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250 Beautiful Typography T-shirts Typography t-shirts are probably my favourite category of t-shirt design styles, you know why? They get a reaction, they make you think, and they can be some of the most beautiful tees you’ll ever see. I have literally hundreds of t-shirts in my wardrobe, but if I’m in the mood to wear something that people will comment on it has to be a text tee, I’ve literally been stopped in the street to ask where I got some shirts, and that only happens with text tees because when people see text on a tee their eyes are drawn to it. Hmmm, did that last sentence make it seem like I’m desperate for attention?

UK Lifestyle blog: How to screen print at home. So after a few request from my readers and a friend on facebook, here is how i use my screen print kit at home. First off there is no exposing the screen, which would be alot quicker but i can't afford that type of equipment right now. So i bought this system 3 Acrylic screen print and i often buy extra screens off ebay. this is what comes in the kit,

Shop for men's polo shirt styles ASOS discover fashion online United Kingdom Change currency: Autres Pays Starting a T-Shirt Company or Clothing Line - sell custom screen printed t-shirts. PrintMojo - Take The Next Step At we handle: The Printing: We offer both professional screen printing and embroidery services. We can also relabel the t-shirts with your own tag in the neckline! When you open a store, you need to purchase inventory.

Incredibly Unique T-Shirt Designs (22 pics) Who would have imagined that t-shirts would become a staple of any wardrobe fifty years ago? Nowadays you can find just about anything printed on a t-shirt and this collection of wacky tees is no exception. A two in one Resident Evil t-shirt that looks like a normal shirt, but when you pull it over your head it reveals a freaky walking zombie face. Cool Venetian blinds t-shirt that reveals the midriff with the pull of a string. Dtg HM1 C T Shirt Printer with Wims and EXTRAS Place bid Review and confirm your bid Bid confirmation d

Tee Junction – The T-shirt Blog. Coupon Codes, Sales, Offers 2012 Threads is a relatively obscure indie brand with a unique theme: the 2012 Mayan apocalypse. I wasn’t expecting much out of this label, considering that I find the whole 2012 paranoia to be rather inane, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the art. The designs — as expected — are dark and foreboding, but with a splash of vibrant color to keep them from being too “doom and gloom”. It’s a pretty strong line-up altogether, including a design called Robot Apocalypse by the famous godmachine. This piece creates a spin on the concept by adding a giant robot to the mix. I’m pretty sure the Mayans never thought of seeing that bringing about the end of the world!

Print Your Own T-Shirts Using Homemade Stencils Though screen printing is the most efficient way of printing on textiles (check out my how-to here), it’s a lot of work to print a one-of-a-kind t-shirt. Here’s a cool way to create a stencil on the computer, and handprint it upon your shirt. It produces a different aesthetic than silk screening, as your completed shirt won’t look brand new, but nicely broken-in. Ingredients: Computer with image editing software (the instructions here are for Adobe Photoshop)Craft knife and blades (such as X-Acto) Cutting Mat, or scrap piece of plywoodThin or Medium sheet of acetate (overhead transparency)Masking tapeTextile Ink, or Acrylic Ink and Textile FixerSmall Painter RollerT-ShirtIron and Parchment Paper

Where to buy great t-shirts in London When I was down in London recently I was doing some shopping and naturally I wanted to see what the capital had to offer in terms of t-shirts. I’d done a little research before my trip, and found a few cool places, but I couldn’t find exactly what I was after. I figured that if I’m searching for that kind of info on the internet, then other people probably are too, so I thought it might be a good idea to make a list of clothing stores in London.

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