013 The Seventh Son Premiera: 18 Octombrie 2013 Hunger Games: Catching Fire Premiera: 22 Noiembrie 2013 Horns Premiera: 2013

École primaire Paul-Chagnon | Une école de la Commission scolaire Marie-Victorin (Longueuil,Qc) About Us Automatticians in Santa Cruz, California is brought to you by some of the same folks who work on the open source blogging software available at Open source WordPress has been incredibly successful and risen from a handful of users to the most-used blog tool in its category. However, as easy-to-use as we could make the open source package, there was still a barrier in that it requires a hosting account, a database, FTP, and a whole alphabet soup of acronyms that make normal people like you and me dizzy. We wanted to bring the WordPress experience to a larger audience. is under very active development, and we roll out updates almost every day. Almost everything on is free, and things that are currently free will remain free in the future, but we do offer paid a la carte upgrades for things like custom design and custom domains. We know there are a lot of places you could put your blog, and we’d be extra honored if you consider us.

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Shoe Width Stretcher | Gifts & Gadgets | Presents for Men Say goodbye to pinched toes and sore heels when wearing your favourite footwear with these incredibly effective Shoe Stretchers. The curved plastic heads at either end can be angled to fit perfectly, and the stretchers can be adjusted to a maximum width of approximately 10cm. Perfect for use on any shoes, trainers and boots that are too narrow, and for anyone suffering from painful bunions or corns. Set of 2 per pack. Fits into our Brilliant Present Medium Gift Bag and our Christmas Silver Trees Medium Gift Bag for that extra special touch. Gently stretches the width of new or tight-fitting shoes, boots and trainers.

CSPI | École Internationale Wilfrid-Pelletier The Features You’ll Love We think WordPress is awesome, but don’t take our word for it. Have a look at some of our favorite features, and learn how to build the site of your dreams with WordPress. Sign up to build your site. Get Social Share your work with the world. Track Your Popularity Learn more about your readers, where they’re from, and how they found you. Go Mobile Don’t be confined to the desk. Need More? You’re in Good Company TIME, CNN, TED, Boing Boing, and TechCrunch are all hosted on Your Content is Your Own Wherever the future may take you, take your content along for the ride. Safe and Secure Your site is hosted on our servers spread across multiple data centers. Choose Your Audience Keep your blog private or share your thoughts with the world. Awesome Support Whether you’re searching the forums, reading our support pages, or chatting with a Happiness Engineer, you can always find a helping hand. Say Goodbye to Spam Follow Your Favorites

Made in France (2) – QOOQ, une tablette française s’invite à la table des ogres du numérique En Bourgogne, nous sommes partis à la rencontre de trois entreprises qui bravent le défaitisme ambiant et s’entêtent à produire en France. L’ombre de la Chine n’est jamais bien loin, entre tentations de délocalisation et spectre de la contre-façon. Après un premier reportage chez Tolix, fleuron du design industriel français confronté aux copies venues d’Asie, deuxième volet aujourd’hui avec le portrait de QOOQ, la seule tablette tactile « Made in France » qui a relocalisé son usine chinoise à Montceau-les-Mines il y a un an. L’atelier est immense : 15 000 m2. Au fil de la chaîne entièrement automatisée, les têtes robotisés saisissent les composants sur les bobines et les déposent sur des circuits imprimés enduits de soudure en crème. La tablette QOOQ, dédiée à la cuisine, est vendue 349 euros. © Karim El Hadj/ Histoire d’une relocalisation Jean-Yves Hepp devant une tablette QOOQ ouverte. © Karim El Hadj/ « On partait de zéro », souligne M.

weird things customers say Last July I got an email from Euan and Zool at Blackwell's in Oxford asking me to go hang with them when 'Weird Things...' was released. So, I did, and it was a very lovely time indeed. Here's why. Zool asked me to spend a day with them at the bookshop, writing poetry inspired by each section of their store. Do you feel, like I do, that bookshops are like safe havens [except when it's the one you're working in, obviously ;)]? True fact. Blackwell's in Oxford is incredible. The following day, I went to the staff briefing at 9am. For the rest of the day, I split my time wandering around each section of the shop, writing. I started in the antiquarian and secondhand sections, curled up on an armchair, surrounded by all the old books, and wrote. ...The leather whispers to remind us of evacuees. Please take us in... After spending an hour there, it was on to the classics and history section. ...The gods battle for quarters of the earth. Like it’s an orange and this is half time. For language. So.