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Marc and Angel Hack Life - Practical Tips for Productive Living

Marc and Angel Hack Life - Practical Tips for Productive Living
The most beautiful smiles are often the ones that once struggled through the tears. One thing I can say for sure: September 2008 through December 2009 was an extremely hard time for us. In that seemingly short 15-month timespan, Angel lost her breadwinning job (which drastically affected our livelihood), we lost a mutual close friend to cardiac arrest, and then, just as we were starting to get back on our feet, Angel’s brother passed away unexpectedly as well. As you can imagine, each of these losses felt horrific. And when stacked back to back to back, it was sometimes difficult just to get out of bed in the morning – to make even the slightest bit of progress on anything at all. But as days turned into weeks, months and years, we pressed forward, stronger and with a greater understanding and respect for life.

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10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me 10 Years Ago – A Man’s Advice To His 21-Year Old Self January 27, 2012 | 6 Comments » | Topics: Life, List (via) #10 – For the most part, what others think doesn’t matter. Ten years ago I was a 17 year old high school student who let the opinions of other people largely influence my choices. It was a dumb way to live, considering that ten years later, those people whose opinions I held in such high regard aren’t even a part of my life anymore! The times when someone else’s opinion of you truly matters are few and far between.

30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right things a chance to catch you. As Maria Robinson once said, “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” Nothing could be closer to the truth. But before you can begin this process of transformation you have to stop doing the things that have been holding you back.

101 Timeless Lessons Life Teaches post written by: Angel Chernoff Email Take everything you’ve ever learned – all the crazy experiences and lessons – and place it all in a box labeled “Thank you.” What has life taught you? Think about all the things you would love to tell yourself if you could travel back in time to give your younger self some advice about life. This is what our sister site, Everyday Life Lessons, is all about. What is Lifestyle Design? What are you planning to do when you retire? Do you hope to travel, spend time with friends and family, take up new hobbies or volunteer to support a cause? How long will it take you to retire?

Dont Ever Let This One Thing Crush You And Your Dreams I’ve tried pretty much everything in the way of increasing productivity… I’ve created to do lists, checklists, and goals for each day. I’ve dedicated special blocks of every day to writing, email, product creation, you name it. I’ve read books about how to maximize productivity, how to get more done in less time, while at a higher quality. Of everything I’ve read and out of everything I’ve tried, the greatest ally, tactic, or tip I’ve come across thus far, was given to me by Steven Pressfield, in his books, The War of Art 12 Ways to Fall Madly in Love with Life By falling in love with life, we fall in love with ourselves (and vice versa). When we fall in love with ourselves, we can access our true potential because we become willing to give ourselves the experiences, practices and beliefs that allow us to succeed and give us the self-acceptance to rebound when we fail. If we don’t fall in love with life and ourselves, then we fall into the perpetual wheel of self-sabotage, struggle and suffering.

13 Business Books That Will Blow Your Mind Having never taken a business class in college I find that I read and listen to a lot of business books to round out my education. The books usually aren't "How to Manage Your Cash Flow" but rather get me to rethink the way I run my business, which--despite no business classes or diploma--continues to be in business 13 plus years after I started it. In that time, here are 13 of the books that had the biggest impact on how I run my business (in no particular order): Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink: If you supervise anyone in your business, this book is a must read. Five Manifestos for the Creative Life by Kirstin Butler How a numbered list can start a personal revolution. Some days everyone needs a little extra encouragement. The words or lines or colors don’t want to come, or worse, we don’t even want to sit down to create. That’s when we turn to these inspiring manifestos, any one of which is guaranteed to give our uncooperative creativity a sharp kick in the pants. Here are five of our favorite contemporary manifestos that nudge ideas out of your head and into the hands of the world.

Many of the things we desire are expensive. But the truth is, the things that really satisfy us are totally free – love, laughter and working on our passions.♥ღツܓೋღ ღ-MarcAndAngel by sticky3d Dec 14

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