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Bead crochet

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Bead crochet dot com. Bead Crochet Rope Instructions. Bead crochet snakes. Here is another stitch that I learned on our trip to Turkey.

bead crochet snakes

This stitch can be done with a variety of bead combinations: fire-polished and seed beads, bugle beads and seed beads, two colors of beads, etc. The guideline for picking a combination is that the two bead types must equal the same length. Thread will vary acording to the hole size of the beads. These instructions use 10 mm fire-polished beads, size 8/0 seed beads, and size 20 crochet thread. 1. Beaded Tube Crochet Handy Tip. Working from the Base Step Six: Insert your crochet hook into the loop under the first bead.

Beaded Tube Crochet Handy Tip

Bring you thread from the right side of your bead across the front of your bead and to the left. Push a new bead along your thread until it rests near the first bead. Grab the thread just behind the new bead with your crochet hook and pull it through the loop under the first bead and the loop on your crochet hook. Step Seven: Repeat Step Six with the remaining four beads on your ring. Step Eight: Repeat steps six through seven until the bracelet reaches the length you desire. Finishing the End Step Nine: Best Ever Tubular Crochet Bead Rope Tutorial. Lots of beaders like doing beaded spiral rope jewelry (see below for tutorial links) but there is another way to get that look.

Best Ever Tubular Crochet Bead Rope Tutorial

Crochet rope beading or tubular bead crochet is a great alternative and a highly portable project. Once mastered, it is yet another relaxing technique to enjoy when you don't wish to do anything too challenging. The best and most comprehensive video tutorial to learn this method is the one by Ann Benson. There are some lovely examples at the beginning of the video - my favorite is shown above.

Note that this technique needs practice and tension is very important. The video includes exactly what you require - size of beads, thread and hook - as well as a great many tips. This great instructor also has excellent animated step by step instructions. The Bead East site has pdf downloads for both right handers and left handers as well as the instructions on how to do an invisible join. Before You Go :

Crochet Bead and Wire Bracelet. August 1st, 2008 Email 109 users recommend Wire crochet gives this bracelet a light, lacy appearance.

Crochet Bead and Wire Bracelet

Diane Gilleland You can make this bracelet in any assortment of bead colors—mix and match them. Begin with an assortment of about 40 beads. Photo: Diane Gilleland. Crochet Beaded Necklace Tutorial. My mom's birthday was this past week, and I wanted to give her something special.

Crochet Beaded Necklace Tutorial

I couldn't think of anything to buy, so I decided to make her gift. I didn't have much time, so I immediately thought about making her a necklace. Now, I am not a jewelry maker. Crochet Beaded Wrap Bracelet. These crocheted wrap bracelets are a perfect instant gratification project!

Crochet Beaded Wrap Bracelet

Whip one up in an afternoon and wear it out that evening. Depending on your choice of materials these bracelets will look great with casual attire or more formal wear. Crochet Rope Patterns. A small collection of beaded crochet rope patterns that have been made by myself.

Crochet Rope Patterns

Feel free to use them in your projects if you want. :) Crocheted Rope - Invisible Join. How To Bead Crochet (Crocheting) Once you know how to crochet you can start adding beads to your designs.

How To Bead Crochet (Crocheting)

In this step by step guide Bee Cling, crochet tutor at Makedomenders, shows you how to crochet a rope with a three bead pattern, in a simple helix. You Will Need needle plastic bag 1.75 crochet hook 4 mm pony beads, different colours no. 5 crochet pearl thread Method. Necklace Tutorial. I have had a few requests to explain how I make the beaded crochet necklaces, and I have to admit I was reluctant!

Necklace Tutorial

Because the work-to-impressiveness ratio is MINISCULE, and I don't want to reveal all my secrets ;) But it's time. Just promise me you'll still ooo and ahhh when I post one! The technique is actually super simple and straightforward. The secret is in the materials! I should note here that I am in no way an expert beader/jewelry maker. 1) Metallic thread - I like On the Surface New Metallics - you can buy it in a small 5 yard bobbin, which makes about three 3-strand necklaces, but I get the 100 yd spools here. 2) Teeny crochet hook - I use a 2.75 mm but any very small size works. 3) Glue - I don't love the one in the picture, I prefer the one below with the pinpoint precision tip. 4) Clasp - 2 clamshell doohickeys (the technical term), a hook, and a figure-8 thingy. 5) Beading needle - big eye in the middle.

The Bead Crochet Jig. A Bead Crochet Rope Bracelet When I learned to make bead crochet ropes a few years ago, I found it to be beyond frustrating!

The Bead Crochet Jig

In my class, the instructor (Stephanie Riger – a wonderful jewelry designer and friend), made it look so easy… but I was totally unable to create the starting base rows. I was not the only one – Stephanie is a great teacher, but she had to create the first few rows for many of us. Once started, it took a while to learn the technique, but I didn’t find it too difficult to learn the basics, and now I can zip thru it! But the first few rows continued to be difficult – alot of rework, much frustration, and ripping out the first few rows. Tubular Bead Crochet Free Tutorial. Turkish Flat Bead Crochet Bracelet Tutorial. Turkish Flat Bead Crochet is easy and fun. A while ago posted this picture and got lots of requests for a tutorial. So here it is to celebrate the arrival of 16 new colors of C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord, bringing the total of colors of C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord to 72. That is truly amazing to have all these color choices.

It makes working with this cord a pleasure. This tutorial is my holiday present to anyone following my blog and to all my fabulous customers - Thank you and Happy Holidays! Supplies: C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord, Beads, Button, Crochet Hook, Scissors, Tapestry Needle Choosing the color of C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord to go with the Miyuki Seed Beads Size E...