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Un 'cole' donde los niños aprendan a crear tecnología, no solo a consumirla

Un 'cole' donde los niños aprendan a crear tecnología, no solo a consumirla
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The Teacher's Quick Guide To Educational Twitter Hashtags The Teacher’s Quick Guide To Educational Twitter Hashtags Added by Jeff Dunn on 2012-10-18 I heart Twitter. But that’s a very lengthy list. Want to download this graphic as a PDF? Category: Featured Tags: #edchat , guide , hashtags , infographic , resource , twitter , visualization You may also like How Teachers Are Hacking Their Own Digital Textbooks Added by Anthony DiLaura 5 days ago 17.23K Views 9 Comments 0 Likes A group of teachers have started to disrupt their own textbook options by starting up an iBooks Author Hackathon. 5 Free Apps For Classrooms With A Single iPad Added by Monica Burns 1 month ago 24.65K Views 1 Comments 0 Likes You don’t have to be in a 1:1 classroom to infuse technology. 30 Young Leaders Worth Following On Twitter Added by Katie Lepi 1 month ago 4.65K Views 3 Comments 0 Likes We hear from older CEOs and executives all the time. 4 Education Technology Trends Coming To Your Classroom Added by Jeff Dunn 1 month ago 8.53K Views 1 Comments 0 Likes 2 Comments

Cramer's 'Mad Money': Reason for Optimism | Page Eighth, hedge funds are finally done selling, relieving the selling pressure from the markets. Ninth, the market finally has some leadership, with stocks like Apple (AAPL_), Amazon (AMZN_), Google (GOOG_) and Research In Motion (RIMM) all taking the Nasdaq higher. Finally, even the transports seem to have bottomed, with UPS (UPS_) reporting that its outlook may not be as bad as expected. Cramer said that although the market might not yet be in the land of the bull, a lot of the bad news is definitely behind us. Difficult to Resist Cramer said investors looking to speculate on a beaten down natural gas company should consider GMX Resources (GMXR), a stock that stumped him earlier in the week. Cramer said the thing to look for in a speculative gas play is where it trades compared to its net asset value. GMX has proven reserves of between $60 to $85 a share, making the company worth more dead than alive. Delivering the Goods

Using Digital Tools for Differentiation Direct Address to this Page: Anyone who has worked in education for any length of time knows just how important it is for teachers to create differentiated classrooms. If schools are truly working to ensure success for every student, learning experiences need to be customized and aligned to student interests, needs, and unique learning styles. In this February 2012 Alaska Staff Development Network webinar, sixth grade classroom teacher, blogger and educational technology author Bill Ferriter will introduce participants to a range of digital tools that can be used to (1). provide structure for differentiated classrooms and (2). differentiate learning experiences by student interest. Today's Slides Today's Shared Reflection Document One of the things that we will do regularly during the course of our 90 minutes together is spend time in shared written reflection. To access our shared written reflection document, click here. Differentiating YOUR Learning She writes: #nice

Finance Seeking Alpha - Apr 15, 2014 Vodafone Group PLC has high and volatile default probabilities, and they have been rising in recent weeks. In spite of those high default probabilities, credit spreads on the firm's bonds are narrower than for the average firm. The Motley Fool UK - Apr 15, 2014 Now Vodafone (LSE: VOD) (NASDAQ: VOD.US) has sold its holding in joint venture Verizon Wireless, which regularly contributed around £4bn to Vodafone's bottom line, the company's profits are going to take a hit. Business Wire (press release) - Apr 11, 2014 DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--EXCO Resources, Inc. Gaining Green - 4 hours ago NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) CAO David Shannon sold 2,227 shares of the stock in a transaction that occurred on Tuesday, April 8th. NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA)'s CAO David Shannon sold 2,445 shares of the company's stock in a transaction dated Tuesday, March 25th.

Humanidades Digitales 3.0. Entre la retórica y la heurística Image from the article LDigital Humanities and the fusion between art and science "En el año 2010 el gobierno argentino puso en marcha el Programa Conectar Igualdad que terminará repartiendo 3.5 millones de netbooks a los estudiantes de colegios secundarios públicos de todo el país. En el año 2012 creó dentro del Programa un Laboratorio de Innovación: ConectarLab siguiendo los lineamientos de muchas instituciones y apadrinado, entre otros, por Medialab-Prado. En su corto año de vida ConectarLab generó iniciativas, proyectos y productos de hardware y software.

Marc Garrigasait ha publicado la nota: Aprobada ampliación de capital en Koala Capital Sicav hasta los 36 millones Euros | impok Ayer martes día 11 de enero 2011, y en segunda convocatoria, se aprobó en Junta General Extraordinaria de Koala Capital Sicav SA, la ampliación del capital máximo estatutario (modificación de la cifra de acciones del capital máximo estatutario) hasta los 2.404.050 acciones, que al valor liquidativo de ayer de 15,19 Euros/acción supone que podrían comprar acciones de Koala capital Sicav los actuales o nuevos inversores-accionistas hasta aproximadamente unos 36.500.000 Euros. Este importe variará en función de la evolución del valor liquidativo futuro. Debido a la multitud de nuevas compras por parte de inversores, especialmente en estos últimos meses, se han agotado todas las acciones por lo que estimamos que hasta principios de febrero 2011 no será posible adquirir nuevas acciones. Por favor, no paséis nuevas ordenes de compra de Koala Capital Sicav hasta nuevo aviso, ya que la bolsa, más concretamente el Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB), las va a rechazar. Propuesta Primera I. II. 1.

PS 151 New York City uses EasyTech with ELL students Gordon Graham has spent nearly two-thirds of his 14-year teaching career in New York City’s highly diverse PS 151 , a K-5 elementary school located in Woodside, a community in Queens. In that time he has seen his school’s diversity grow with the number of immigrant families from all over the world, and with that, a significant increase in range of student abilities. Woodside was once the American hub for newly arriving Irish immigrant families. For Graham, the school’s educational technology specialist, computers become the “universal language” for his classroom. “The computer is transcontinental. His best tool for that, he says, is’s EasyTech, a K-8 technology literacy curriculum that does more than teach technology skills. In fact, his principal makes the computer lab a priority for new students arriving, and especially for those who have limited English skills. Students who are learning English also enjoy EasyTech because it feels non-threatnening, Graham says.

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