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How to Create a Custom Theme for Your WordPress Blog with Minimal Coding Required

How to Create a Custom Theme for Your WordPress Blog with Minimal Coding Required
Simpler than the method outlined above is to install a child theme of an existing well coded theme. After installing your blank child theme, your default is the mother theme. You then make all your changes to just two files (style.css, functions.php) in your child theme without touching anything else (and most especially you don't touch files of the mother theme). That way you don't have to worry about various best practices related to typography, css coding, setting up widgets, etc. More importantly, when WordPress updates, the mother theme can get updated by WordPress experts and you can install these updates without breaking your child theme. Specific example: I personally use (now barely maintained) Thematic on my own blog. [] And you can see how different my "FilterJoe" child theme looks after extensive [style.css] (and mild functions.php) changes: [] Thesis Woo Framework Genesis Framework Thematic ThemeHybrid Carrington [] Related:  Make a Website or Blogwordpress themes

Domain Register: Domain Name Registration Online - What is the difference between .com, .org and .net? Originally, it was suggested that .COM be used primarily for commercial businesses, .NET for network related organizations and .ORG for nonprofit groups. This quickly became unworkable and consequently, in the case of .COM, .NET and .ORG, a decision was made to rely on registrants to choose the TLD (Top Level Domain) they wish. In fact, many registrants (domain owners) order their domain name as .COM, .NET and .ORG. .COM, .NET and .ORG are unrestricted open domains.More info on .comMore info on .netMore info on .org .INFO is the internet's first unrestricted top level domain since .COM Around the globe, .INFO is synonymous with information. .BIZ is the internet's first top level domain just for businesses. .MOBI is the internet's first top level domain just for mobile devices. .MOBI is an open domain, meaning anyone can register a .MOBI.More info on .mobi .ASIA is for individuals or companies. .EU is for individuals or companies with a European Union presence.

6 Pinterest WordPress Plugins Pinterest is the latest addition to the fast growing social networking and the site is gaining a lot of attention these days as individual and brands are signing in at a fast rate. For details and other plugins visit Source Spread your love! How To Build Your Own Wordpress Theme You don’t need to be a PHP whizz to be able to put together your very own custom WordPress theme. If you’re clued up with your general web design and development skills and can easily put together a HTML/CSS based website, you’re ready to move onto WordPress theme development to give your blog its very own design. For this walkthrough, we’ll be using a theme I recently built as an example. If you were around last week, you’ll have seen how the design was built from a concept PSD right through to a coded mockup in HTML/CSS. Before getting stuck in, it’s useful to spend a few moments familiarising yourself with how WordPress themes work. Create a new folder and give it the name of your theme. In your style.css file, add the following code to the very top of your file. /* Theme Name: Particle Theme URI: Description: A premium theme by Chris Spooner of Blog.SpoonGraphics. The index file acts as the base for all the other template files.

How To Make A Website - 5 Simple Steps - Free Tutorial 20+ Video Blog WordPress Themes If you are looking to create a video website and need a fresh new look for your blog. Word Press you are in the right place to showcase your Videos. you have a youtube channel, a vimeo channel, or a video/audio podcast. WordPress themes are required to create a video channel or multimedia content. I have collected some of the best Free and Premium WordPress Video Themes. Premium WordPress Video Themes Primero – Video WordPress Theme Primero is a premium wordpress theme for video blog. Videozoom Videozoom is an elegant theme with a neat featured slider, which is ready to play any videos you want to embed into your posts.Three new color schemes were added in the new version: Light, Blue and Pink. SwagMag – WordPress Magazine Video Theme Swagger’s front page will grab content from your mini-sites and display it all together in an awesome, content-rich page to give your users the best user experience possible. LeetPress – A Gaming WordPress Video Blog Theme VideoPlus Multimedia WordPress Themes

Stepping Into Templates Stepping into Templates Languages: English • 日本語 • 中文(简体) • (Add your language) Template files are the building blocks of your WordPress site. A traditional web page consists of two files: The XHTML page to hold the structure and content of the page and the CSS Style Sheet which holds the presentation styles of the page. In WordPress, the (X)HTML structure and the CSS style sheet are present but the content is generated "behind the scenes" by various template files. The WordPress Page Structure A simple WordPress web page structure is made up of three basic building "blocks": a header, the content, and a footer. The header contains all the information that needs to be at the top — i.e. inside the <head> tag — of your XHTML web page, such as the <doctype>, <meta> tags and links to style sheets. Basic Template Files To generate such a structure within a WordPress Theme, start with an index.php template file in your Theme's directory. More Complex Page Structures Where's the Beef?

Site44 Creates Web Sites from Dropbox Folders, Perfect for Personal Landing Pages and Resumes Agreed! I didn't even know about any of these! There's also, good alternative to Site44 founder here., DropPages,, and all accept text files (mostly markdown) and apply a theme to generate the actual HTML and CSS of the website. As an example to show the difference, my blog ( is built with Pelican, the same static blog generator used by Wait a minute. Usage this billing cycle This billing cycle began on October 05, 2012. Site Data transfer Total 0 bytes

20 Thèmes Wordpress Photo Professionnels Y a-t-il des photographes dans la salle ? Si vous lisez cet article ça ne fait aucun doute ! Vous avez des tonnes de photos à diffuser mais ? Je vous conseille de jeter un oeil à cette sélection de tous plus exceptionnels les uns que les autres. de ce qu’il se fait actuellement en matière de . Photopassion Photopassion est le qui m’a le plus séduit. Aperçu Téléchargement Photolist avec un autre type de slider, qui est splendide il faut l’avouer. PhotoPurePress Vous allez probablement me dire que le thème WordPress PhotoPurePress ressemble étrangement au premier thème de cette liste et vous aurez raison car il a été créé par la même personne. Season Season est un mais il aussi une dimension portfolio. Galleria Galleria est typiquement ce que j’aime pour un thème WordPress photo . Core Core est un de qualité. Uno Uno est un qui plaira aux adeptes du « less is more ». Meshable Meshable est un professionnel créé par un pakistanais. Statua Photo Nexus PhotoPress Viewfinder Carousel Zagetti Catalyst

Create Your Own WordPress Theme from an HTML Template Article To some people, making a WordPress theme will remain a “dark art”, while others, though knowledgeable In the basics of design (HTML, PHP and CSS), will not even try, because they can’t find the motivation to experiment with making their own theme. This tutorial is targeted at people who have a basic understanding of the technologies WordPress utilizes, but not the structure of themes themselves. It will help you understand how to make your own theme according to the accepted standard. We need to explore the structure of a theme in order to know what we can do to modify or create our own. That’s why we’ll begin exploring what a theme comprises of. WordPress Theme Anatomy The basic elements of which a WordPress theme consists are : Style sheet files (mostly style.css) which contain the visual representations of elements on your site. Additionally, if need be, we can add images or JavaScript files or libraries, should any of their functionality be necessary. Some words about style.css Index.php

Roll Your Own Perfectly-Organized Printable Online Resume in Five Minutes ok ok. I don't like slamming ideas often, but this is kinda dumb. You clearly mention that building your resume is a tedious task and requires designing a layout properly. Now you suggest that people learn how to code in PHP and find a web host in order to make their resume???! This is IMO much more time consuming AND more confusing than doing it manually!! I myself know PHP very well among several other programming languages, as well as having my own hosting already and I would never waste my time with this. On top of that, making your resume should be your own.

Google+Blog, un plugin WordPress pour importer ses posts et commentaires Google+ dans son blog WordPress Lorsque Google+ a publié la semaine dernière la dernière version de son API intégrant notamment la possibilité de gérer les commentaires, il n’était pas très difficile d’imaginer que les développeurs proposeraient rapidement des applications concrètes de ces nouveautés, notamment pour les blogs. Lorsque Google+ a publié la semaine dernière la dernière version de son API intégrant notamment la possibilité de gérer les commentaires, il n’était pas très difficile d’imaginer que les développeurs proposeraient rapidement des applications concrètes de ces nouveautés, notamment pour les blogs. En voici une première illustration avec Google+Blog, un plugin WordPress développé par Daniel Treadwell et Colby Brown, et décrit en détail sur son blog. Google+Blog pour WordPress retrouve les posts publics que vous avez diffusés sur Google+, ainsi que les commentaires et médias associés, et les publie automatiquement sur votre blog WordPress sous la forme d’articles dans le flux classique.

How To Create Your Own Wordpress Theme - Jonathan Wold WordPress Consulting: Looking for professional help with your WordPress project? For small to medium sized projects, check out my freelance page For large projects, contact me through Sabramedia. New Book from Packt Publishers: WordPress Theme Design - Note: Packt has put together some excellent titles in the paste and I've been given the privilege of reviewing them in the past. They've published a new book on WordPress Theme Design and I highly recommend you give it a look. Tutorial Introduction: Back in 2005, I wrote a little tutorial for Wordpress 1.5 on how to integrate wordpress with an existing website. This tutorial is especially for: 1. 2. Extra Note on Wordpress Integration: As questions on integration are the ones I receive most often, I'll take a few more moments to make sure your options are clear. One, you can install Wordpress, write your posts, and then use PHP or Javascript to integrate the feed directly into your existing design. Alrighty, let's get started! Alrighty!