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Welcome to SFSKIDS

Welcome to SFSKIDS

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Plan a Pi Day Party (March 14) Teachers in many classrooms celebrate Pi Day this month. Pi -- the number 3.14… gets its own special day on 3/14, or March 14. EdWorld editors have gathered a collection of links to ideas and activities that will help you plan a Pi Day celebration for your classroom or school. If one day of the year screams "Party!" in math class, that day is March 14. The Levelator® from The Conversations Network As of the end of 2012, the Levelator is no longer supported or being updated by The Conversations Network. We have therefore stopped accepting donations. Please continue to download and use the most-recent versions. Windows Requires Windows XP, Vista or 7 Download The Levelator® for Windows (version 2.1.1) Latest build: 4261 Download previous versions: Requires OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later Tested with OS X 10.7 (Lion) Universal binary (PowerPC and Intel native support) Download The Levelator® for OS X (version 2.1.1) Latest build: 4261 Download previous versions:

Songsmith Download Songsmith is a great way to encourage students to be creative: many music teachers know that sometimes just helping kids “find their spark” is the hardest part of stimulating musical creativity. Furthermore, Songsmith can help you teach musical concepts that are sometimes difficult, particularly how chords are used in pop music and how melodies and chords fit together. Using tools like Songsmith to explore these concepts can help connect what students are learning in music class to the music they listen to at home, whether they’re in third grade or in high school.

Pattern Block Rock by David Tulga Pattern Block Rock- adding whole numbers to make rhythms - The Pattern Block Rock activity connects your knowledge of geometric shapes and equivalency to musical notes and rhythms. Simply choose your pattern blocks and press play — your pattern will transform into a musical composition you can see and hear! Here's how it works: How to play the Pattern Blocks: Scroll down until to see the Pattern Blocks — they're near the bottom of the page. Starter Of The Day Start your Mathematics Lesson with our Starter Of The Day. Boost your mind power with these brain exercises. Give your mental ability a work out with a range of mathematical puzzles, speed tests and creative ideas. Click on the date in the calendar below for the Starter Of The Day.

11 Ideas for Music Lessons on your Interactive Whiteboard I’ve been asked several times recently on Twitter to recommend ideas for Music lessons that involve the interactive whiteboard. So here are 10 free resources, and one excellent paid-for resource, that will help you make music on your interactive whiteboard. More can be found on my delicious list. MoodStream Moodstream is a really interesting tool. It combines images (from Getty Images) and audio tracks to suit your mood. Orchestra - Backstage © 2000 This site is built by... also visit The Summer CyberSurfari

Free fraction videos online Enjoy free online math videos on these fraction topics: (Fraction videos, part 2, are on this page.) The videos are recorded in high-density (HD) and are viewable both here as well as at my Youtube channel. These videos are usable for students, teachers, and parents. Windows Beta version Audacity 1.3 has become the 2.0 version. Please check its System Requirements. Contains dozens of new, exciting features. Very occasionally, these might need final polishing or not be retained in later versions. Occasionally, a feature might not work as it did before, or might be temporarily disabled. Math Teaching Videos Math Teaching VideosEach math problem comes with a step by step video solution, follow up problems, an online calculator and sketch pad. advertisement Jenn's Fish Tank Weighing Oranges The Boston Marathon

Three Acts Of A Mathematical Story 2016 Aug 6. Here is video of this task structure implemented with elementary students. 2013 May 14. Here’s a brief series on how to teach with three-act math tasks. It includes video. FREE: Practice Math with 10 Monkeys Today I have another math practice website for kids – 10 Monkeys. It also operates well on iPad and iPhone. It covers math from preschool to elementary school on number recognition, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are also practices on money and word problems. Geometry problems will be added in the near future. Once kids get on the 10 Monkeys website, they first choose the number range they want to practice on: under 10, under 20, under 100, or under 1000.

Great for tempo, basics move very quickly and use American terminology eigth note instead of quaver etc. good up until that though. Pitch was simply but good. Rhythm might be too hard for prep, one and two. Harmony great basic intro. Instruments of the orchestra was good. composing was ok, limited in creativity. Performing was ok playing a song on keyboard by following numbers and colours, music written on a stave but not a real keyboard look to play off. by amanagracet Jan 28

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