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Crochet Flowers

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TUTORIAL crochet spring flower. Zoals beloofd hier de beschrijving van dit gehaakte bloemetje: Here you see the photo tutorial of this crochet flower, as promised. For the description I used the UK English terms. Je begint met een ketting van 4 lossen, sluit deze tot een ring. 1e toer: haak 3 lossen (= 1e stokje), haak 11 stokjes in de ring, hecht af. Knoop nieuwe kleur aan. To begin chain 4, join with a slip stitch to form a ring. Round 1: chain 3, work 11 trebles into the ring. Join with a slip stitch to top of initial chain-3 to close round. Attach new colour. 2e toer: je haakt tussen de stokjes, begin met 2 lossen, haak vervolgens tussen elk stokje 1 vaste, 1 losse.

Sluit met halve vaste in 1e losse van de toer. Round 2: Crochet between the trebles, chain 2, *1 double crochet (between next 2 trebles), chain 1*, repeat from * to *. Join with slip stitch into first chain. 3e toer: haak in de boogjes van de losse van de vorige toer. * Haak 4 lossen. Haak in het volgende boogje 4 dubbele stokjes, haak dan 4 lossen, Finished! Crocheted Sunflower. These cute little sunflowers are not only a joy to whip up, but would look marvellous as embellishments to your craft projects, clothing and home.

They are quick to make, but intricate in design. Why not whip up a couple as they are the perfect project for a spot of afternoon crochet. 1. Embroidery Floss2. Any type of yarn can be used for this project along with the yarn manufacturers recommendation of hook size.I However chose to make my Sunflowers relatively small (measuring approximately 5cm in diameter) and therefore decided to use embroidery floss as my choice of yarn, along with a tiny 1.25 sized crochet hook. This project works best if you use three different shades of embroidery floss. A dark shade for the centre of the Sunflower (I chose Brown). Ch = Chain ss = Slip Stitch sc = Single crochet (UK double crochet) hdc = Half double crochet (UK half treble crochet)dc = Double crochet (UK treble crochet) (From now on, all crochet stitch abbreviations are written in US terminology.)

TUTORIAL gehaakte lentebloem. Granny's Crochet Pansy. This Pansy pattern has been adapted from a piece of crochet lace my great-grandma made in the ’50s. Working on it has brought back so many memories of her. For a few short hours, it felt like we were communicating across the years. The most “intimate moments”, for lack of a better word, were when I noticed some little error in the work or a change in tension. In those moments she was not the graceful old lady from memory, coiffed to perfection and smelling like Yardley, but a young woman, very much like myself, raising her children and running her home.

Maybe she snatched whatever stolen moments she could to sit down and crochet? It would have been by the light of a paraffin lamp. I cannot begin to tell you what a struggle it was trying to decypher the “pattern”. I thought I would share a little bit of the “figuring-out” mayhem. I have had to alter the pattern quite a bit. Here is the second one I made. I interrogated my grandma to find out who the lefty was. Why is this important? Round 1. Lovely crochet flowers-פרחי קרושה קסומים. Lovely crochet flowers פרחי קרושה קסומים הפעם אני רוצה להראות ופחות לכתוב. ראשית משום שיש המון כניסות מארצות שלא דוברות עברית ותאמינו לי שהתרגום בגוגל מצחיק....ושנית אין לי כוח לכתוב. הרגע סיימתי לסרוג ולצלם ויש לי דחף אימפולסיבי לפרסם. מתחילים עם הפלסטיק שמתחת לפקק של כל בקבוק.

בוחרים חוטי סריגה ועובי מסרגה תואם. מתחילים לסרוג חצאי עמודים סביב הפלסטיק עד סופו. סורגים כמה עיני שרשרת ומדלגים אותו מספר של חצאי עמודים ונכנסים עם תך שטוח לחצי עמוד. סריגת עלה כותרת: תך שטוח, עין שרשרת,ומס עמודים עד סיום הקשת. מחליפים צבע. סורגים (כמו בשלב הקודם) עיני שרשרת. ומקדימה: סביב סביב מאחור עד שמגיעים לתחילת העבודה עם החוט החדש: וכמו עלי הכותרת הקודמים שוב סריגת עלה כותרת. החלפת חוט וצבע. ומלפנים: שורה חדשה ואחרונה: בשורה זו סרגתי עמודים כפולים כדי לתת גובה לעלי הכותרת. סיום: סורגת חצאי עמודים בסיום , מסביב לכל עלה כותרת . יש באמצע חור גדול ואפשר למלא אותו בפרחים סרוגים אחרים, כפתורים או כל קישוט אחר: הנה כל שלל הפרחים בגינה שלי בצירופים שונים כל פעם: אשמח שתשתפו אותי ביצירות שלכםלילה טוב.

FREE PATTERN - Simple Crochet Flowers. These crochet flowers are so quick and easy to make and they can be made into brooches, hair clips, wrist corsages, pendants or as embellishments on beanies, hats, hair ties, headbands, chokers, bags, purses, cardigans, shoes, slippers, booties, etc... The blue flower on the left is crocheted with Red Heart Stardust superfine yarn. It measures about 2.25 inches/5.72 cm across. The peachy-pink flower is crocheted with a laceweight/fine acrylic yarn (18wpi) and it has a diameter of about 2.75 inches/6.99 cm. For both flowers, I used a Clover Soft Touch crochet hook size #3 ( 2.25mm). Let's get started! Materials: * Main Color Yarn * Contrasting Color Yarn - for the base disc of the flower (You can crochet the whole flower in one color if you prerfer) Abbreviations: * Ch - chain * Sc - single crochet * Sl st - slip stitch * Rnd - round Instructions: Start with the contrasting color yarn for the base disc of the flower.

Rnd 1 : Ch 2. From rnd 2 to rnd 5, crochet in back loops only. - front of flower - Do you like free crochet patterns? Hi there , sometimes, you wrote me, that when you would like to open some of my free pdf crochet patterns - that it says to you, that the file could not be opened... well - I think that it is something what I can not able to know why it is happening... so I made a big decission :-) and I decided to write my free patterns directly on the blog and to pdf's files too :-).. What do you think about it? And what about to begin right now? With hmmm ...... OK, let's begin :-) Make a cup of coffee or tea, take a hook 3 mm and some rest of 100% cotton, 5 ply weight yarn, maybe you find some buttons and I know, that you find some beads in your sewing's suitcase too :-) I choosed the colors of chakras: 115 red, 281 orange, 208 yellow, 205 green, 165 light blue, 124 indigo blue, 113 violet and 114 cyklamen Material I used: 100% cotton - Catania Solids by Schachenmayr SMC Abbreviations used: Chain (CH) Slip stitch (SlSt) Single crochet (SC) Half double crochet (HDC) Double crochet (DC) Instruction: Petal:

Lidia Light. Knit flowers. Video MC. Discussion on LiveInternet - Russian Service Online Diaries. Create: Flower Power ~ Easy Rosette Crochet Pattern. Flowers are amazingly delicate yet beautiful! I've always been slightly obsessed with them during my life, so it's no wonder that I love to crochet flowers!

I'm always putting them on my crochet projects, since they really have that gift to make anything look ten times more special!! I've decided to share how I crochet my flowers :) What You'll Need: 4.50 Crochet Hook Wool Needle Scissors 8ply Yarn Instructions: Start of by taking your 4.50mm crochet hook and making a Slip Knot, then crochet 76 Chains. Row 1~ Chain 2, skip 2 chains from your hook, then crochet Half Double Crochets all across into every chain. Row 2~ Chain 4, skip 2 stitches and then crochet a half double crochet into the third stitch.

Chain 3, skip 2 stitches and then crochet a half double crochet into the third stitch. Row 3~ Chain 3 then crochet 3 Double Crochets into the first loop you made in the previous row. After doing the last double crochet of your last petal, chain three and do a slip stitch down into the loop. Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 5! 2KCBWDAY5.

Wildcard – Embellish the story Embellishments come in all types and forms. Some are more than purely decorative and form a practical function – pretty buttons are as much part of holding a garment together as mere decoration, and some are just there to give a piece an extra ‘something’. Blog about an embellishment, be it a zipper, amigurumi eyes or applique patch which you are either saving to use or have in the past used to decorate a project with. Write about whether you are a very minimalist kind of knitter with classic lines and timeless plain knits or whether you love all the bells and whistles or sticking sewing and otherwise attaching decoration to your pieces.

I must say, I love crocheting roses...they are so quick and easy and add instant glamour to any knitted or crocheted without further's the tutorial! I used a divine sock yarn, and a size 2mm crochet hook. 1. 10. 19. Free crochet leaf tutorial | kawaiiblythe. This is such an easy pattern… Before you know it you will have a bush! You will need a small amount of yarn (not necessarily green as autumn is here now :D) Plus a size 3.75 or 4 crochet hook Make a slip knot Chain 10 Working in the back of each stitch Treble crochet into fourth chain from hook Two more trebles in same stitch Treble into the back of the next three stitches Half treble into the back of next stitch Double into the back of next stitch Slip stitch into the back of last stitch Working in the other side Chain one Slip stitch into the stitch just created Slip stitch into the back of next stitch Double crochet in the back of the next stitch Half double crochet into the back of next stitch Treble crochet into the back of the next three stitches Three treble crochet into the back of final stitch Slip stitch into same stitch Chain 4 Slip stitch into the second chain from hook Slip stitch into the next two stitches Fasten off Weave in loose threads Taaaa daaaaa!

Like this: Like Loading... Crochet Swirls (Tutorial) « Crafts. (Update: To see more of my patterns, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!) This is a little crochet swirl. You might have seen me using it in this project. And since I gave you a pinky swear promising I’d show you how it’s done, here it is. But before I start, I’d just like to let you know that I am no crochet guru. Not by a long shot.

Which in short means that I really hope the following sentences make at least some sense. Here’s what you need. Two yarns of different color – the bulkier the yarn the bulkier the swirl. You also need one hook that will work well with your yarns, a needle and a pair of scissors. Let’s pretend that is not a hair cutting scissors. Please. The whole swirl has only four rows. 1. 2. 3. 4. Finish off. You have just created a funny curly strip.

Now twist the strip into a nice shape. Using a needle and some yarn, sew some stitches in the middle and along the edges only to fixate the whole swirl. I made only three stitches and that was it. Enjoy, dear friends! Love, Petra. Crochet Flower in a Heart. Crochet Flower in a Heart This crochet flower in a heart is great for adding to any finished product, baby blanket, hat, scarf and makes a great Valentine’s Day pin. Instructions for making into a pin are at the bottom of the pattern. Also makes a great Valentine’s Day decoration when used as bunting. I am proud to say that this heart (according to my testers) is different than the other heart patterns out there and is a unique design that gives great results. There are many possible variations with this pattern. Materials: Red Heart yarn or any worsted weight yarn4.0mm crochet hookembroidery needle to weave in ends Speacial Stitches Increase- two of the designated stitch per space Notes: Pattern is written in steps as opposed to rows or roundsYou can use any worsted weight yarn for this project but keep in mind that different companies, and even different colors within the same company can have different thickness’ and as such each heart will be slightly different in size.

Pattern: Crochet DROPS flower in "Eskimo" DROPS ESKIMO UNI COLOUR (50g) 3.60 USD DROPS ESKIMO MIX (50g) 4.15 USD DROPS ESKIMO PRINT (50g) 4.50 USD DROPS ESKIMO TWEED (50g) 4.50 USD DROPS ESKIMO DEGRADÉ (50g) 4.50 USD DROPS 152-155 are now available in the stores for $2 per catalog – no yarn purchase required! The catalogs are printed in a limited edition, so visit your local DROPS store today! Find the DROPS Spring & Summer 2014 Collection here!

The DROPS knitting and crochet experts are also working full time making new tutorial videos for this new collection! The videos show how to work the techniques used on the patterns. You will find the videos related to each pattern in the “Videos” tab, to the right of the picture. NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. CROCHET ROSE: Work on hook size 6 mm / J/10. For further pattern help, please contact the store where you bought the yarn.

All patterns are carefully reviewed, but we must make reservation for possible mistakes. . © 1982-2014 DROPS Design A/S. Pansy from crochet step by step. A minha sina com a flor "amor perfeito", começou aqui em casa , quando comprei uma caixa destas florzinhas lindas! E depois de tanto ver estas flores pela Internet e pesquisando como cuidar, encontrei as de croche. Ah eu tive que fazer também... Experimentei alguns modelinhos olhando e fazendo, e também experimentei alguns modelinhos com gráficos. Bom, no fim das contas acabei facilitando mais a flor e olha que também ficou graciosa. A flor pequenina fiz olhando aqui, mas não consegui o mesmo efeito, mas tem a receita também aqui em baixo. Fiz bastante fotos pra quem gosta de passo a passo e então aí vai a receita das minhas flores " amor perfeito": Usei linha Anne da Círculo e agulha 1, 75 mm; Para este modelinho usar 2 cores de linha.

Legenda:pbx: ponto baixíssimopb: ponto baixopa: ponto altopad: ponto alto duplocorr: corrente Início: -4 correntes, fechar com pbx, formando um círculo. No pequeno círculo: -2 corr, 3 pa, 2 corr, e 1 pbx. Repetir formando duas pétalas. 5 pb Amor perfeito pequeno:


Strip Method – The Perfect Crochet Rose Pattern | Kati Crafts. Hi! About two years ago, I wrote a blog entry about the “Perfect” Crochet Rose. That entry has gotten so many views and comments (thank you for those!) , and it has been linked on several other blogs. The pattern wasn’t originally mine, and even the so-called original pattern I linked in the first blog post wasn’t the actual original pattern.

Because of this confusing mess of patterns and alteration patters, I’ve decided to make a somewhat clearer post about the Strip Method Crochet Rose -pattern, with additional photos, in case anyone wishes to recreate the exact “perfect” crochet rose featured here. Abbreviations: Materials: Yarn: I used Novita’s crochet yarn for this particular rose. Hook: Depending on thickness (weight) of your yarn, use whichever hook suitable. And a needle to stitch it all up! Instructions: Note 1: You can either leave a long tail of yarn at the start or at the finish of the rose (or both ends), to stitch the strip of petals together.

Assembling the rose Right side up: Free Flower Crochet Pattern Link Directory. Irish lace. "Leaf". MK Galina Boltnyanskoy .. Talk to LiveInternet - Russian Service Online Diaries. Цитата сообщения Galka5 Ирландское кружево. "Листочек". МК Галины Болтнятской. Мастер-класс "Листочек". Использован мерсеризованный хлопок "Stella" 165 м /50 г. Набираем 9 ВП и вяжем на них столбики без накида, 1 ВП для поворота Вяжем столбики без накида за заднюю полупетлю, 1 ВП для поворота. Вот таким образом набираем петли - высоту регулируем вытягиванием нитки разной длины. Начинаем закрывать петли по очереди. Так выглядят закрытые по очереди набранные с накидом петли... Этот ряд провязываем соединительными столбиками (глухими петлями), в конце ряда - 3 или 4 ВП, которые закрепляем в основание листочка. 3-4 воздушные петли, далее вытягиваем петли - сначала длинные, затем постепенно уменьшаем их к вершине листочка.

Добрались до вершины листочка, закрываем петли так же, как на противоположной стороне листа. 【】 引用 爱尔兰 花边 教程: 爱尔兰 花边 叶 3 (宗师 班) - shuidi.2011 的 日志 - 网易 博客. Violet hooks «Happy with Wires. Crochet DROPS Marguerite flowers in ”Safran. Crochet DROPS kalanchoe flowers in ”Safran.