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Sarah at Welcome to the Good Life

Sarah at Welcome to the Good Life
WOO HOO! Call me a big nerd but my heart's pounding because i'm so excited and honored to be here!!! my name is Sarah and i keep a blog over at Welcome to the gOOd life. it's a diary written by me (and sometimes by my hilarious husband) of the good and the ugly as a wife, a stay at home mom, raising two kids under three-just a year apart, and also my weekly DIY sewing projects. so should we get on to my DIY project? inspiration: squeezebox top from anthropologie picture from an anthropologie review blog. i think i literally gasped when i saw this top online. i instantly fell in love and knew i had to have it! i bought 2 white shirts, one in xs which is my size and one in large. i got the large shirt in round neck for more fabric while i got the xs in a scoopneck. you'll need: 2 shirts scissors matching thread pins estimated time: 1-2 hrs. project cost: very reasonable(mine was $8 for both shirts) skill level: advanced beginner to intermediate 3. take one of the piece and begin making the pleates. 4.

More Tips to Make Life Easier Liked the first set of easy household tips I posted a few days ago here? I got these in an email forward and thought they were brilliant! Here are 10 more for you! Turn your muffin pan upside down, bake cookie dough over the top and you’ve got delicious ice cream bowls! Can’t find a missing earring or other small item but terrified you’ll vacuum it up? No need to buy a custom cupcake carrier – cut crosses into a box lid and you’ve got an instant cupcake carrier. Place a magnetic strip behind your vanity or closet door in the bathroom and store tiny essentials like bobby pins, tweezers and more. I’m always saving plastic bags when traveling for my shoes. You can buy professional labels for your cords – or you can reuse bread ties and get the same results! Love this! Install a tension rod to store spray bottles under the sink! Freeze aloe vera in ice cream trays for soothing sunburn relief (isn’t this brilliant?!) (source)

Women's Clothing married to a bmw Free Sewing Patterns: Women’s Clothing 06. February 2009 · 18 comments · Categories: Sewing Back to Free Sewing Patterns The 5 minute skirt by angry chickenRuffle Skirt by EmuShirt into Skirt with Yoga Style Waistband by Make It and Love ItThe Shirt Skirt by Sew Like My MomWomen's Skirt with Yoga Style Waistband by Make It and Love ItHow to Make a Skirt out of Scraps by craftstylishThree Tiered Skirt by Weekend designer20 Minute Simple Skirt by GrosgrainReversible Wrap Skirt by Weekend designerRuffled Linen Skirt by amazing maeYoga Skirt by Patty Young for Sew, Mama, Sew! Share this: More Connect Search Categories Archives © 2011 married to a bmw. Design by picomol. - Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives Serendipity {BEST} PVC Pipe Car Wash Tutorial! I know you've seen all of the PVC pipe car wash ideas and tutorials out there. We were smitten with the idea and come Memorial Day (yes, I'm only just now sharing the tutorial!) we decided we needed to make one of our own because it is HOT here in Tennessee! I'm definitely not trying to be snotty by calling this the BEST PVC pipe car wash. But mine implements a new idea that makes it even MORE fun! And I worked hard to put together a great tutorial so you can easily recreate it yourself! Ready? For this PVC pip car wash you will need: 5 1/2"x10' pieces of PVC pipe 7 1/2" tee pieces 4 1/2" side elbow pieces 4 1/2" end caps 1 1/2" female PVC adapter (not shown) PVC pipe cutter PVC cement (optional) And the key ingredient: misters! p.s. The misters are what make this car wash SO fun! You WILL get wet soaked in this car wash. Depending on the type of mister you get will depend on additional costs you want to incur with the project. We decided to go for it and bought three different types: A few side notes:

study this! by ellecools Wet felt purse! My mum is a wonderful wet felter! She loves it and I think it loves her too.. She taught me how to make these adorable little purses so I thought I'd share it with you too:) What you'll need: about 20grams of Merino Wool (Usually good craft stores sell it but we buy ours in bulk from Scotland from Twist Fibre) 2 Sheets of bubble wrap- around 50cm long and 40cm high Lots of towels- Things are going to get wet! And you're finished! Good luck everyone It's such fun! Soap Making Instructions | Soap Making Recipes and Tutorials | Teach Soap

ReStyle a comfy sweatshirt! I am so in love with this restyled sweatshirt. When Amanda sent it my way I think I gasped aload! It's so beautiful, simple and cozy. Who doesn't want to look pretty in something so comfy! Here's how you can make your own... Supplies needed: sweatshirt, crochet doilies, scissors, pins, thread, bias tape, crochet or embroidery thread, sewing machine, crochet/lace trim (optional). Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Your sweater can be washed on gentle cycle and either hung to dry or dried with low heat. Thanks so much, Amanda, for sharing this beautiful idea!

my favourite things: DIY - Calendari setmanal Últimament he anat una mica malament de memòria, se m'ha passat més d'una cosa i he acabat fent tard o saltant-m'ho directament... Sí, ja ho sé, existeixen agendes però jo necessito alguna cosa que em quedi més a la vista. Així que ja em veieu a mi anant a buscar unes pinces al "xinu" (80c.), un retolador permanent de punta fina (que segur en tens algun per casa) i recuperant un regle de quan era petita on hi ha la plantilla de totes les lletres. Així que res, amb 15 minuts les tenia llestes i col·locades. He anat pintant les primeres lletres dels dies de la setmana a la punta de la pinça amb el retolador permanent. He retallat unes tires de paper i per no anar-ho canviant cada setmana, les aprofitaré fins a baix, ratllant el que vagi fent. D'acord no m'han quedat taaant estupendes com les de la botigueta molona però funcionar funcionen igual,no? Espero que us hagi agradat!

paper crafts: make a panda gift candy box tutorial Paper crafts: make a Panda Gift Candy Box tutorial Paper crafts: make a Panda Gift Candy Box tutorial In the summer times, let your kids make a special candy box, this crafts only needs paper Christmas craft ideas: paper snowflake flower tutorialChristmas craft ideas: paper snowflake flower tutorial Snowflake flower tutorial This snowflake is easy to do with the children. Will need: Paper, A4 or A5, scissors, glue and Paper craft: mother’s day card and canvas Paper craft: mother's day card and canvas Whoa. Mother's Day is definitely creeping up on us. Here are a few ideas. Quilling art: Female characters in the wonderful paper artFemale characters in the wonderful works of Eugene Evseeva. 2.Quilling art: Female characters in the wonderful paper art 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. see more:

Journaling: Transferring Images with Con-Tact Paper You can make journal pages much more interesting by layering multiple images and text. There are many ways to transfer an image onto a page….so I’ll be doing several posts with different techniques. Below I’ll show you how to use clear Con-Tact paper (the stuff used for drawer liners and textbook covers). Many people use packing tape for this same technique, but I think it is too limiting because it’s size. Below are three journal pages where I used Con-Tact paper to place an image or text as a layer. Materials needed: Clear Con-Tact paper A photocopied image (inkjet will not work) Cut out your Con-Tact paper to cover the portion of the photocopy that you want to transfer. Peel the backing off the Con-Tact paper….. ……and place on your photocopy. Use your fingernail or another object (I’m using a bone folder in the photo) to burnish the top of the Con-Tact paper to make sure it adheres well. Cut off the excess paper surround the image. The photocopied image will be left behind. Finished!

101 Simple Handmade Gift Tutorials These simple handmade gift tutorials will make any crafty person’s heart sing with joy! You don’t need special skills or a bunch of time because these can all be done super fast! Simple and cute…that works for me! Oh, and think of all the money you will save making these gifts. You are going to love these fabulous tutorials!!! You can make all your gifts for years from this list! If you love creative links, please subscribe to Everything Etsy! Thanks so much for all your tweets, stumbles, Facebook likes and pins on my Sewing Tutorials and Free Printables posts…you are the coolest crafty friends! If you want to be doubly awesome, try doing handmade gifts that are also eco-friendly! Handmade gifts make people feel special, don’t you think? ~Kim