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Themes by level82

Themes by level82

Themes by bluntstatements Masonry2 ColumnsTwitter integration (optional)Color customizationInfinite scrolling includedCustomizable title fontBackground/Sidebar image optionalCustomizable Quote, Photoset, and Question background colors Masonry2 ColumnsColor customizationInfinite scrolling (INCLUDED!)Body and title fonts customizableBackground image optionalCustomizable Quote, Photoset, and Question background colors Masonry3 ColumnsInfinite scrollingColor customizationBody and title fonts customizableSidebar img/Background img optionalCustomizable Quote & Photoset background colors MasonryOne columnInfinite scrollingColor customizationBody and title fonts customizableSidebar img/Background img optionalCustomizable Quote & Photoset background colors MasonryInfinite scrollingColor customizationBody and title fonts customizableSidebar img/Background img optionalCustomizable Quote & Photoset background colors Color customizableBoth columns in scrollbar!

themes by her These themes are made by ADESSIVE. They are very simple purposely to be convenient and clean. I try to update and manage my themes weekly. Hello everyone. ALL themes are back up and running. Thank you! NAIVEPreview—Download One columnOptional width sizing, post spacing, image fade, show borders, show date on index page, and show captionsEndless scrollingEdit fonts, font sizes, and colors GLOBALPreview—Download Two columnsOptional show description and link borders, captions, and endless scrollingEdit fonts, font sizes, and colors Columns vary depending on screen resolution with larger 1st and 5th photo postsOptional image fade and endless scrollingEdit fonts, font sizes, and colors Please be aware that photosets and videos are set to default 250. RADIATEPreview—Download Two columnsOptional show borders, captions, and endless scrollingEdit fonts, font sizes, and colors MINIMUMPreview—Download *Superb for art and minimal posts.

✿Your #1 Skins Style Source... would-u-kindly: Hi! I LOVE Emily and Katie. Could you pretty please recommend some Emily-style school clothes and Katie-style party clothes? Pretty please include the hair-bows that Emily wears all the time! Thanks so much! black-and-white-candy: Hi, I really liked graces dress that she was wearing in series 6 ep 1. Anonymous: You know that short, short pale blue dress Effy wore on her first day of college, with the fish net tights and black boots? Anonymous: what underwear would each of the 1st generation female characters wear, including effy and abigail? Anonymous: hii, ok so im watching skins right now and im in love ith a dress that franky is wearing in season 6, episode 4. Anonymous: I love you for taking your time to run this blog and answer questions. Anonymous: Hi I just wondered if you knew where I could get hold of the coat charlie was wearing in the last ep of skins. thanks so much Anonymous: Cassie outfit please? Hi! Hi! Day Look Night Look

themes by atonals Grace Theme Code This is a simple one column theme, with optional endless scroll. Sanity Theme Code This is a two or three column theme with endless scroll. Gypsy Theme Code This theme does not allow endless scrolling because of the location of the links and description. FLUME Premium Theme! Classy layout which was inspired by Neglect Theme Code This theme has two or three columns with endless scroll. Mirth PREMIUM theme for $5 Buy Here Preview 1 Preview2 Optional one or two columns for large picturesOptional two, three, four columns for small picturesOptional endless scrollCustom colors and fontsOptional to have a left aligned sidebar ******If after purchasing you do not get redirected to the correct website, send me a message with the name you used to purchase the theme via Paypal (I will check) and I will send you the code. Absent Theme Code One columnOptional endless scrollOptional small picturesCustom colors and fonts (inspired by Code

Webdesigner Depot Sometimes it seems like Tumblr is the most often overlooked blogging platform out there. People are never quite sure what to make of it. It’s not quite like a “regular” blog platform (like WordPress or Blogger) and it’s not microblogging either. It’s tumblogging, but a lot of people don’t know what thadet means. And it can be a little daunting for designers who are trying to figure out how to develop Tumblr themes considering there are seven post types (or eight if you count photo slideshow posts as separate from regular photo posts). One thing that Tumblr definitely has going in its favor is the number of themes that are now available. Below are more than 70 awesome Tumblr themes, more than half of them free. Free themes Imperial Demo | Details Imperial is a feminine theme with a patterned background and flag detailing. Ernest Demo | Details Ernest has an almost corporate look, with textured granite background and a conservative color scheme. Miss Sourpuss Demo | Details Boxes Demo | Details Lines

How to Create a Tumblr Theme (Code Structure) As we have previously seen, Tumblr allows its uses to create custom themes, giving the owner of a tumbleblog the ability to truly customise their tumbleblog to be their own. While Tumblr coding is fairly easy to pick up compared to other more complex blogging systems, I want to give you an insight into the code and structure we are going to be deploying next time around when we set about converting a PSD to Tumblr. Understanding the basics Before we get stuck into the Tumblr code, you need to first know what a Tumblr theme looks like. Now that you know how a theme looks, we are going to look at two simple concepts that make our single HTML page into a fully dynamic Tumblr blog. Variables are exactly what the name suggests. Blocks, on the other hand, are a sort of step up from variables. Put these blocks and variables to the user together within HTML, and you will end up with a theme! Html hHead {Title} – The HTML safe title of your blog {RSS} – The URL to the RSS feed of your tumbleblog

we will all laugh at gilded butterflies Narnia Tumblr theme by BLINK AND ITS OVER | Theme Cloud Welcome to Narnia, a theme created with magic by blink and it's over - every theme can be unique. 6 months of design, development and lots of sleepless nights has allowed Narnia to come to life. Full of customizations, new features and a beautiful design brings tumblr themes to a whole new level! Up to 7 columns of posts - Choose between 1 and 7 posts and make use of the whole screen. Alternate header - Choose between a top menu bar, centered page title and no header at all. Check the previews for an example. iPhone & iPad optimized - iPhone users will see all your posts in 1 single column, iPad users will see your posts in 3 columns. Lightbox image viewer - This option allows users to click the preview button and see a bigger version of your image. Brand new notes - Notes displayed in a grid of avatars, hover on the avatar to see the note. 1 click like & reblog - Straight from the home page, no need to visit the permalink.

welcome to heaven themes ♡мιℓк тнємєѕ♡ find this code remove tagged as link, delete the following code that is highlighted. remove reblogged from/via link, delete the following code that is highlighted. remove the date, delete the following code that is highlighted. remove notes, delete the following code that is highlighted. go to some themes will add the link to it automatically but because i’ve left what links you add upto yourselves, you will have to add it yourself. the url is and please refer to this tutorial on how to add links. <a href=” for example <a href=” add as many as you like and into the description box of the info tab. note!! add this underneath your <head> tag in your html click here for code adding your own avatar upload the picture to tiny pic or whatever and copy the direct link, then go to the html and where it says

Milk Themes Haven’t submitted a theme in ages! Just to let you know, I’m working on new stuff and I also want to make this place look a bit better! I’m glad you’re enjoying the themes and I’ll answer the asks soon, too. Pleats. Simple, clear, Jquery Masonry and Infinite Scroll. Pages can be loaded individually so you can take your time looking at your blog. Install / Preview Warm Up, the third release by Milk Themes. Preview / Install Simple and ClearCustomize colorsCustomize fontsHigh resolution images Theme: Alba Grid Alba Grid, the second release by Nymphaea Themes. Preview / Install Customize colorsCustomize fontsCustomize widthInfinite scroll (audio, video, photoset fixed)High resolution images (might increase loading times and make load times long so use at own risk) November, 7th 2011 @ 17:45 / 24 / Permalink → Theme: Alba Alba, the first release by Nymphaea Themes. Preview / Install