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Monitor Suite® BrainMass Home | Yahoo Answers Justia Blawg Search - Law Blogs, Lawyer Blogs, Legal Blogs Directory & Search Engine Droitissimo | L'information juridique pour tous ! State of the AmLaw 200 Blogosphere: March, 2010 96, or 48%, of the 2009 AmLaw 200 law firms are now blogging. This number is up from 39 firms, or a 149% increase, since August 2007 when LexBlog released its first State of the AmLaw Blogosphere. The number of blogs being published by these firms has grown nearly 300% in that same timeframe, from 74 to 297. In the 7 months since LexBlog released its fourth State of the AmLaw Blogosphere in June of 2009, the number of AmLaw law firms blogging has grown 20%. For large law firms looking to brand their law firm blogs, LexBlog remains the blog publishing platform of choice with 65% of the AmLaw law firm branded blogs running on the the LexBlog publishing platform. Growth highlights: 48% of AmLaw 200 law firms have blogs.20% growth in last 8 months in the number of AmLaw 200 law firms publishing blogs.33% growth in last 8 months in total number of blogs being published by AmLaw 200 law firms (some firms have more than one blog). And in the numbers: Note: a e-Discovery Team SCOTUSblog ClimateIntel

What could Quora's long-term business plan be Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Home Page Welcome to Uclue Gavel Grab » California Judiciary Wary of Further Court Budget Cuts California court officials have warned that Gov. Jerry Brown is planning to cut another $200 million from the state’s court budget, according to the Sacramento Bee. The court system was initially promised that the $200 million was part of what would be received for the next fiscal year, state administrative director of the courts Judge Steven Jahr said in a memo. State courts have already faced drastic budge cuts this year (see Gavel Grab). President of the Consumer Attorneys of California, Brian Kabateck, says that civil court services are at the highest risk without enough funds. “Average Californians are going to be lacking in court services they need,” Kabateck said. The Legislative Analyst’s Office is estimating that state courts will receive about $1.2 billion in the next budget, the article says, and $419 million that was cut previously will be restored.

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9 Free Stackoverflow Clones and Q&A Scripts | Web Resource, Tech Tips and Softwares - Enfew We have created a list of free open source Q&A scripts and Stackoverflow clones. Initially we had 9 items on the list but since our readers and community liked the subject they shared many other great scripts for questions & answers sites. So we are growing this list as the time goes by. Hopefully here you’ll find script or clone you have been looking for. 1. At its very core, OSQA is a social question and answer system. 2. OpenOverflow works on Mac OS X and GNU Linux, with Rails 2.3.2. 3. phpancake A questions and answers system, where the validity of the questions and their answers is determined and moderated by the community by a voting system. 4. Five minutes (or less!) 5. Qwench is a PHP/mySQL based StackOverflow clone. Features 1. 6. soclone – A Django-based Stack Overflow clone 7. stacked – An Open Source implementation of StackOverflow sample installation – we’re using it as our primary support mechanism for Ra-Ajax (a GPL licensed Ajax Library for ASP.NET) 8. shapado 9. 10. 11. 12.

Case Types - Lawsuit Funding Case Types Cases We Provide Lawsuit Cash Advances All our lawsuit cash advances are non-recourse based. This means you only repay the cash advance if you win your case. When it comes to a case type, our legal funding company has managed and worked with all types of cases from workers compensation, personal injury cases, to commercial litigation. Pre Settlement Case Types Personal Injuries & Accidents Below is a list of the pre settlement funding cases, also known as personal injury or accidents that we work with and the different lawsuit types we have funded in the past. We specialize in all types of Personal Injury Case Types Commercial Litigation Funding Litigation Funding Case Types When it comes to litigation financing, we are highly experienced in commercial litigation funding case types, also known as litigation funding or commercial litigation cases. We specialize in all types of commercial litigation lawsuits Apply For A Lawsuit Cash Advance