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Welcome to SFSKIDS

Welcome to SFSKIDS

Plan a Pi Day Party (March 14) Teachers in many classrooms celebrate Pi Day this month. Pi -- the number 3.14… gets its own special day on 3/14, or March 14. EdWorld editors have gathered a collection of links to ideas and activities that will help you plan a Pi Day celebration for your classroom or school. If one day of the year screams "Party!" in math class, that day is March 14. 3 siti web interattivi dedicati alla musica Eccovi oggi 3 siti web che vi permetteranno di interagire con la musica. Possono essere considerati giochi ma, come vedrete in alcuni casi, rappresentano anche una modalità espressiva molto creativa. Un'applicazione molto suggestiva che, solo toccando un tasto, vi permette di suonare una o piu' note di un pianoforte. In pratica andrete a suonare famosi brani di musica classica, divertendovi ad agire sul tempo, in quanto le note vengono riprodotte automaticamente. Sono molti i temi presenti, così come è disponibile una versione app iOS. Probabilmente la più popolare tastiera viruale presente nel web.

Free fraction videos online Enjoy free online math videos on these fraction topics: (Fraction videos, part 2, are on this page.) The videos are recorded in high-density (HD) and are viewable both here as well as at my Youtube channel. These videos are usable for students, teachers, and parents. Math Teaching Videos Math Teaching VideosEach math problem comes with a step by step video solution, follow up problems, an online calculator and sketch pad. advertisement Jenn's Fish Tank Weighing Oranges The Boston Marathon Three Acts Of A Mathematical Story 2016 Aug 6. Here is video of this task structure implemented with elementary students. 2013 May 14. Here’s a brief series on how to teach with three-act math tasks. It includes video. 10 of The Best Android Apps for Music Teachers July 9, 2015 For those of you looking for some good Android apps to use in their music classes, the list below is a good place to start with. We have curated for you a collection of some of the best web educational music apps out there. All of these apps have been tried and used by teachers and proved to be a big hit. Check them out and share with us if you have other suggestions to add to this list.

The Open Music Encyclopedia Welcome to Musipedia! Inspired by, but not affiliated with Wikipedia, we are building a searchable, editable, and expandable collection of tunes, melodies, and musical themes. Every entry can be edited by anybody. An entry can contain a bit of sheet music, a MIDI file, textual information about the work and the composer, and last but not least the Parsons Code, a rough description of the melodic contour. You can base your search on melody (i. e., pitch and rhythm), melodic contour, or just rhythm. Melody Search 6 Very Good Music Creation Apps for Teachers November 8, 2016 Today’s collection features some interesting iPad apps for music teachers.They can be used with students to create and share beautiful songs and tracks. Think of them like simplified music studios with a number of excellent features and tools that make music creation simpler and more engaging. Most of these apps allow you to shared your final products through social media websites, direct links, emails or upload them to music hosting sites such as SoundCloud.

5 Tools Students Can Use to Create Music Online Online music creation tools can be used by students to make music to use in projects like podcasts and videos. Students can also use online music creation tools to experiment with rhythms and sounds to learn how music is made. The following free tools can be used for either of those purposes.Soundtrap is a fantastic tool for creating music online. The cool thing about Soundtrap is that students can use virtual instruments to create music or they can record themselves playing music on an instrument and then use that recording in conjunction with the virtual instruments in the Soundtrap environment. What makes Soundtrap stand-out from the crowd is its collaboration options. Click the "collaborate" tab in the Soundtrap editor to invite others to create music with you.

FREE: Practice Math with 10 Monkeys Today I have another math practice website for kids – 10 Monkeys. It also operates well on iPad and iPhone. It covers math from preschool to elementary school on number recognition, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are also practices on money and word problems. Geometry problems will be added in the near future. Once kids get on the 10 Monkeys website, they first choose the number range they want to practice on: under 10, under 20, under 100, or under 1000.

13 must Have Chrome Apps for Music Teachers March 24, 2015 Here is a list we have curated specifically for music teachers. This list features a collection of popular Chrome apps ideal for teaching and learning about music. From apps to help you improve your music sheet reading skills to apps to assist you in your guitar and piano playing, the apps in this selection are definitely a must have for music teachers. 10 Awesome Android Music Apps for Young Learners March 23, 2017 Here is a collection of some very good Android music apps for kids and young learners. This collection is featured in Google Play App Store and embeds some highly rated apps in this category. Using the apps below, kids will get to explore the world of music and sound and learn the basics of how to play different musical instruments such as piano, guitar and flute. Check them out below and share with us your feedback in our Facebook page. 1- Toddler Sing and Play 3

Great for tempo, basics move very quickly and use American terminology eigth note instead of quaver etc. good up until that though. Pitch was simply but good. Rhythm might be too hard for prep, one and two. Harmony great basic intro. Instruments of the orchestra was good. composing was ok, limited in creativity. Performing was ok playing a song on keyboard by following numbers and colours, music written on a stave but not a real keyboard look to play off. by amanagracet Jan 28