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BigBlueButton - From BigBlueButton is a web conferencing server that takes advantage of several other open source servers.

BigBlueButton -

It is a complex package that I prefer to run on its own Ubuntu server (either on a standalone machine, in a separate partition, or within a virtual machine). How to build a web widget (using jQuery) - Alex Marandon. Published on 15 June 2010, updated on 23 May 2012, 110 Comments Introduction I created some web widgets for the London’s Design Museum and learned a few useful things in the process.

How to build a web widget (using jQuery) - Alex Marandon

Although all the necessary information can be found on the web, I couldn’t find a really comprehensive guide about doing this with jQuery so I decided to write this one. I’ll cover only techniques which are specific to web widgets so you should already be familiar with JavaScript, jQuery and web development if you want to follow easily. The interesting points will be: Index of /pub/misc/mysql/Downloads/MySQLGUITools. The Anatomy of Search Technology: blekko’s NoSQL database. This is a guest post (part 2, part 3) by Greg Lindahl, CTO of blekko, the spam free search engine that had over 3.5 million unique visitors in March.

The Anatomy of Search Technology: blekko’s NoSQL database

Greg Lindahl was Founder and Distinguished Engineer at PathScale, at which he was the architect of the InfiniPath low-latency InfiniBand HCA, used to build tightly-coupled supercomputing clusters. Imagine that you're crazy enough to think about building a search engine. Comparison of web application frameworks. This is a comparison of notable web application frameworks.

Comparison of web application frameworks

General[edit] Basic information about each framework. ASP.NET[edit] C[edit] Quora. Social Network Analysis. Social Network Analysis: Introduction and Resources What is Social Network Analysis?

Social Network Analysis

Network Data Collection and Representation Network Theories Analysis of Network Data Software Applications. Home - OpenSocial - OpenSocial Wiki.