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Filet a provision

Filet a provision
Green…can mean more than one thing. There is green the color. And green, as in environmentally friendly. Today I am combining those two meanings into one with the: I made my reusable produce bag out of an old knit T-shirt. And then I went crazy! It is really easy and requires very little sewing. So let’s get started shall we? 1.)You just take an old T-shirt and turn it inside out. I made some small, some large. Some using the existing T-shirt hem and some not. 2.)Sew with a straight stitch or a narrow zig zag all the way around. Or you can finish the edge with: A French seam. A zig-zag stitch or serged edge - my favorite way. Make the seam allowance much smaller - like 1/8 of an inch. Or fold the seam allowance over to one side and stitch all the way around. 3. )You can do this next part 2 ways: Option 1: Draw lines to help guide you when you cut slits. and snip, snip, snip…with the tips of your scissors. You want to stagger the cuts like so… Option 2: Using your rotary cutter… 4.) 5.) That’s it!

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Potholder from an old T-shirt - Recyclart Unique and budget-friendly. I invented a fun way to recycle old T-Shirt, making it useful items for your home. It ‘s very simple: just cut a T-Shirt in a circular fashion, forming a ribbon about 2 cm wide. Easy DIY Beet Blush and Lip Gloss: 3 Ways The color of fresh, organic beets is unmatched. After making Raw Veggie Bacon, I would often look at my stained hands and wonder if beets could be made into chemical-free cosmetics. Then this summer, I read a super article in ReadyMade magazine about the book No More Dirty Looks , and it shared a simple recipe using beets for lips and cheeks as well as a tip for easy lip stain—slice a beet, kiss and go!

Recycled Sweater Mittens Have you ever thought about making mittens from old wool sweaters? Follow these simple instructions and you'll have a pair of cozy woollen mittens in no time. What you need Felted wool sweater Tape measure or yard stick Pair of sharp scissors Marker pen Blunt end needle Yarn or thread for sewing pieces together Pins or safety pins Instructions Your sweater should be felted before you begin. Weave Fun Summer Placemats With T-Shirt Yarn Isn't this just the cutest? This is the weaving my daughter has been working on using the scraps left over after I used a bunch of t-shirts to make some yarn. Now I'm no weaving expert, but this little project has definitely sparked an interest in weaving, so I have a feeling there's more in store!

15 DIY crafts to make right now It's cold, it's raining and quite frankly, it's utterly miserable outside at the moment. So stay in! But then it hits you. It's not that great inside either. Creating my way to Success: Funky Pencil Cases from Jeans - an upcycle tutorial Plus another yellow pair that missed the photo, but my younger daughter remembered from the bags and found for me after I'd started! Pencil cases sprung to mind as something that would work well with these. I wanted to try and make use of the various parts of the jeans - here's what I came up with. It's a basic lined pencil case design, with a pocket on the front. (useful for secret notes perhaps!) You can add your own embellishments to the front of to personalise as you choose. Tutoriel: Faites vos propres timbres en caoutchouc botaniques If you love the rustic look of woodcut prints, you’ll love using botanical rubber stamps you design and make yourself. An envelope made of repurposed brown bag paper– then stamped with your handcarved garden motif — makes the coolest seed packet in the known universe. Here’s a quick tutorial on the process. Fun! You will need: Some paper, a Magic Rub white rubber eraser, a v-gouge linoleum cutter or X-Acto knife, a 2B pencil or a fine-tipped marker and some nail polish remover. You might need a tablespoon — more on that in a minute.

Sock Toppers! {picture me screaming like I just won on The Price Is Right, that's how excited I am!!} Aren't these cute! I was sitting in my sewing room, about to concoct me up some new pretty socks, when I spied some elastic sitting next to my machine.....then, like angels singing, it came to me! SOCK TOPPERS with an elastic! Then I won't have to decide what color lace to do with which sock? and...Will they wash well? and...will they stay up? t-shirt latch hook rug tutorial I really love flokati rugs. I have two that are safely tucked away in my parents basement awaiting our reunion. When I learned that I would be having a child and building a nursery for him, I wanted a flokati. A gray one. Being a flokati snob though, I knew that I couldn’t afford the price tag ( ), and I knew that I would be too precious about the rug ( ).

Paper Flowers – Anyone Can Do That Japanese Kusudama, this tutorial is featured on Craftuts Anyone can do that, I assure you. The proof: I can, just take a quick look at my result below. DiaryofaCreativeFanatic Inspirational images | Pinterest One of the easiest ways to recycle denim is to make a bag. Consider carefully the end product, how you wish the finished bag to look, whether you desire a very casual bohemian look or a more finished chic bag. Patchwork, embellishment and destroyed surfaces appeal to a variety of tastes by giving the denim fabric a distinct surface to work with. You can recreate the denim fabric by bleaching, painting, embellishing with rhinestones, embroidery, studding or any other type of treatment you see that inspires you. Read further for different ways to give your denim personality, whether you want to knit or crochet strips, weave strips or simply sew pieces together.

Recycling Old Jeans for Kids Toys and Decorative Accessories in Gorgeous Blue Color Easy to make toys, Christmas tree ornaments and decorative accessories are a nice way of recycling old jeans while exploring wonderful and fresh home decorating ideas and adding beautiful blue color to your existing palette. Many everyday objects can be used for creating great homemade toys, dog toys, kids toys, home accents, holiday decorations and handmade gifts. Rather than constantly purchasing new decorative accessories and toys, you ca make them while recycling old jeans and enjoying fabulous recycle-craft ideas.

Getting Back at the Dryer.... We all know that our dryers eat socks. Not a big deal with easily replaceable white socks that my husband wears, but when they're my cute little polka-dotted ones, it makes me mad!! I have a huge collection of cute socks that I've been hoping to find the mates for. But after three years, I've given up. So I showed my dryer who was boss, and I made some cute gloves out of them! In case you have some single ladies in your sock drawer, here's how to make them!

DIY: Nerdy Chic Book Clutch Alright, you nerds, it's time for another 'book'torial. The whole reason I created the first two 'book'torials (here and here) was so that I could create this nerdy chic book clutch. I'm completely smitten with how it turned out.