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The Sweetie Pie Hat When I first designed the Sweetie Pie Hat four years ago, I had plenty of time on my hands to create patterns. With no one tugging at my sleeve while I knit, I had deep reserves of concentration and loads of patience. But now that I have a one and half year old, updating an old beloved pattern with new yarn and simpler instructions is about all I can handle!! The original Sweetie Pie Hat was striped, because back then, I had no reason to mind switching colors every eight rows (not to mention weaving in all those ends!).

Felted Slippers Yarn: Gjestal Østlandsgarn (DK / 8 ply (11 wpi) 100% wool) Cast on:Woman: 19 sts, knit garter stitch 38 rows pr squareMan: 22 sts, knit garter stitch 44 rows pr squareChild: 14 sts, knit garter stitch 28 rows pr squareBaby: 10 sts, knit garter stitch 20 rows pr square Knit squares, alternating colors. How to Crochet the Button Tie for the Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf The Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf was probably the most popular pattern I came out with this past season, and it’s still super popular months later! With any luck, it’ll continue to be a big hit. I made a video showing the Basics of the Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf a while back, but it took me a little time to make a video to demonstrate how to make the button tie.

Men's Padded Sole Slippers Men's Padded Sole Slippers Sue's CrochetandKnitting. 4 ply worsted weight yarn Hook - 5.00mm or H hook Note: These slippers will stretch after wearing. So for a more snug fit use a smaller size hook, such as 4.5mm or 4.00mm For padding - You can buy an insole or for extra cushioning cut a piece of foam to fit. craft blog This is the photo tutorial for making a zippered lining for the Lucky Wristlet. The tutorial shows, step-by-step how to make a zippered lining for the Lucky Wristlet. Let me know if something isn't clear. I will be happy to help you! Detailed instructions (text is above its corresponding photo) 1.

Shalom Cardigan pattern by Meghan McFarlane This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download Shalom is a simple knitted cardigan with a striking appearance. This triple-yoked sweater is seamlessly knit, top down, with a single button closure. Knotty but Nice hat - Knitty: Winter 2009 DIRECTIONS Using circular needle, CO 120 sts. Place marker and join to begin working in the round, being careful not to twist. Round 1: P1, k2, [p2, k2] to last st, p1. This round sets 2x2 Rib for hat. Continue in 2x2 Rib until work measures 1.25 inches.

Basics of the Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf The Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf pattern includes written instructions and a chart… and now there’s a video that gives a basic overview of how to get it started! Getting past the start of Row 2 was tripping a few people up (so if it gave you trouble, you’re not alone), but hopefully the following video will make it all clear! So as you can see, the spiral forms because you don’t slip stitch and chain to start each new row – they’re just made in continuous strips around and around in a circle. Mermaid Tail Blanket There's nothing quite like the warm embrace of the cold scaly skin of a mermaid tail to snuggle up to and keep you warm at night. The mermaid tail blanket is a crocheted blanket that makes it look like you're a beautiful mermaid princess when you stick your legs inside of it. The blanket is made like a big pocket for you to stick your legs into with a wide opening on the top of it and a cocoon type shape towards the bottom of it. Plus the blanket has a big mermaid fin on the bottom of it. Perfect for any little girl to snuggle up on the couch with and feel like a mermaid princess, or any adult male that is just a little too into The Little Mermaid, the mermaid tail blanket is sure to keep your legs nice and toasty through the harsh cold of the winter. Update: The linked mermaid tail blanket doesn't seem to be active anymore.

Free Crochet Patterns, Crochet Cowl Patterns, and Free Knit Patterns Last weekend (March 14 – 16th), I attended the 10th annual Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival in Cranberry, PA. I’d heard of the festival before, but was never in town to attend. The festival attracted over 70 different booths and some big name teachers. I talked to the coordinator, Barb, and she said there were well over 3,000 attendees. A Beautiful Knit Scarf (free pattern) Description: cast on 12 stitches. Turn your work over. Row 2 Right Side/ slip the first stitch, cross yarn over, 10 knit stitches, cross yarn over, 1 knit stitch Row 3/ slip the first stitch, 12 purl stitches, 1 knit stitch. Total 14 stitches. Row 4 RS/ slip the first stitch, cross yarn over, 12 knit stitches, cross yarn over, 1 knit stitch.

Leaves or not pattern by Oomieknits This pattern is available for C$5.00 CAD buy it now Available in English AND French - you will download both files at once. A little jacket with a large and comfy shawl collar and two cute pockets in the shape of leaves – if you think it’s too girly for the little boy in your life, the boyish version includes “square” pockets and elbow patches. Knitted top down in the round to minimize sewing, the button band and collar are worked after by picking up stitches and working short rows - the pockets and elbow patches are sewn at the end. sizes : 3/6 months (6/12 months – 12/18 months – 2/3 years) gauge: 5 sts / 7 rows = 1 inch in St. yarn: worsted weight : approx. 350 (400 – 450 – 500) yards skills: provisional cast-on, short rows.

Card-Blanc by Kathy Martin: Crochet Day Over the weekend I finished my latest crochet project....this colorful sampler scarf. It started out to be a blanket, but I decided to make it into a scarf because I thought it was too fun and colorful not to! I almost can't wait until winter to wear it! ;) I think I'll still make a blanket a little later. Aren't these colors and stitches fun?

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