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7 Ways To Prevent That Bloated Feeling

7 Ways To Prevent That Bloated Feeling

9 Charmingly Delightful Beauty Techniques from All Over the World … Beauty techniques are highly beneficial, but some of them are incredibly recycled. What I mean is, in my life, I always get the same pieces of advice. My friends and family members always share the same beauty techniques – and yes, they're extremely helpful, but sometimes I'd like to hear something new, wouldn't you? In that spirit, I've gathered some amazing beauty techniques from all over the world! If you've ever wanted to know how women from India keep their hair so lustrous or how Scandinavian women keep their complexions so flawless, I've got you covered!

12 Unusual and Creative Alarm Clocks Creative and unusual alarm clock designs that will spice up your morning. Clocky Alarm Clock Unusual alarm clock that jumps 3 feet from your night stand and runs away beeping to get you up. You can only snooze once. Budget Europe Travel Hop on Hop off Travel in Europe for Independent Travellers Amsterdam One of Europe’s most beautiful and historic cities right up there with Venice and Paris. But add funky and mellow bars, pervasive irreverence, whiffs of pot, sleaze and sex and you have a literally intoxicating mix. Find out more about Amsterdam Ancona A port town through and through, the town does have a fascinating history, a handful of sights to warrant an extra day or two, and the downtown area is very pedestrian friendly. Find out more about Ancona Avignon This graceful city is the belle of Provence’s ball. Famed for its annual performing-arts festival and its fabled bridge, Avignon is an ideal spot from which to step out into the surrounding region.

Fixing Broken Makeup We all love Pinterest and probably spend a little more time on it than we'd like to admit. Every time I'm on Pinterest, I see something else I want to try or make and usually, I do. So we figured, WHY NOT show you all of Pinterest endeavors and pick out the really awesome things from the not-so-amazing things. So from time to time that's exactly what we are going to do! So here we go...first up we have the "alcohol makes your broken makeup troubles fade away" trick. Sounds AMAZING.

The Cheapest Destinations Blog - Part 4 What does it mean when a place is #1 on a list of destinations you should visit this year? Why is this a “hot destination” on the cover of a major magazine on your local newsstand? Does that really mean anything for you? Most of the year the covers rotate between Italy, France, and some beaches.

5 ways to get more wear out of a too-pale lipstick Meet Illamasqua Plunge. It's a lovely mauve pink colour in the tube but I just can't wear it on its own without looking like a throwback from the 60s mod era. Or a contestant on "Snog Marry Avoid" (PS: have you discovered that show yet? Hilarious!) It's one of those lipsticks that requires work to actually look good on me. Top ten hostels in Europe Staying in a hostel in Europe is a rite of passage for budget-conscious travelers making their way around the continent. This is particularly the case for budget-conscious younger travelers. Here are ten hostels across Europe that either receive particularly high user-review grades or are notorious enough in one or another way to be noteworthy.

Rosie Romantic We love a pretty pink pop with no fuss! This “Rosie Romantic” tutorial shows you how to get this simple spring-y look, which is gorgeous for both day and night. • Tools: foundation, rosy cream blush, rosy lip balm, brown eye liner pencil, black mascara, foundation brush or sponge, and small flat concealer brush (or you can use your fingers) • Apply an even layer of foundation to your skin. • Apply a rosy cream blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend with your finger tips. • Apply a rosy lip balm to your lips. Glass Beach – The Dump You’ll Want to Visit Before you say anything about the content of this article, I hate people who litter. I’ll judge you if I think you’re too lazy to recycle. I hate pollution and the death of our fragile ecosystems and all the rest.

Porcelain Doll Did you know you can bring attention to the natural beauty of your eyes by taking the focus off of them? Follow this tutorial for a ‘nude’ look with a strategic kick of color that will transform you into a perfect little doll of porcelain! Eyes: Nymph (white/gold sparkle) by Lime Crime, any nude shadow, white eyeliner pencil, black mascaraFace: liquid foundation, Siren magic dust (used as blush), setting powderLips: Lime Crime opaque lipstick in Retrofuturist, clear gloss Eyes Keep it simple – a wash of nude eyeshadow and some black mascara will do (top lashes only). Use white eyeliner pencil on the waterline, concentrating on the outer corners. 10 of the best beaches in Europe for travel snobs Posted on: March 22nd in Travel, Travel Snobs by Scott Balaam. Like this Post? 10 of the best beaches in Europe for travel snobs - When you book a holiday in Europe there is always the concern that the beaches will be crowded. To help skip your early starts to ensure you get a decent spot here is a list of beautiful – yet unpsoilt and quiet beaches in Europe. This list will hopefully allow you to have a relaxing break without having to fight for somewhere to take in the rays…